The series "American horror story": reviews of the audience, film crew and interesting facts

“American Horror Story” is an American television series filmed in the psychological thriller genre. Each individual season has its own unique plot, plot, climax and denouement, its own set of characters and references to real events.

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Each part has the same cast, as well as guest actors, who always perform in different roles. The stories told in the series are a reflection of all human fears that somehow found a place in pop culture.

Film crew

american horror story reviews

The creators of all seasons of the series - Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchak - are also known for the TV series "Khor". They set a goal to scare the audience and "bring them out of balance." Production of the series began in 2011. A number of talented directors and screenwriters took part in the filming and writing of scripts for various episodes.

american horror story reviews

The cast of each season consisted of the main caste, supporting actors and specially invited celebrities, where everyone tried on new images that were completely different from previous ones. In addition to Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lang, Francis Conroy and Katie Bates, who fell in love with the first seasons, in late seasons the audience will see new faces: Matt Beaumer, Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson. And the cherry on the cake will be the incomparable Lady Gaga.

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Season 1. "House-killer"

The actions of the first part unfold in the old, but for some reason cheap mansion, where the Harmon family moved, hoping to start life from scratch. The happiness of the couple, Ben and Vivien, is threatened by her husband's betrayal, and his daughter Violett is acutely worried about her parents' quarrel and moving to a new place. Crossing the threshold of the house, the new tenants immediately feel the oppressive atmosphere, but the decisive factor is its low cost. The fact of the unnatural death of previous owners does not frighten the Harmon at all.

Over time, the characters begin to notice that the house as if living its own life and keeps terrible secrets. It turns out that several generations of tenants did not die here, and everyone whose death occurred within these walls is forced to remain forever where he spent the last moments.The house is gradually driving crazy new tenants, forcing them to play by their own rules. The distinction between sleep and reality, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, is erased. Trying to preserve the sanity and their own lives, family members one by one discover the secrets of the old mansion, sometimes frightening and very sad. According to numerous reviews, the best season of American Horror Story is this one.

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Season 2. "Mental Hospital"

The plot of this part tells the events taking place in the clinic "Bryrklif", where they keep mentally ill criminals. Journalist Lana Winters comes to the clinic to write an article about the case of the patient Keith Walker, suspected of a series of violent crimes. Suddenly, Lana herself is forcibly imprisoned in the clinic due to her unconventional sexual orientation. The head of the clinic, Sister Jude, uses very brutal methods as therapy and very much resembles the heroine of Ken Kesey's “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

The clinic staff actually turns out to be a gathering of devout sadists. They use corporal punishment, psychological pressure and real bullying as punitive measures.The basements and corridors of the hospital hide terrible secrets. Gradually it becomes unclear who is more mentally ill - doctors or patients. In fact, the hospital is a prison, where the fate and lives of sometimes innocent people end up in the hands of devil-obsessed nuns, insane doctors and violent nurses.

In the second season there are almost no fantastic monsters or ghosts, as in other parts. The main monsters here are people.

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Season 3. "Sabbat"

The action of this season takes place in New Orleans in a coven disguised as a private boarding house for girls. The heroines of the third part are real sorceresses, they can read minds, see the future, move objects and perform mystical rituals. The head of the coven is Fiona, a glamorous witch with incredible power.

On the eve of the election of the new Supreme among the witches, a real confrontation begins. In the struggle for power, they are ready to do anything, even murder. However, their home is in danger in the face of witch hunters. Now women need to forget about enmity and unite in order to keep the coven and return to its former greatness.

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Season 4. "Freak Show"

The measured life of a provincial American town Jupiter breaks two events at once. Someone in the costume of a creepy clown kills locals and kidnaps children. A troupe of wandering circus performers led by the German Elsa Mars also arrives in the city. The artists of this circus have their own characteristics. There is a lobster boy, a bearded woman, microcephals and even Siamese twins. Despite the unusual appearance, the heroes of the season deep inside themselves are simple people. They, like everyone, want to love and be loved, have a family, engage in the work of a lifetime, and just be happy.

Forced to confront the misunderstanding and cruelty of the world, and sometimes themselves, circus performers with varying success reflect the attacks of the police, various psychopaths and sometimes each other.

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Season 5. "Hotel"

This season of the series “American horror story”, according to reviews, is recognized as the most stellar and scandalous. Outrageous Lady Gaga here plays the role of insidious bisexual vampire, which changes partners like gloves, and is ready to destroy anyone who crosses her path. Her lovers are played by handsome Matt Bomer, Finn Whitrock and Cheyenne Jackson, as well as Evan Peters and Angela Bassett, who were famous for the past seasons.

The season is unfolding in the hotel "Cortes".Police officer John Lowe investigates a series of terrible crimes, and all the evidence leads him here. He will face local inhabitants, some of them are not quite alive. And also reveal the terrible secrets that hide the walls of the hotel and its own subconscious.

In reviews of “American Horror Story”, viewers also unanimously call this part the most glamorous. Indeed, the hotel’s décor is exquisite and luxurious. Every hero of the season is a real star: they are stylish and sophisticated. As the incomparable Liz Taylor, played by Denis O'Hare, said: "Scrape and Dior will flow."

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Season 6. "Roanoke"

Before the release of the 6th season, reviews of “American Horror Story” simply blew up the Internet versions of the intended plot. Largely due to intriguing teasers, he was kept secret until the last.

This part of the series is different from the rest of the unusual form of the story. The action takes place in the format of a realistic TV show "My nightmare in Roanoke." Everything that happens with the characters is commented on by the actors on the camera.

According to the plot, the couple after the tragic events related to the beating of the spouse and the loss of the child, moved to a new home away from the busy city. From the first days in the new dwelling something strange is starting to happen.The heroine of Sarah Paulson is attacked by people with torches in old clothes, but the police find no traces of the crime. When such cases become more frequent, and the family is in mortal danger, it turns out that it is too late to run, and the heroes have to fight the evil forces.

