Actor Vladimir Sychev ("Fizruk"): biography, family and work

Vladimir Sychev is an actor whose images in the movies are always vivid, realistic and memorable. We offer to get acquainted with his personal and creative biography. We wish you all a pleasant reading!Vladimir Sychev

Childhood and family

Born in 1971 (June 6) in Moscow. He is from an ordinary Soviet family who lived in the Kuntsevo district. Vova's father and mother worked from morning until late evening. Therefore, the boy (from the age of 7) was left to himself. We can say that brought up the street. In this regard, Vova could not be called an exemplary child.

At school, the boy studied poorly. But he loved sports: he was involved in wrestling, skiing, playing football and hockey. The school director (his uncle) helped Volodya to finish 11 classes.

Acquaintance with the cinema

When did Vladimir Sychev first appear on the screen? "Jumble" - a project in which he as an actor made his debut in 1984. Prior to this, the boy passed the sample in the film "The Debtor" at the studio to them. Gorky.Unfortunately, he was not taken.Vladimir Sychev pie

But Volodya received another offer - to appear in the Jumble newsreel. He immediately liked both the director B. Grachevsky and the creative atmosphere in the pavilions. Playing in the plots of 13-year-old Sychev was interesting and fun. And his acting talent was highly appreciated by the audience.

Vladimir Sychev: movies and TV shows

In 1985, a cheerful and handsome boy was approved for a role in Mosfilm. Colleagues of Vova on the site were Yuri Solomin, Tabakov Oleg and Yakovleva Elena. Then our hero first encountered professional difficulties. The fact is that the director made the same demands on the child as he did on adult actors. Smooth the situation helped Leonid Filatov. He took the boy aside and explained in an accessible language the tasks that were set for him.

In school, Vladimir Sychev continued to act in films. His filmography was enlarged by roles in such films as Lapta, Fellow Passenger, Where is Your Son? And others.

After graduating from high school, Volodya easily entered GITIS. He was enrolled in a course led by A. Borodin at that time. In 1993, Sychev was awarded a diploma. The new actor got a job in the Academic Youth Theater.There he worked until 1996. And what about film career? In the difficult for the country of the 90s, there were no proposals for filming in serials and full-length tapes to Sychev.

In 2000, Vladimir was returned to his beloved profession. He got the role of steward in the comedy "DMB". We list the most interesting pictures in which the actor starred in the period from 2003 to 2012:

  • "Boomer" (2003) - Lexus driver;
  • "Private Detective" (2005) - Butman;
  • “Dangerous Communication” (2008) - banker;
  • “Desantura” (2009) - captain;
  • Solar Eclipse (2010) - Director of the restaurant;
  • "Gulchatay" (2011) - police captain;
  • “Dog work” (2012) - owner of a convertible.

Vladimir Sychev movies

All-Russian fame and audience recognition Vladimir Sychev acquired in 2014. And all thanks to the shooting in the TV series "Fizruk" (TNT). His character - Lesha Psy, the best friend of Thomas. He is the owner of a strip bar. Watching the adventures of two friends is a pleasure.

To date, already shown 3 seasons of the series, are shooting the fourth.

Film career continuation

In 2017, fans will be able to see Vladimir in several films: in the comedy “Be my producer” (financier), the drama “Reverse” and the crime film “Senior Mafia”. Also will be the continuation of the series "The Law of the Stone Jungle" (TNT).

Personal life

For the first time, the actor got married at the age of 20. Vova's heart was conquered by a charming girl who was 3 years younger than him. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long. 2 years after the mural in the registry office, the couple realized that they had cooled down to each other. They quietly and peacefully dispersed. We didn’t have to share anything, because in such a short time, Vladimir and his darling didn’t manage to make children or joint property.

With his current wife, Alesya Velikanova, our hero met in the late 1990s. She conquered him with femininity, openness and a good sense of humor.Vladimir Sychev actor

In 2010, the lovers formalized the relationship. And a week after the wedding, Alesia gave birth to her first child - a tiny daughter. Baby called Anna. Spouses dreamed of giving her brother. But in 2012, their second daughter, Masha, was born.

After the birth of children, the wife of Vladimir Sychev devoted herself entirely to housework and the upbringing of girls. Previously, she was engaged in real estate business. And now she has become a housewife. The main earner in the family is our hero.

Interesting Facts

Vladimir Sychev has long been fond of martial arts and boxing.

The actor loves to travel to different countries. Together with his family, he managed to visit Western Europe, Africa, and also the countries of Latin America.

Our hero considers himself an avid mod. For example, in the 90s he had stylish “attributes” of that time - a crimson jacket, a purse and a leather jacket. Now he is following the appearance of new collections from the world's leading designers. Sychev buys your favorite things, not paying attention to the price tag.

He considers Vdovichenkov Vladimir, Konovalov Maxim, Kirill Pletnev and Grachevsky Boris to be his friends.


Before us is an open, purposeful and hardworking man. And all this is Vladimir Sychev. He manages to shoot at the cinema, raise children, meet friends, play sports and travel. We wish him more interesting projects and a happy family life!

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