African Union (AU): Member States, creation date, headquarters, goals and objectives

The international organization uniting fifty-two states is the African Union, which was established in May 2001 and is an intergovernmental regional association. This union is organized on the basis of the OAU (Organization of African Unity).

African Union

Reasons for creating

The OAU has existed since 1963, and during this time the world political forces have significantly changed the alignment, and therefore the largest political association of the countries of the African continent had to change guidelines and solve completely different tasks that suddenly became top priorities. The African Union was created for a very long time, the creation date is only the visible result of many years of tremendous work.

Although it is worth noting that the problems in the field of economics and now remain the same: most of these countries to the beginning of the new millennium or were in a state of civil wars and color revolutions - often started by external forceseager to redistribute spheres of influence in areas where there are hydrocarbons, or in the same stagnation - with total poverty, hunger, lack of drinking water. Because neither the US nor the EU does not need a strong Africa, it represents a threat to their well-being. Now the world community is looking for new ways to solve these problems. It turns out so far weakly and very often with the opposite effect.

It is finished

The African Union was conceived and organized by the efforts of Muammar Gaddafi. The decision was made in Sirte (Libya) in 1999, when a summit meeting was held on this issue. The basis of the new international organization was the positive experience of the European Union, however, much in the activities of the AU differed - different cultures, different levels of development - the reason.

Nevertheless, very soon, almost all African peoples felt the positive development of the states that joined the African Union. The headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was there that the most large-scale program was developed with a huge and concrete set of measures to develop the economy of the African continent.

Algeria is a country


In 2003, all African countries united in this alliance, except for the Kingdom of Morocco. African Union has nothing to do with it. The OAU also accepted the Sahara ADR into its ranks in 1963, which Morocco was outraged by and stopped all cooperation with the organization, which continues to this day.

The prospects for the African Union were excellent, and a great deal has already been done towards the well-being of the peoples of the continent. Even steps were taken to create their own currency, capable of replacing the dollar - the gold dinar. Everyone remembers how it ended.


In Africa there was the most expensive connection in the world, because Europe took half a billion dollars a year for using its satellites. The African Union has taken up these problems since 1993. The launch of its own satellite would have cost only four hundred million dollars, and any banker from South Africa and Libya could easily finance such a project. However, the United States, Europe, the IMF and the World Bank have been feeding Africa only promises for fourteen years.

Muammar Gaddafi gave his own three hundred million, another hundred gathered the rest of the countries through the African Development Bank and the West African Bank, and in 2007 Russia and China shared technologies, first launching one satellite - for Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria and Angola, and in 2010 and second.Another satellite is almost ready: it was produced and staffed right in Africa, and Algeria, a member country of the African Union, is preparing to launch it in 2020. This was ten times cheaper, and the satellites themselves are not inferior to the best of the existing ones.

African Union country


Mr. Obama froze the thirty billion dollars that belonged to the Central Bank of Libya, and they were intended for the full celebration of the African Federation - the offspring, which was preparing to produce the African Union. The countries of this continent decided to put an end to the franc by which France controls almost all central and western African states for half a century and to start issuing pan-African currency. Naturally, Muammar Gaddafi had to die for it. And so die, so that others become unsaved.

And the African Monetary Fund could easily replace the international one. Nevertheless, in just twenty-five billion dollars, the United States pushed the entire continent to its knees, forcing unfair privatization of all national resources by private monopolies. Naturally, having destroyed Libya, the United States went to Algeria.The country is not just rich in energy resources, it has a fund of one hundred and fifty billion - in cash, in gold! This, of course, excites countries that have bombed not only Libya. The only reason is that they are all bankrupt, whatever one may say. Wars are well revive depressing economies, but only for a while, and further accelerated their decline.

african union headquarters

Tricky plan

The United States strongly opposed the creation of its twin in Africa. The AU (African Union), with a leader like Gaddafi, has almost achieved this. The EU came up with the Mediterranean Union in retaliation, but it turned out to be unviable. Muammar has calculated that this action is destroying the African Union, the purpose of creation and the tasks of which were based precisely on unity. They tried to tear North Africa from the rest of the commonwealth for a long time, using the most sophisticated and proven clichés from racism: Arabs cannot build anything with the rest of black Africans, they said, Arabs have too old and good civilization, Arabs are smarter, Arabs are richer, Arabs can better unite with by europeans.

