"Star" - a suit for the New Year for a girl with his own hands. Pattern, tailoring

Not a single children's matinee can do without beautiful and original costumes sewn with their own hands or bought in stores. Caring mothers usually choose different options for Christmas outfits beforehand. And some of them dwell on the fact that the “Asterisk” is a costume,which will definitely appeal to little princesses. Indeed, one of its advantages is that it is not limited to any essential attributes, like some other popular characters. Therefore, below we will see how to make a costume "Stars" for the New Year.asterisk costume

The basis of the costume

Option one. First you need to look in the closet for those items of clothing that will become the basis of the future attire. This is a top and T-shirt. The straps should be double. Then one pair will need to be placed on the shoulders, the other - on the forearms.We continue to tinker with the "Stars" costume. Skirt do multi-layered. Two or three layers - the usual option for her. For the manufacture of the lower layer will need light-colored fabric (it must be dense). For the top layer you need to stock up on a color thin cloth.

star costume for girl

It is not necessary that the top and bottom of the outfit coincide in color. They may differ. Beautiful is the combination of shades: blue and blue, emerald green and pink and purple and others.

We put on a skirt over the finished skirt, for the manufacture of which a shiny fabric was taken or the usual packaging for flowers. To collect it, you will need separate teeth, stitched round. The basis is taken tape. The width that is most acceptable for it is one or two centimeters, but you need to choose a length so that there is a reserve for ties, which help the child to keep her skirt.

How to make a costume "Stars" to make it look perfect on a child? In this case, you can not do without the "rain". It is fastened on a T-shirt, straps are used to fix the jewelry. You can make cuffs from shiny film. Do not forget about the decoration of shoes and tights.For this purpose, perfect sparkles or small stars. You can make and headdress - kokoshnik. Since our goal is a carnival costume "Stars" for girls,then the shape of a star will be suitable for a kokoshnik. Foil or shiny film - these materials can be used to decorate the finished piece from above. With the help of ribbons we fix it on the head. So, "Star" - a suit that attracted from the first time, ready.

Option Two - yellow asterisk

Someone thinks that the star costume is for a girlmust necessarily be yellow or gold. Then it makes sense to look at the following method of its manufacture. T-shirt and leggings, of course, yellow, take for the basics. Then you have to assign a little bit and sew covers on top of the shoe. We remember the shade (it should also be yellow) and that the finished covers fit the baby leg as tightly as possible.

On the front of the shoe are attached stripes, which is given the shape of stars. The material for their manufacture will be the wire. Golden tinsel is selected for their decoration. To avoid the untidy form of the protruding villi of tinsel, the latter can be trimmed.Either get by with short villus tinsel. A piece of yellow fabric we need for a collar and skirt. The skirt will again be multi-layered. The crown will decorate the head. Without great effort, a headdress is made of two materials. This wire and New Year's "rain." Now you can take a break, because we coped with the work and prepared a carnival costume "Stars" for the girl. In such a dress baby will be irresistible.

Costume "Stars" for girls: the third option

Dress, crown and decorated shoes will be its foundation. As for shoes, you can stay on white sneakers or sneakers. Glitter or multi-colored paper stars are suitable for their decor. A dress, meanwhile, is perfectly acceptable to replace with a suitable sweater and leggings. Their combination with a white pair of shoes will be almost perfect. In the absence of a suitable set of clothes, it is easy to sew with your own hands. After all, moms many things on the shoulder.star costume for the new year

Sew dress

Shiny knitwear is the material with which we will work. Its length should be equal to two product lengths. In addition, a few centimeters should be added with the calculation of processing.Width - arbitrary. If necessary, the fabric can be gathered.

We make a crown

The costume will be incomplete without a hat. Therefore, we stock up on the following materials:

  • Drawing tools.
  • Velvet paper.
  • Foil (its base must be paper).

