Arefieva Lydia: biography, family, acting and television career

Arefieva Lydia is an incredibly beautiful woman and a comprehensively developed personality. Our heroine managed to try herself in different areas - the film, the modeling industry and television. Would you like to receive detailed information about her career and personal life? We are very pleased to give you this opportunity.Arefieva Lydia

Biography: family and childhood

Lydia Arefieva (see photo above) was born in 1979 (August 13) in one of the largest cities in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Her parents are far from the theatrical scene and the world of cinema. Lida's father worked for many years as an ambulance doctor. And her mother is a certified specialist (engineer).

Our heroine grew up an active and inquisitive child. She loved to draw on the wallpaper, to organize home concerts and watch Soviet cartoons.

When Lidochka was 7 years old, her parents enrolled her in a music school.At first, the girl attended classes and gave more hope. But soon she lost interest in this.

In the secondary school Arefieva (the youngest) studied well. Humanities were given to her easily. But with the exact sciences sometimes there were problems. I had to ask for help from classmates or tutors.


Arefieva graduated from two schools - regular and ballet-choreographic. She then became a student at the National University of Internal Affairs (Kharkiv). After 5 years, she was awarded a diploma (with a degree in psychology).

Behind Lydia, he studied at the Moscow Art Theater School and the Higher School of Television (at the Ostankino television center).

Model past

Our heroine has a spectacular appearance. She has a charming smile, expressive eyes, a chiseled figure, long and thick hair. With a height of 173 cm, it weighs 56-58 kg. Healthy food, moderate physical exertion and home cosmetic procedures help her to keep herself in perfect shape.Lydia Arefieva photo

In her youth, Lida had an even more slender and taut figure. And Arefieva skillfully enjoyed her beauty. Born in Kharkov, she managed to build a successful career in the modeling industry.As a high school student, our heroine starred in commercials, participated in fashion shows and photo shoots for Ukrainian glossy magazines. Parents supported the daughter.

In 1997, Lida went to a beauty contest. She conquered the professional jury with her external data and high intelligence. As a result, Arefieva got the title “Top Model of Eastern Ukraine”. That's not all. In 1998, the girl became the vice-Miss of the contest "Miss Ukraine".

Becoming an adult, Arefieva Lydiabegan filming for popular men's publications (XXL, Maxim and others). She also advertised swimsuits and elite underwear of European brands.

TV career

In 2004, Lida was appointed to host the “Kitsch” program on REN-TV. The girl confidently kept in the frame. In 2005, Arefyev could be seen in the program “Moscow. Instructions for use "(TNT). That's not all. In 2006, she was the host of the Good Morning program, broadcast on Channel One. In a short time, a native of Kharkov acquired a whole army of fans.

In 2009, our heroine has a new specialization - an astrologer. Lydia Arefievanot self-taught in this area. She graduated from the Academy of Astrology, located in Moscow.Her teacher and mentor was Mikhail Levin.Lydia Arefieva Let's get married

Listening to the signs of a higher power, drawing up a horoscope and predicting future events - Lydia Arefieva learned all this. “Let's get married” is a program in which she was able to apply her knowledge in practice. In October 2014, Vasilisa Volodina went on maternity leave. Her place temporarily occupied Arefieva. Lydia was immediately uploaded. In just 3 days, she was to create horoscopes for 50 participants of the program.

Filming at the cinema

Film debut Lidia Arefieva held in 2001. She appeared in one of the episodes of the tape "Women's Happiness". The second picture with the participation of a novice actress was released in 2003. Lida successfully got into the role of the maid of honor in the TV series “Poor Nastya”.

The following are her other film works from 2005-2016:

  • Ruble Live (2005) - Lyubov Morozova;
  • “Who is the master of the house?” (2007) - Lisa;
  • Spy Games (2008) - Olga;
  • “Uninventual Murder” (2009) - TV correspondent;
  • Invisible Men (2010) - Irina;
  • "Interns" (2011) - Shemyakova psychiatrist;
  • “Paradise” (2013) - Natalia Nikiforova;
  • Pointe Shoes for Buns (2015) - owner of a beauty salon;
  • “Classmates” (2016) - customer.

Personal life

Arefieva Lydia - attractive and interesting woman. Many single men dream of such a life partner. But is the heart of a famous actress and TV presenter free? Now you will know the answer to this question.

From her youth, our heroine is bathed in male attention. However, she did not build a relationship with any of her boyfriends. The beautiful woman believed that she would soon meet great love. This is what happened.Astrologer Lydia Arefieva

In 2004, during one of her walks in Moscow, Lida met a respectable and intelligent man named Andrei. He managed to do everything to win her heart. In 2005, the couple formalized the relationship. Arefieva's husband is not related to cinema and television. He is a successful businessman. Unfortunately, the specific scope of its activities has not been disclosed.

Spouses live in wedlock for more than 10 years. They have no joint children. Our heroine believes that it is necessary to acquire offspring after a woman fully realizes herself in her professional life. Andrei has a teenage son from his first marriage. The actress and presenter managed to find a common language with him.


We reported on where she was born and what professions Lydia Arefieva has mastered. The article also provided information about her personal life.What to wish this smart and beautiful woman? Family happiness, more successful projects and loyal fans!

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