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Diseases of the oral cavity, whichare accompanied by inflammatory processes, cause extremely negative sensations. They can torment both adults and children. To facilitate the symptomatology allow medication. With maximum efficiency helps the drug "Tantum Verde". However, the medicine is distinguished by a high price. That is why most patients seek to find an analogue of "Tantum Verde" cheap. Well, let's see what medicines can replace this drug.

analogue tartum verde cheap

Characteristics of the medicine "Tantum Verde"

The drug is designed to combat variousdiseases of the oral cavity and pharynx, which have an infectious and inflammatory nature. The remedy is quite popular among the population. But many patients complain about the high price of medicines. In this case, you can choose the equivalent of "Tantum Verde" cheap.

Before considering drugs that are able to replace this remedy, we will stop at it.

The medicine "Tantum Verde" doctors appoint for treatment:

  • laryngitis;
  • candidiasis of the oral cavity (fungal infection);
  • tonsillitis;
  • parodontosis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • stomatitis (lesions of the oral mucosa);
  • glossites;
  • gingivitis (inflammation of the gums);
  • angina.

The medicine is issued in the form of:

  • tablets (the drug is intended for patients over 12 years old);
  • solution (alcohol) for rinsing (the product is allowed to use from the age of 12, but only diluted 1: 1 with water);
  • Spray (you can water the throat for children from 3 years old).

Among the side effects can occur such manifestations:

  • feeling of numbness in the oral cavity;
  • rash;
  • insomnia;
  • burning or dry mouth.

And now consider the cost of the drug.

tantum verde analogues cheaper

On average, the price of a medicine is:

  • solution (120 ml) - 320 rubles;
  • tablets (20 pcs.) - 350 rubles;
  • Spray (15 ml) - 450 rub.

Budget this drug is not exactly called. That's why many patients can not afford "Tantum Verde". Analogues are cheaper - that's the way out.

Let's understand what the pharmacists offer to replace it.

Recommended analogs

If you want to replace the drug with drugs that contain the same active substance, then your choice is given to medicines:

  • "Tanflex".
  • "Tantum Verde Forte."

You can pick up a few other analogs. They differ from the original agent with the active substance. But they are appointed with the same ailments as the drug "Tantum Verde".

Analogues are cheaper (the list given below gives an opportunity to choose an effective medicine):

  • "Hexoral".
  • "Orasept".
  • The Ingalipt.
  • "Grammidine Neo."
  • "Sebidine."
  • "Malavit."

tantum verde analogues cheaper for children

But it is important to remember that each of these meanspossesses not only indications for admission. Medicines have contraindications and may cause side effects in some situations. Therefore, it is better not to risk your health and not to choose a substitute for medication yourself, without the help of a doctor.

The medicine "Tantum Verde Forte"

This is the most basic analogue of the described means. However, unlike the drug "Tantum Verde", this medication has a higher concentration of the active substance.

The product is produced in the form of a spray. It is not intended for children who are not yet 12 years old.

The average cost of medicine is about 259 rubles.

The drug "Tanflex"

This is a complete analogue of "Tantum Verde". A cheap and effective drug contains the same active substance as the original product, and in the same concentration.

A drug is produced in the form of a solution and a spray. The medicine is taken internally to eliminate the pain syndrome of any genesis. With inflammatory pathologies of the oral cavity, throat, dental complications, local irrigation is recommended.

The drug can provoke allergic manifestations (if it is ingested), inflammation or burning (in case of local use).

The cost of the spray is about 170-190 rubles.

The medicine "Orasept"

A beautiful preparation that has an effective antiseptic effect can become a substitute for the original remedy. The medicine is widely used for ENT diseases and in dentistry.

tantum verde spray analogues cheaper

The preparation "Orasept", except antisepticproperties, has an analgesic effect and is characterized by an antifungal effect. The big plus of the remedy is the absence of toxic effects on the body.

The medicine is produced in the form of a spray. The medication is allowed for use in pediatrics. Therefore, if you want to find the drug "Tantum Verde" analogues cheaper for children, the spray is ideal for you. The medicine can be used for crumbs that are 2 years old.

The average spray price is 350-400 rubles.

Medication "Geksoral"

Indications for the use of this drug completely coincide with the purpose of the original medication. It is available in the form of tablets, solution and spray.

The agent "Geksoral" has analgesics,antiseptic properties. Covering the oral mucosa, it perfectly eliminates pain syndrome. In addition, the drug has an antifungal effect.

If you can not afford to buy "TantumVerde ", analogues cheaper for children can be found. Pay attention to the spray "Geksoral". It is allowed to be used by children over 3 years old. Tablets and solution are recommended for children who have reached the age of 12 years.

tantum verde analogs cheaper list

The cost of the spray is approximately 230-250 rubles.

Ingalipt Tool

Analyzing the drug "Tantum Verde", analogues are cheaper, it is impossible not to stop on this medicine.

This is the most accessible tool. The main active substance is streptocide. In addition, the medicine contains many natural ingredients: mint oil, eucalyptus. That is why most parents, trying to find a drug "Tantum Verde" (spray), analogues are cheaper, they choose the medicine "Ingalipt". Use this tool can be children from 3 years.

But, unfortunately, the medicine struggles exclusively with infectious diseases, accompanied by inflammation in the mouth. It is completely useless with dental problems.

The price of "Ingalipt" is 80-100 rubles.

tantum verde analogues cheaper for children spray

The medicine "Malavit"

This is a great tool if you consider expensive "Tantum Verde" (solution). Analogs are cheaper in a large assortment.

The drug "Malavit" is produced in 3 forms. This solution, gel, ointment. The scope of the medicament is quite extensive. But if we talk about the solution, then the medicine is widely used both for infectious ailments of the respiratory tract, and for dental problems. The drug is approved for use in pediatrics.

A particular feature of this solution is its high concentration. The drug is not used in its pure form. It should be diluted with warm water (usually in a ratio of 1:10).

The average price of the solution is 320 rubles. However, do not consider the medicine expensive. In fact, unlike the solution of "Tantum Verde", the drug must be diluted with a large amount of water. Consequently, the medicine "Malavit" is spent quite economically.

Medication «Grammidine Neo»

An excellent antiseptic can be regarded aseffective analogue of "Tantum Verde" (cheap). However, the product is produced only in tablet form. A drug is used to treat infectious diseases localized in the mouth, throat, larynx. A remedy is also prescribed for gum disease, stomatitis.

In pediatrics, the medicine is allowed to be used for babies who are already 4 years old.

The cost of tablets varies in the range of 152-183 rubles.

tantum verde mortar analogues cheaper

Consumer opinion

Analyzing the feedback of people, we can say thatthe medicine "Tantum Verde" is very popular. Patients consider it highly effective and emphasize that the drug perfectly eliminates pain in the throat. Equally effective is the remedy for dental ailments.

The main disadvantage of the original medicine isits high cost. Patients are forced to look for a replacement. Among the analogues, such drugs as Ingalipt, Geksoral, Oracept have proved themselves very well.

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