We do everything neatly: after all, the crown is the attribute without which there will becostume "Stars" for the New Year.We take a sheet of velvet paper and draw a crown on it, cut it out and glue the ends together. For pasting the surface we take foil. You should not worry about the number of rays, you can choose it to your liking. Different may be their length. When plotting the base, there is no need to worry about the allowances: they are not needed.

starlet costume do it yourself

The headdress is done in another way. Required materials: cardboard (a strip is cut out of it), foil (it will go on pasting the strip), glue, a star (glued to the place of the seam), beads or beads (the seam can be masked by them).

DIY craftsmanship

"Star" - costume,which we master today. We can not do without:

  • One meter silver fabric.
  • Three meters of white tulle.
  • Gum.
  • Hot glue.
  • Sequin stars.
  • Oblique bakey (color silver).

Getting Started. We take tulle for making skirts. We paste over the finished product with sequins (we will use hot glue for this). We need a shiny fabric for making triangle-shaped wedges. Glue them to the belt. In this case, the skirt will be similar to the star.

Take the silver fabric to cut a rectangle. Make sure that its width is equal to the width of the girth of the girl’s chest. Additional allowances should be left for the seams. When determining the length of the stamp, we take into account that it could easily be tucked into the skirt. After stitching side cut should be swept over. If it turns out that the fabric is poorly stretchable, the exit can be a stitching of a detachable zipper. For trimming the bottom of the product, we take an oblique inlay. Making straps, sew them to the top. In front of it you need to collect. We set off rhinestones, beads, cardboard and tulle for making a star. "Star" - costume,in which any girl will feel at the holiday the most stylish and delightful, ready.

Silver star: why not?

The advantage of this costume is its universality: it is equally good for girls and boys. We check the availability of the necessary materials before making the costume "Asterisks":

  • Silver fabric "disco".
  • Foam rubber.
  • White mesh fabric.

how to make a star costume

Stages of work:

  • We take the fabric to cut the cape. Our model is a skirt with sun, but with sharp edges.
  • The mesh fabric will be the lining for our cape. Striving for the coincidence of their edges is not necessary. Conversely, peeping lining ends are a much better option.
  • "Disco" fabric we will go for cutting hats (observe the shape of a star). The lining for it is made of foam. This is necessary so that the headgear keeps its shape better.

Another option costume can be a "star" jumpsuit. When the arms, legs and head of a child represent the rays of a star. An additional hood is placed on the head. It is made in the form of a cap. This outfit does not quite match the girlish tastes, so it is likely that few will like it. And it's not scary. After all, the most important thing is that the costume of the girl evokes positive emotions, then the last holiday will remain unforgettable for her.star costume for girls

Other crown options

On a piece of cardboard draw a crown, it must have teeth. Cut it, closes it in a circle using a stapler. For decoration crafts fit beads, rhinestones, tinsel, tinsel.The crown can be wrapped in foil.pattern costume star for girls

If you have wire in your home, you can make a crown out of it. Bend the frame out of the white wire using pliers. Wrapped him with a "rain" silver. The form of the frame can be any. But with the size of the hurry should not be: they must match the size of the children's head. The workflow will take a fair amount of time, which means you need advance planning. After all, any mother wants to wear an asterisk at the matinee.It turned out her daughter is the best.

costume star on matinee

Useful tips

When choosing the materials from which the costume will be made, you need to remember that they must meet such requirements as hypoallergenicity and safety for the child. If in the process of work to bring in your own ideas, then the outfit will turn out not so stereotypical, but enriched with copyright ideas. Those who need a star pattern for a girl can look at it above. With it, the work does not take much time.

Of course, there are those moms who hold the opinion that the costume "stars" do it yourselfmake it difficult and time consuming. It is much easier to buy it in the children's store.Nevertheless, the creation of such an outfit is a real creative process, in which the child himself will be happy. And from this he will appreciate his work more, especially since the dress will not be on one New Year's party.

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