Alexander Martynov: biography and best roles

Alexander Martynov - Soviet and Russian actor. He loudly declared himself in the cinema and on the stage. In the 1980-1990s he was called the sex symbol of a generation. He was really popular with the audience. We will tell about his fate and career in our article.


Alexander Martynov was born in 1948. He was born on July 25 in the city of Chisinau (Moldova). In his family, no one was engaged in creativity. Mom and dad were ordinary citizens who never thought of the big stage. However, the boy had some good skills: natural artistry and attractive appearance. Therefore, he has repeatedly been involved in school theater performances, and since then he fell ill forever with acting.

Alexander Martynov in his youth


However, Alexander Martynov decided not to go to the artists right away. After graduation, he filed documents at Moscow State University, where he began to study at the Faculty of Geography. However, I did not forget about my previous hobby. The guy regularly attended the famous metropolitan theaters and dreamed of becoming an actor. This invincible desire led our hero to the film studio.Here he managed to play in two feature films. This fact forever determined his fate. After Moscow State University, Alexander entered the Moscow Art Theater for the course of Vasily Petrovich Makarov. And in 1972 he became a certified actor.

Theater career

In 1973, Alexander Martynov entered the service in the theater named after V. Mayakovsky. Here he worked until 1994. He happened to play dozens of vivid and memorable roles. In particular, he got the key images in the performances of "Relatives", "Conversation with Socrates" and "Nightingale night".

The most famous performance with the participation of the artist - "Cat on a hot roof." In it, he played along with Alla Butler and Svetlana Nemolieva. Directed by Andrei Goncharov and Yuri Ioffe created a real miracle! The performance was a great success with theatergoers. Subsequently, he was filmed and showed the entire multimillion audience of the Soviet Union. This cemented the success of our hero in the theater field.

This was followed by work in the productions of "Rudin", "Rage", "Moscow. Chistye Prudy" and others. For many, Alexander has become a favorite actor. He enjoyed demonstrating his talent in front of the theatrical audience.

Alexander Martynov Rudin

Films in the 1970s

Even in his student years, our hero managed to play in a movie. First, he appeared in the historical drama "Tatiana's Day." then he happened to play in the children's picture “Passenger from the Equator.” After that, he was involved in the drama “Three”.

However, success came to the actor Alexander Martynov in 1972, when he starred in the film “The Right to Jump”. The main character of the film was the legendary Olympic champion Victor Motyl. It was he who was offered to play Alexander. And he coped with the task perfectly! In addition, he happened to appear in the same frame with Tatiana Vasilyeva, Yuri Solomin, Vladimir Zamansky, Ivar Kalnyns.

After that, the artist continued to actively withdraw. Three years later, he again entrusted the main role. This time he portrayed investigator Kovetsky in the detective story "Conscience". He managed to create an interesting and lively image of a police officer.

In the 1970s, our hero was very much in demand. He starred in several other high-profile projects. This is a sports drama "Such a game!", As well as the films "Anastasia Bragina" and "Trampler Man." All these pictures have earned favorable reviews from viewers and critics.

Alexander Martynov

Movies in the 1980s

At this time, Alexander Martynov also often appeared on the screens. He starred in the cult picture of Peter Todorovsky "Military field novel." Then noted in the famous military drama "Battle for Moscow". And in 1985, he happened to appear in the social drama "Wild Hop", where he played the editor of a local newspaper. After that, in the film career of our hero, there was a break due to the difficult situation in the country.

Movies in the 1990s

Biography of the actor Alexander Martynov indicates that he is a responsible person and a very good actor. Such people never remain in oblivion for a long time. So in the early 1990s, our hero was remembered. He starred in interesting and controversial scenes: the mischievous “Kin-Dza-Dza!”, The lyrical “Dark Alley” and the action-packed “Murder on Zhdanovskaya”. In 1993, the actor participated in two more projects - the drama "Your will, my God!" and the series "The Tragedy of the Century".

actor Alexander Martynov

Personal life

The creative biography of Alexander Martynov is rich in bright events. But almost nothing is known about his personal life. The actor vigilantly guards his personal space. It is rumored that he has a strong and friendly family, but no details have been leaked to the press.Information about children is also very contradictory. Therefore, we will not go into the subject of the artist’s personal relations.


Now Alexander Martynov is on a well-deserved rest. Rumor has it that he lives away from the bustle of the capital. He has a house in the village of Kratovo. Here he enjoys working in the garden, caring for a garden and talking to his neighbors. In his free time, Alexander Sergeevich writes scripts. It reminds him of the turbulent acting past. I would like to wish him many years and good health.

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