Anorexia and Weight Loss Films: Overview, Features and Reviews

Slimming to anorexia is just the scourge of today's youth. Going to the Internet, reading magazines, you will definitely see exhausted models, actresses and singers. Young girls, in their desire to imitate, bring themselves to a deplorable state. Anorexia is now very popular, so it is not surprising that many pictures are being shot about this disease today. Instructive and heartbreaking films about anorexia and weight loss often help young individuals come to their senses and go out of the way of pernicious weight loss.

So, looking at the picture, you can save your life. Anorexia documentaries are especially effective in this regard. The best in this genre is the drama "Anorexia". It is recommended to look for anyone who is exhausting yourself with hard diets. Anorexia films, the list of which is presented below, can be shocking; therefore, it is better to protect children from viewing them.

"Ideal figure"

Very often, films about anorexia and bulimia are based on stories of girls seeking to lose weight for a successful career. In the picture “The Perfect Figure”, the main character is a young gymnast, ready to make any sacrifices in order to win a gold medal in major competitions. At this point, she does not even think about what the consequences may be with her health.

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The girl is only fifteen years old, she is very ambitious and purposeful. But there is a manic thought in her head - she believes that to win it is simply necessary to have an overly thin body, which, she thinks, is ideal. To achieve the result, she starves herself, exhausts her body with excessive loads, which leads to complete exhaustion.

The audience liked the movie very much. In their opinion, the picture “The Perfect Figure” is very plausible. Its main goal is to show what price you sometimes have to pay to achieve your dream.

"Sharing a secret"

Girls often watch American films about anorexia with special interest in Russian. The painting "Sharing a Secret" attracts with its perennial theme the relationship of parents and children.In the center of the story is a girl who hides a terrible secret from her mother. At one point, the mother finds out that her daughter suffers from bulimia. Together they embark on a difficult path of treatment. Suddenly, they have to face a number of difficult problems.

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The viewer appreciated the actor's game Alison Lohman. Judging by the reviews, the painting “Sharing a Secret” fully reveals the theme of eating disorders, speaking of their other facet - bulimia. In the process of viewing you can find out about the causes of bulimia, its terrible consequences and the thorny path of recovery.


Americans know how to masterfully make films about anorexia and weight loss. The picture "Hunger" is a story of the life of heroes with ambiguous characters. In the center of the plot is the mother, "turned" on the perfection of her daughters. Her desire to create girls with an ideal figure leads to serious health problems of the latter. Due to the fault of the mother, they are forced to fight anorexia and eating disorders. Sisters try to do everything to become healthy and happy again.

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“Hunger” is the story of one full-fledged family. Living together, a mother, father and two daughters feel very lonely and unhappy.According to the viewers, this film beautifully shows the problem of not only physical hunger, but also emotional. Often the lack of understanding, love, adoption is much worse than lack of food.

“Dance is more precious than life”

Anorexia films often tell about the fate of female ballet students. This is not surprising, because they, like anyone else, need to have a fragile and refined body. The painting “Dance is more expensive than life” tells about a dancer who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. She is not afraid of any obstacles to achieving the goal. Anorexia takes away her last strength to live, and the worst thing is that for the sake of the scene, the girl is even ready to die.

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For the viewer, this story of anorexia seemed very unexpected. The film really conveys the essence of the seriousness of this disease. “Dance is more precious than life” is a film that just needs to be seen by girls who are torturing themselves with hunger for their careers.


Practice shows that it is documentaries about anorexia that allow you to look into the very essence of this disease. The main characters of the film “Anorexia” are four young girls living in South Florida.They share a terrible desire to be thin, which led to the emergence of anorexia and bulimia. The viewer is given the opportunity to touch one of the most acute social problems of our time. The picture attracts public attention and reveals the true essence of the disease. The viewer becomes clear that the basis of his appearance is not just a desire to be slim. Under the veil of weight loss lies mental problems, mental pain and emotional instability.

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Judging by the reviews, this picture can certainly be called anti-anorexia. Viewers say that after watching an emotionally heavy documentary, there is an understanding of many things, while the desire to starve goes into the background.

"The Story of Karen Carpenter"

The film is the autobiography of the American singer Karen Carpenter. The fact that she has an amazing talent, she realized even when she was very young. Her beautiful voice made her a worldwide celebrity. Why is the picture "The History of Karen Carpenter" included in the category "Films about anorexia"? The fact is that it is Karen Carpenter who is the first girl whose cause of death was this terrible disease.Viewers believe this picture is the best of all the stories on this topic.

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Not all anorexia films can boast of touching, atmospheric, delightful music and serious instructiveness. According to the viewer, it’s pleasant to watch the picture at the same time, since it’s impossible not to sympathize with the main character, but at the same time it’s difficult, because there are constant quarrels, problems, nervous breakdowns and a terrible end. Despite such features, all people who have watched the movie recommend it for viewing without fail.

"The best girl in the world"

Anorexia is often the cause of a nervous breakdown. In the film "The Best Girl in the World" this situation is presented. The main character Casey is young and beautiful, but her life overshadows severe anorexia. Parents in the heat of their regular quarrels do not notice the problems that have arisen to their daughter. The father nevertheless after some time catches himself and proceeds to a thorough treatment of the girl. But to heal from anorexia in the latter stages is very difficult and almost impossible. After viewing the audience called the picture very vital and incredibly instructive for the relatives of people suffering from anorexia.

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