A regular book or Making an e-book choice

The book has always attracted a person whohis nature is simply obliged to be an inquisitive and creative person. A very interesting and modern trend of our time, our modernized century is the emergence of electronic literature. It became possible for any art book, technical or reference information to be conveniently displayed on a monitor screen, and, if desired, printed out on a sheet of the required format.

But progress is moving, and devices have appeared,always at hand. Reading with obtaining the necessary information from it is quite comfortable and gives you real pleasure. These devices are called electronic books, and choosing an e-book with a lot of pluses rather than minuses can be quite problematic. Let's try to understand the variety of modern models and solve this difficult problem as correctly as possible.

E-book - a universal device

The information carrier in the device actselectronic stuffing, and conditionally these carriers can be delineated into adapted and specialized models. For example, a mobile phone is designed to make calls, but for reading it is only adapted. Choosing the right e-book can lead to the acquisition of a universal specialized device that has a huge amount of functionality, a color display with an acceptable diagonal and a sufficient supply of energy.

Content - content that is stored in memorydevice (device) and most often it can be an illustrated text, high-quality video with audio or other electronic form. The potential buyer is not able to imagine all the possibilities of the functional of a huge choice of models. He is simply lost in this variety of book-keepers and the final decision which one to buy an e-book.

Talk about technology

Leaders of 6-inch screens continueact as "E-Ink VizPlex". Nearby by popularity is "Pearl", and both have a screen resolution of 600x800 pixels with 16 gradations of gray. SiPix lags behind. Still, the market still remains filled with LCD screens, which already do not meet the needs, and we do not want to talk about monochrome screens.

Of interest are technologies E-Ink Triton,Liquavista, Pixel Qi, Qualcomm Mirasol, but separately we can distinguish the technology of Plastic Logic, which offered unbreakable screens. The company «Bookeen» demonstrated a smooth playback of the video image using a display that has electronic ink. All this is certainly wonderful, but for the average consumer it is quite expensive.

How to choose

It is necessary to think that the choice of the electronic bookit is necessary to do, starting from popularity, that there was a 6-inch screen available, and the price corresponded to the product category. 2012 promises to please users with new developments that will have variable display terrains, as well as inexpensive reader models that will be equipped with touch screens.

On this basis, the electronicbook. You can choose according to other criteria at your own request or with competent advice. You can try to take a closer look, for example, to Sony PRS-505 or Pocketbook 301. Intuitive and logically completed convenient menu PRS-505 is mastered literally on the fly. The page is updated at normal speed. For all supported formats: Doc, Html, Txt, Pdf, Fb2, Rtf, Chm, Djvu, Jpeg, Wolf, Mp3 + Excel, do not forget about adapting the model to the CIS market. Pure "Japanese" has a spectacular look with a metal body and excellent build quality. The Pocketbook 301 is targeted specifically at the CIS - there are no problems with fonts, and uniqueness consists in a clearly thought-out management format. The choice of an electronic book requires at least some elementary knowledge in this field or a competent expert consultation.

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A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice A regular book or Making an e-book choice