Aleister Crowley: The Tarot of Tota. "The Book of Thoth" by A. Crowley

Aleister Crowley is a famous Kabbalist,occultist and Englishologist. Strictly speaking, Crowley himself is not the creator of the Tarot Tota deck, he only resurrected the lost wisdom. There are many different versions of the origin of this deck. The most popular is associated with Ancient Egypt. According to her, in the "Tarot Thoth" characters are encoded, in which the sacral knowledge of the priests of the god Tot is enclosed. Crowley was also a supporter of this theory. He was engaged in decoding and restoration of ancient images, which were eventually described in the book "Tarot of Tota."

Crowley Tarot


Had his reasons for conducting mystical researchCrowley. Tarot, in the understanding of the mystic, was the bearer of sacral knowledge. Therefore, when Crowley was convinced that in the early 20th century the time of the god Osiris would end and the epoch of God Horus would begin, he realized that the change of cycles would affect the magical and spiritual sphere of human life. And such changes will lead to the need to make corrections and changes to the tarot card system, symbolically reflecting all areas of the surrounding reality.

Initially, the occultist did not want to change the wholedeck. He was only going to fix the most significant values. However, Frida Harris, his assistant and artist, insisted that the deck be completely redesigned. As a result, the changes were touched both by the visual series, and by the semantic sequence.

Work on the new deck was started in 1938 and lasted for 5 long years, although initially Crowley intended to make all necessary changes in 3 months.

The book "Tarot Tota" (Crowley)

"The Book of Thoth" - the most famous workCrowley, in which the occultist presented a complete description and interpretation of the Thoth deck. This book can be considered as a textbook on Tarot cards in general, and as a guide to the worldview of its author and occult philosophy.

Kabbalistic interpretation of the Tarot deck,various systems of fortune-telling, quotes from the Book of the Law and many other occult texts included Crowley's work. Tarot is in the "Book of Thoth" in the way of world understanding and comprehension of ancient wisdom.

The author himself called the deck he created, not only an "encyclopedia of occult philosophy," but also a "reference book that covers the directions of magical and mystical thought for the next two millennia."

Crowley Tarot

Distinctive features

By nature he was a passionate syncretist of Crowley. Tarot was a reflection of his search. The occultist traveled the world in search of secret knowledge, studied the mystical, occult and magical traditions of various nations and societies, including traditional religious communities and secret brotherhoods, where only the initiates were allowed. The result of this was the synthesis of all that was learned into a complex teaching, which was called the "telem."

This mixture of religions and magical mysteries was reflectedin his Tarot deck, which was the result of the exploration of the entire life of the occultist - after finishing work on the cards, he lived only 3 years. Therefore, the correct interpretation of Taro Crowley is very difficult without studying the philosophical views of the mystic.

Among the first distinctive features of the deck of Thoth is the design - no one used this style before to decorate the Tarot. For this you can thank the artist-Egyptologist F. Harris.

The following difference is more significant and related toconceptual side. The fact is that the interpretation of Tarot Thoth symbols is very different from the interpretation of traditional decks. This is due to the fact that Crowley combined the symbols of many occult schools and cultures, and also supplemented the images with his own world outlook.

tarot value of the Crowley

Symbolism and the meaning of Taro Crowley

To effectively use the Tarot deckCrowley for fortune telling, you need to master her symbolism. If the traditional maps allow free and associative interpretations, then in the case of Tarot Thoth, it is necessary to follow the semantic definition that Crowley gave himself. Another remarkable point - all the cards from the Thoth deck are interpreted exclusively in a straight position. In Crowley's system, there are simply no separate meanings for interpreting inverted maps.

In addition, the mystic refused in his Tarot fromuse of the lasso "Last Judgment", which was replaced by "Eon", invented by the author. Changed Crowley and some names. So, the arcane "Temperance" and "Strength" turned into "Regulation" and "Lust".

Thus, Crowley created his own fortune-telling system, the key to which is in the "Book of Thoth."

Senior Arcana

Cards "Tarot Toth" Aleister Crowley, liketraditional, are divided into two lasso - the older and the younger. The older ones include 22 cards, which are semantic, unlike the younger ones. It was they who were affected by the most powerful changes. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to consider and describe them in detail.