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Season 7. "The Cult"

The last of the filmed seasons of "American Horror Story", according to reviews on the Internet, has become the most pop. It contains references to politically significant events for America, as well as to works of cinema and literature and real historical figures.

The season takes place in a town near Detroit during the election victory of Donald Trump. The events that took place in the USA on September 11, 2001, provoked a mental disorder in the main character. Prone to tripophobia, co-lophobia and hemophobia, she is also experiencing attacks from a criminal gang inspired by Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange. Not finding support in the second half, the heroine is forced to take extreme measures of protection.

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"American Horror Story". Season Reviews

Every season found his fanswho are actively discussing the anthology on various Internet resources. Numerous reviews of “American Horror Story” are contradictory and diverse.

Mention of part 1 of “American Horror Story” in the reviews are quite common. Internet users point out that this is a great start and characterize the season as exciting, exciting and promising. The greatest excitement is caused by the play of Evan Pitters and Taissa Farmigi, as well as the famously twisted plot and an unexpected denouement.

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Season 2 fully meets the expectations of the audience. He is called the most intellectual and bloodiest. Most of the negative reviews about the “American Horror Story” were addressed to the third part. It is called the most prim, tightened and scary. Fans of season 4, "American Horror Story" in the reviews call it the saddest. The Pepper and Elsa Mars farewell scene can melt even the most icy heart.

Season 5 caused a stormy reaction from the audience. Opinions about him are clearly divided. Some claim that without Jessica Lang, the show loses its charm. Others, on the contrary, consider this part extremely successful due to its modernity and novelty.

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Reviews of “American Horror Story: Roanoke” are controversial.According to some opinions, in the series there are references to the 1st part, so beloved by the audience. Someone, on the contrary, said that the creators "exhausted" and began to remove the "complete nonsense."

In connection with the recent release of season 7 of the American Horror Story, reviews about this part are most often found. Since the first series came out about the same time as the premiere of the remake of the film adaptation of Stephen King “It”, viewers say that people will now finally be convinced of the danger of clowns.

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In the reviews of “American Horror Story: Cult,” the realism of events is noted, which is unusual for the concept of the series and makes this part particularly interesting.

Real prototypes

Tate Langdon, who organized the slaughter in his own school, repeated the crime of Eric Harris and Dylan Clebord, high school students who made the bomb and brought it to school. They failed to blow it up, after which they decided to shoot their teachers and classmates.

The victim of an unknown maniac, popularly called Black Dahlia, was played by Mina Suvari. The news of a woman found mutilated in the United States in 1947 shocked the public.Unknown cut it in half, removed the nipples and genitals, and cut the face from the corners of the mouth to the ears in the form of a terrible chelsea smile.

The prototype of Dr. Arden from the second season of the series was Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi sadist. In Auschwitz, he spent his terrible experiments on people. Like Dr. Arden, he went unpunished and died in extreme old age.

The fate of the second season's heroine, Lana Winters, is very similar to the story of Nellie Bai, an American journalist who feigned insanity to expose a psychiatric hospital with brutal conditions for patients.

Maniac Ed Chain, who lived in America, may have influenced the creation of an image of a man named Bloody Face from the second season. They both have a special cruelty with unremarkable appearance and modest behavior.

The third-season voodoo priestess is a real woman who lived in New Orleans in the 19th century. Practically nothing is known about her life, there is only a lot of evidence that all New Orleans nobility came to her for help.

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Another real historical figure, Madame LaLaurie, is a bloodthirsty slave owner who lived in New Orleans.Her way of preserving youth, which consists in washing with human blood, sends the audience to the personality of the bloody Lady Bathory.

John Wayne Gacy, the maniac who raped and killed young people, became the prototype of the clown from the season of “Freak Show”.

The mystical Edward Mordrake also existed in reality. He had another face on the back of his head due to an innate mutation. According to legend, it could cry and laugh, and according to Edward himself, terrible things were whispered to him. He begged the doctors to save him from this terrible part of the body, but he never received consent. He committed suicide at the age of 23.

Interesting Facts

The killer house from the first part is a real building. It is located in Los Angeles and bears the name "House of Rosenheim." He has repeatedly shot various horror films, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Grim Tate Langdon, which we see on his face in the memories of the slaughter at school, is an exact replica of the tattoos of a man known as the Zombie Boy.

Half of the people killed in the series are named after members of the Boston baseball team the Red Sox.

Tate Langdon, the character of the first season, is named after the wife of director Roman Polanski, who was murdered by members of the Charles Manson group.

Actress Naomi Grossman, who convincingly played Pepper's microcephalus, is a real beauty in life. For the sake of the role, she shaved her hair, and her makeup took several hours.

During the filming of Keith Walker's sterilization scene, Evan Peters accidentally peed on her colleagues Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lang.

Denis O'Hare was so accustomed to the role of the mute butler that he remained silent even in the intervals between filming.

Almost all the heroes of “Freak Show” have real prototypes.

The growth of the actress, who played Ma Petit in the fourth season, is only 62.8 centimeters. Her name is Joti Amji and she is 20 years old.american horror story reviews

Rose Siggins, who played the role of Legless Susie, is a real woman and the mother of two children.

According to Evan Peters, he began his acting career just to meet Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in reality.

“American horror story” is a really high-quality and distinctive psychological horror. Despite the use of typical seemingly clichés, the creators serve them in a completely unusual and fresh form. The plots are full of allusions and allegories, and the real historical events are painted in new unexpected tones. Fascinating plot and great game actors make the series attractive not only for fans of the genre, but also for all fans of good cinema.

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