However, Gaddafi quickly saw through what the game was, the African Union was not even notified of the constituent assembly, where as many as twenty-seven EU countries gathered.The Mediterranean Union was born, Sarkozy presided over it, and Mubarak became vice president. But his activity did not take place in anything. Subsequently, the French tried to revive such an idea, but since Gaddafi fell, it ceased to be a top priority. Africa has neither independence nor independence, since it is the European Union that finances the African Union. With one hand he destroys, with the other he pities the refugees. From burning Africa, the population is massively resettled in ceasing to be a quiet Europe.

morocco african union

Why war is started

The main goal of creating an AU is peace in Africa. It did not work out to reach five hundred years in a row; it was not possible even this time. And all because people can not work out the same concepts. An American, Russian, Nigerian, or Turk defines good and evil in very different ways, good and bad. And often these concepts are diametrically opposed. That is why “black Africa” once signed UN resolution No. 1973, at least three of its countries: Gabon, Nigeria and South Africa.

And lawlessness began: with the appearance of a new genocide and another colonial conquest, and on the banners they write "the salvation of people." Who asked other African countries - Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria? The African Union united countries.And the UN separates, literally tearing away from the unity of the union, country by country, and each of the main holders of the African Monetary Fund. It can be stated that an undeclared war is being waged with the African Union, despite its membership in the UN (and even here it is not a single representation).

Transition period

African leaders sought a level of unity that was not possible within the framework of the OAU. Therefore, the Constitutive Act was approved at the summit of this organization in Togo (Lomé, 2000), and the birth of the African Union was officially announced for the first time. The thirty-seventh session of the OAU Assembly in Zambia (Lusaka, 2001) approved a whole package of documents, where the legal basis and structure of the new organization were defined. At that time, fifty-one countries entered the African Union.

And the first summit took place in 2002, where they proclaimed the promotion of unity, cooperation and solidarity among all the states and peoples of Africa. Unified positions were developed for conducting dialogue on economic globalization with the world community, in protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of African countries, in maintaining stability and security on the continent, in the peaceful resolution of any regional conflicts.

al african union


The activities of the African Union began with the proclamation of economic integration, and not political, as it was in the OAU. World history knows enough cases when integration is based on a combination of economic interests, it is a very effective way to solve many problems. The heads of state were well aware of what they would have to face, and therefore relied on the political and administrative associations of the north and south of Africa, its western and eastern territories.

The path was long and difficult, but almost all tasks were effectively solved. However, in order for the result to be achieved, the African Union had very powerful detractors. And the coups and orange revolutions in Zaire, the Gambia, Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, Niger, Sierra Leone and other countries have become a clear confirmation of this. Libya, mighty under Gaddafi, was torn to pieces and torn apart, the war and lawlessness in Somalia, attacks on Egypt and no end to the transfers.


Nevertheless, the African Union continues to exist somehow. The supreme body of the union is the Assembly of Governments and States, the executive body is the AU Commission, where the chairmen are elected only for one year. This is usually the head of state where the summit was held in a given year.

The structure provides for the VAP (Pan-African Parliament), the Court of the African Union, as well as the African Central Bank and Monetary Fund. None of this has yet been created! Everything created by Gaddafi is either ruined or not functioning. True, special technical committees are formed. There is an economic union, which also addresses issues of politics and culture. The African Union now has an army, multinational but unified troops which began clearance in 2010 - as many as eight thousand people.

african union creation date

AS problems today

As the successor to the OAU, the African Union began its activities quite recently, its tasks are defined too generally and are known mainly only in a narrow circle of local politicians, officials and a few scientists. Even the structure of the African Union and the mechanisms of its activity are not fully developed. The problems of African unity have not yet been resolved; they have grown considerably since the death of Muammar Gaddafi. Apparently, we need just such a leader, what was the Libyan "dictator" to provide the means and define the functions for each institution of the structure of the African Union.But such a leader will not appear again.

And the global challenges of modern society continue to come every hour, and the African states have not yet developed a unified position, and there are no ideas for the practical implementation of continental integration. That is, Africa cannot yet oppose globalism, despite the creation of such a promising organization. The realities that exist literally in all the territories of the African Union are too hard, too great difficulties, too many problems. And there is no leader capable of uniting the peoples and states of Africa.

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