Aeroflot. Food specifically for Russians. You knew that Aeroflot had a new option - a special Russian menu in economy class for adherents of traditional cuisine. What is included in it? Yesterday I specially ordered it during the flight from Moscow to Split in..

Rosstat against the opinion expressed by the Russians An interesting picture is obtained. On the one hand, Levada publishes data on a survey of Russians, which worries them. It turns out that the most annoying: 72% are worried about price growth (last year it..

Leader in quot; Artek quot ;. Work or rest? That's really what it feels like to be a camp counselor? By all indications - pure thrill. You hang out on the sea, swim, sunbathe, they feed you, they also pay money. Well, yes, you..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 4086 Author: Date: June 30, 2011 Thick and pot-bellied police do not need Nurgaliyev Category: Home / Articles The head of the ministry, Rashid Nurgaliyev, made a statement that fat and pot-bellied policemen will not pass..

Autobuffers: car owners reviews Most of the smoothness of the machine depends on how well the parts responsible for it function. Many are trying to extend the life of the vehicle springs by installing autoblacks. What is the essence of their functioning? Who should..

20.09.2018 foto-history Collective farmers of the 50s from Vsevolod Tarasevich. To bookmarks Here are friends, wonderful photos from the photo master Vsevolod Tarasevich made in the villages of the USSR in the 50s. Kirov region, Vozhgalsky district, the collective farm "Red October" Now they..

Kanzashi - Japanese Hair Jewelry Making Techniques: Ways and Tips Beautiful hair tie can be made by yourself. One of the most unusual techniques for creating hair ornaments is kanzashi. With the help of this technique, you can create beautiful unique hair ties, barrettes..

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