Academic Drama Theater (Samara): history, actors, repertoire

On the elevated part of the Volga bank, in the form of a fairy-tale tower, the drama theater appears before the residents and guests of the city. Samara is rightly proud of its nineteenth-century architecture pearl, affectionately called “gingerbread house” by the people. The subject of pride is not only the magnificent building of the architect M. Chichagov, but also the creative team that makes up the glory of the national scene.Drama Theater, Samara

A bit of history

Date of birth of the oldest provincial theater - 1851. It was at this time that the first professional troupe was created, which staged the Gogol “Inspector”. Where, then, was the drama theater located?

Samara did not have a special adapted room, so the performances were held in the mansion of merchant Lebedev. Then the actors had their own wooden building on Khlebnaya Square, which was replaced by a modern brick building in 1888.The only drawback of the new premises is the primitive stage and the absence of a stage box. In 1967, a complex reconstruction was carried out to solve this problem.

In 1895, M. Gorky moved to Samara, starting a journalistic career here. Under the pseudonym "Yehudiil Chlamyd," he wrote reviews on performances. Why did the drama theater (Samara) get his name in the year of the writer's death (1936)? The poster always included his works, and the play “Thomas Gordeev” was first staged in this Volga city.

Since 1977, the Melpomene temple has been called academic, and since 1988 it has been awarded the Order (Order of the Red Banner of Labor).Drama Theater Actors (Samara)


Over the years, prominent actors of the present day shone on the stage. From 1931, the audience went to performances with the participation of Yuri Tolubeyev, Vasily Merkuryev, Nikolai Simonov. In the years of the Great Patriotic War, Zoya Chekmasova, Vera Ershova (winner of the Golden Mask award), Alexander Demich, Nikolai Zasukhin (recognized as a performer of V. Lenin) took to the podium for the first time. Here began the famous country Yuri Demich, Veniamin Smekhov, Simon Strugachev.

But most often the actors of the drama theater (Samara) remain loyal to their native stage.People's Artist of the Russian Federation and the star of "Eternal Call" Vladimir Borisov 42 seasons betrayed the Samara audience. A year later, another national artist, Zhanna Romanenko, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of theatrical activity.

The troupe of the theater today has 7 honored artists and one whose title was awarded to the Samara region. In the list:

  • Oleg Belov.
  • Yuri Mashkin.
  • Ivan Morozov.
  • Valentin Ponomarev.
  • Vladimir Galchenko.
  • Vsevolod Turchin.
  • Elena Lazareva
  • Vladimir Saprykin.

To replenish the troupe with talented young people, since 2008 a special course has been recruited in the region based at the University Nayanova. He is led by Tetra, the Honored Art Worker Vyacheslav Gvozdkov, who previously worked as the main director.Repertoire of Drama Theater (Samara)

Drama Theater Repertoire: Samara surprises with its diversity

The period from 1959 to 1995 in the city is called the epoch of Peter the Monastery, when the theater truly became the center of the cultural life of the province. The 80-year-old chief director passed the baton to Vyacheslav Gvozdkov, and since 2009, Valery Grishko has been performing on the Samara scene in this capacity. Peterburg was invited to Samara for the first time for the production of "Amadeus" P.Sheffner - one of the best plays of the last decades (2004). Yes, and got accustomed in the city, gradually leading the troupe. His performance with the star duet of Oleg Belov and Alexander Amelin was so much loved by the viewer that he still does not leave the stage, having gained a second life.

What other plays does the drama theater include in the repertoire? Samara always looks at the classics and, of course, the plays of M. Gorky. Today it is the "Barbarians" about the insignificance of the inhabitants of the county town and representatives of the elite. “Don Juan” by Moliere, “The History of the Horse” by L. Tolstoy and “The Pit” by A. Kuprin - this is not a complete list of classical works. The theme of the war, presented by A. Chervinsky's “Paper Gramophone” and the play “Tomorrow was a War” by B. Vasiliev’s play, was not forgotten either. Melodramas and comedies, mystical thrillers and musical extravaganzas invite their loyal spectators to the hall. What surprises the drama theater (Samara) today?Drama Theater (Samara), poster

Playbill today

All attendance records hit comedy Ladies' night staged by Italian Landi. A special invitation from directors and actors for specific performances is a tradition of the theater. The Lithuanian group led by director R. Banionis has set up “Scarlet Sails”, where the younger generation of actors demonstrate talent.At the festival in Marseille (France) the play “Our Kitchen” was taken out, immersing in the atmosphere and life of a communal apartment. What else does a drama theater offer? Samara in February will be able to laugh at comedies:

  • "Testosterone".
  • "Sex comedy on a summer night."
  • "Strange Mrs. Savage"
  • "Lie detector".

Fans of vaudevilles will love “Lesson to daughters” and “Russian vaudeville”, and the spectator will be able to empathize with shrill melodramas:

  • "Two Love Anton Pavlovich."
  • "8 loving women."
  • "Ladybirds are returning to earth."

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