Tarot interpretation

Arcana from 0 to 5

Zero map, or "Fool" (Fool, Madman, Jester). Traditionally, the card is placed between 20 and 21 arcanes, but Crowley placed it at the beginning of the series, offering to start the senior arcane from scratch. "Fool" refers to the air element, Uranus acts as a patron planet. It means ideas, novelty, spirituality, the boundary between the old and the new.

"Magician", 1 arcana - refers to Mercury. Denotes strength, wisdom, skills and abilities, opportunities, spiritual potential, vigor, creativity, communication skills, thought processes.

"High Priestess", 2 arcana - is connected with the Moon. Denotes feelings, intuition, instincts, inner concentration, introversion.

"Empress", 3 arcana - corresponds with Venus. He is responsible for sex, love, beauty, pleasure and fertility.

"Emperor", 4 lasso - is associated with the zodiac sign Aries. It symbolizes domination, leadership, devotion and idealism; struggle, power, ambition, anger, exaltation, fanaticism, stubbornness.

"Hierophant", 5 arkan - corresponds with the sign of Taurus. It is the material embodiment of spiritual principles. It symbolizes perseverance, labor, will power, structuredness, organization.

tarot cards of Alister Crowley

Arcana from 6 to 10

We continue to describe the tarot cards of Crowley.

"Lovers", 6 lasso - connected with the signGemini. This card is one of the most difficult to interpret in the Tarot Thoth. Nevertheless, its general values ​​are: interaction, communication, choice, inconsistency.

"Chariot", 7 lasso - is under the influence of Cancer. Symbolizes power, internal search, victory, overcoming obstacles, introspection.

"Regulation", 8 lasso - he is protected by the constellation Libra. Denotes justice, balance, poise and harmony.

"The Hermit", the 9th arcana is associated with the Virgin. It symbolizes wisdom, the search for knowledge, meaningfulness, depth of knowledge, self-sufficiency, systematization.

"Wheel of Fate", 10 lasso - patronizes Jupiter. It embodies fateful turns in life and socially significant phenomena: religion, politics, ideology. Pushed like luck and happiness.

Tarot Crowley cards

Arcana from 11 to 15

Aleister Crowley paid great attention to the planet-patron or zodiacal sign associated with the arcana. In their ratio lies the deep meaning and the key to understanding the symbolism of the map.

"Lust", 11 lasso - patronizes the Lion. It symbolizes conviction, fervor, creative energy, strong, almost fanatical enthusiasm for anything.

"Hanged", 12 lasso - corresponds with Neptune and is under the protection of the water element. Denotes loss, sacrifice, punishment, suffering.

"Death", 13 lasso - patronizes Scorpio. It symbolizes transformation, change, significant rethinking, destruction, crisis, the collapse of ideas or business. In extremely rare cases, it can mean physical dying.

"Art", 14 arkans - associated with the constellationSagittarius. Another difficult for interpretation map, because it is not directly related to art as an aspect of life. The map indicates, rather, a symbiosis of different forces, their interaction, the sequence of actions.

"Devil", 15 lasso - patronizes Capricorn. Directly connected with the concept of subordination. In addition, it denotes obstacles, constraint, slavery, obsession, and the absorption of the material side of life.

Arcana Tarot Crowley

Arcana from 16 to 21

The description of the older lassards proposed by Crowley (Taro) comes to an end.

"Tower", 16 lasso - corresponds with Mars. It symbolizes danger, blow of destiny, changes.

"Star", 17 lasso - is under the auspices of Aquarius. Indicates possibility, hope, faith, unexpected help.

"Luna", 18 lasso - the zodiacal sign of Pisces. Indicates confusion, deception, mistakes, witchcraft, the beginning of change.

"Sun", 19 lasso - protects the Sun. It symbolizes triumph, victory, power, glory, satisfaction, realization of the conceived, truth, selfishness.

"Eon", 20 lasso - is associated with Pluto and the fire element. The map was created by Crowley. Indicates the transition, beginning, summarizing, the threshold between the old and the new.

"The universe", 21 lasso - patronizes Saturn. It is treated as a toga, synthesis, integrity, completeness, perfection.

The Minor Arcana

Junior Arcane Tarot Crowley consists of 56 cards. They were practically not changed. The only thing that distinguishes them from the traditional deck is the design, which, although devoid of the plot, but gives the characters greater imagery. The main change in Crowley is the replacement of the suit of pentacles for the suit of disks. At the same time, the symbolic value of the maps did not change.

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