Alan Rickman: the cause of the death of the actor

One of the most famous actors with the worldthe name was Alan Rickman. The death of the actor shocked millions of his fans and colleagues. However, despite the fact that Alan left the world, he left his fans a lot of good films, in which he appears before the audience in dissimilar but interesting images.

Alan Rickman Movies

Biography of the actor

Alan Rickman was born on February 21, 1946 in the familyJews living in London. The father of the future actor was an ordinary factory worker, and his mother was a housewife, who devoted all her time to caring for the family. It is known that Alan was very diligent and not lazy since childhood, so he studied well at the prestigious London school called Latymer and even received a scholarship. During his studies, Rickman first came on stage. Later, Alan left Latymer for admission to the School of Art and Design, and upon graduation he entered the Royal College of Art.

At the age of 26, the young man wanted to bindhis life with the work of an actor, therefore took part in the audition at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which was soon adopted. Here Rickman received a royal scholarship, and also was awarded several prizes for his theatrical productions.

Soon, Alan was noticed by producers Joel Silver andCharles Gordon and invited Rickman to the thriller Die Hard. Nobody expected to see in the tape with Bruce Willis an unknown actor named Alan Rickman. Films, in spite of the fact that earlier the actor was not filming anywhere, very quickly made it very popular.

alan rikman cause of death

Alan Rickman: the cause of death in detail (date, actor's age, place of death)

A talented actor died in January 2016 inLondon. The fans were shocked by the news of his departure. Alan Rickman, whose cause of death discouraged the fans of his work, is hiding his illness from journalists. On the death of Rickman was announced on January 14, 2016. It is known that Alan died in his house in the circle of people close to him.

Later, foreign journalists reported that deathwas caused by pancreatic cancer. How long Alan was sick and how long he knew about his diagnosis, is still unknown. Rikman's relatives refused to answer these questions. Despite the fact that the fans of the actor were saddened by the death of the idol, they do not cease to admire the spirit of Alan, because he took care that there were not even rumors of his illness. At the time of his death, Rickman was only 69 years old - he did not live just a month before the seventy-year jubilee.

Celebrities about the actor's withdrawal

Actors who worked in film projects together withcelebrity, were also shocked when they learned that Alan Rickman had passed away. The cause of the actor's death for many of them was as unknown as for fans. The network has published many posts devoted to the tragic event, so many of Alan's colleagues expressed their respect and admiration for the actor.

alan rikman cause of death in detail date

The main role in the franchise "HarryPotter "Daniel Radcliffe also told the press about his experiences after the departure from life of Alan, who played Professor Snape in a series of films. According to the actor, the film studios and theatrical stages will not be able to find a substitute for Alan in their new projects. Radcliffe also admitted that he considers the deceased one of the most devoted and sympathetic people he has ever met. Daniel added that Rickman really helped him as an actor, since he instructed him not only during the joint work on "Harry Potter", but also years after its completion.

Alan Rickman, whose cause of death wasunknown and Radcliffe, was one of those people who, in the opinion of the actor, never put himself above others, and in particular, he was never treated as a child.

Films with Alan Rickman

Despite the fact that the actor was, according to hisclose, very kind and sympathetic person, in the films he most often represented the villains. We remind you that the first full-length film with his participation was "Die Hard". In the film, he played the role of German terrorist Hans Gruber.

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In one of his interviews, the actor admitted that he did notwanted to accept the role, because he was not interested in militants and he knew nothing about Los Angeles, where he had to live while working on the named history. Producers of the picture, despite Rickman's reaction, could persuade him, and Alan never regretted his consent.

Despite the success of the "Die Hard", itselfknown role of the actor is considered Severus Snape in the series of films about "Harry Potter". At first, thanks to the actor's play of Rickman, the audience simply hated Alan's character, but he was able to show the depth of the soul of the ambiguous hero, which made fans of history fall in love with the formidable Professor Snape.

Alan Rickman photo

Fans of the character were beaten when the hero died,which was played by Alan Rickman. The reason for Severus' death in the film was the cruelty of the Dark Lord, who killed his supposed servant. Wave-de-Mort set his snake Nagaine on Snape, but before he left, he managed to convey to Potter important information about how to win the war against evil.

Alan Rickman and the theater

The first major role in theatrical productionactor became Viscount de Valmont from the work "Dangerous connections." Soon after the premiere, the performance became very famous, which earned the young man popularity as a theatrical actor. Many have learned what a great talent a young guy named Alan Rickman has.

The cause of the death of the actor for his colleagues in the theater, too, remained a mystery, and plunged them into a real shock. For a long time no one could believe, then no longer see the actor on the stage.

Alan Rickman Theater

Among the last performances in which Rickman participated, there are Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra and Private Life, where he presented the main characters - Hamlet, Mark Antony and Eliot, respectively.

Actor Awards

Film critics could not ignore the talentan actor like Alan Rickman. The photo from the awards ceremonies, where the actor received the awards, show that he was actually very glad that his work was awarded.

In 1992, Alan was awarded the BritishAcademy for Best Supporting Actor in Kevin Reynolds's film about Robin Hood. And in 1996 he was awarded the Emmy Award as the best actor, thanks to the work on the multi-series "Rasputin". A year later the actor received the Golden Globe and was named the best actor for work on the same series.

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