Actors of the "Matrix" and their futuristic characters

After entering the big screens in 1999, the film"Matrix" has become one of the masterpieces of cinema. His story was unique at that time, and later served as the basis for creating similar paintings. To the glory tried and the actors of the "Matrix", who played their characters professionally and originally. Who of the stars participated in the shootings?


The main character, the chosen one, played the notoriousKeanu Reeves. His hero leads a double life: in the daytime he is an ordinary programmer in a large company, but at night reincarnates as a hacker familiar to the world by the nickname of Neo. Mr. Andersen sleeps a little and never turns off his computer in the hope of receiving a message that will give him answers to all the questions of interest. In itself, the main character is closed, a little strange and one hundred percent introvert. The role of Neo Keanu Reeves was approved for a reason. His psychological portrait in many respects coincided with the description of the main character, in addition, the actor was the only one on casting who showed true interest in the script.

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The role played by Lawrence Fishburne, alsocan be called the main one. In the Matrix world, he, like Neo, is known as a hacker and criminal, but in reality he is the captain of a ship on which live real people who survived after the disaster. All the actors of the "Matrix" are a carefully selected team, each participant of which has experience in such films. Fishburne was no exception. Previously, he starred in such films as "Apocalypse Now", "Through the Horizon" and others, so he was perfectly familiar with the grim entourage and the hopeless scenario.

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This is the only girl on the submarine, butone of the bravest and strongest heroes. She is beautiful, strong and gentle, and eventually becomes the chosen one of Neo. Like all actors of the "Matrix", Kerry-Anne Moss works exclusively with non-standard scenarios, is removed in science fiction and puzzle movies. According to the actress herself, filming in this project became for her the most important practice, the basis and inspiration for further actions.


At first glance, episodic, but in factGloria Foster was very important. She played an oracle, who lives in the world of the Matrix, while baking pies and teaching children supernatural abilities. In her house once hits Neo and receives from the mouth of the seer very valuable information. For Gloria Foster, working in the "Matrix" was a return to the cinema after a long pause. The peak of popularity of the actress fell on the years of her youth - the 1970s. Then she also often acted in science fiction.

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Team member survivors, crew member"Nebuchadnezzar" and a friend soon turns out to be a traitor. Cypher did not share Morphius's opinion, he did not want to live in a gray and gloomy real world. In exchange for the souls of his team members, he wanted to get a life in the Matrix and erase all memories of the past. But his plan was not destined to be realized, as the crew members were not just colleagues, but real friends who always help out from the misfortunes of their comrades.

Other characters

The actors of The Matrix, who performed the roles of othersparticipants in the crew, as well as agents living in an illusory world, are also familiar to the viewer. For us, play Hugo Wallace Weaving as Smith's agent, Marcus Chong - in the role of Tank, Matt Doran - in the role of Mouse, Belind McClory - Switch. The star team, each participant of which played professionally, made this film not just brilliant, but professional.

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If you are looking for movies with Keanu Reeves, the "Matrix"then, with what it is worth starting. The actor was also excellent in the role of Constantine in the eponymous film, played well in "Devil's Advocate" and in "The House at the Lake". Behind him, a lot of cinematic experience, but thanks to the "Matrix" he became one of the most recognizable artists in the world.

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Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters Actors of the Matrix and their futuristic characters