Azerbaijan: cities. Capital and major cities of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan ... An amazing world filled with sunlight and radiant smiles. The region of thermal springs, harsh mountains and cozy beaches on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The state is multinational and independent. In the Republic of Azerbaijan, the cities keep a long history.

Azerbaijan. Cities

Azerbaijan: an amazing combination of ancient history and modernity

The solar republic is internationally renowned for its oil industry. However, Azerbaijan today is looking for development opportunities regardless of the oil mono-resource: it is developing space, laying a passenger-cargo transport route from St. Petersburg to Mumbai, holding international sports competitions and public forums, and developing tourism.

Fans of active types of recreation tend to ski resorts and diving centers. The Caspian Sea is rich in maritime treasures - an ancient trade route.Attracts lovers of underwater travel and diving in the crystal clear highland lakes with fresh water.

Azerbaijan retains its cities carefully: here every stone is covered with history and travelers can touch it, look into the depths of centuries, passing through the streets of ancient cities of the sunny republic.

Baku city. Azerbaijan

Baku invites to visit

Acquaintance with the republic should begin with its capital. The glorious city of Baku Azerbaijan considers its pride. This amazing port city is the guardian of thousands of years of history, unique monuments, modern sights.

Baku boulevards are buried in verdure. Old parks invite to walk through the shady alleys among the bright flower beds. Numerous original fountains organically complement the bright appearance of the capital.

City streets with interesting old buildings lead to Icheri Sheher, a residential quarter that has begun its history since the Bronze Age. Here you can see the Shirvanshah Palace, the caravanserai, the Shemakha Gate and the famous symbol of the city - the Maiden Tower, whose history is fanned by a romantic legend.

A unique architectural structure of our time - Flaming towers.The design of these high-rise buildings in combination with the evening illumination creates a feeling of a burning bonfire against the backdrop of the night sky.

Numerous museums, philharmonic societies, theaters and libraries are the core of the cultural life of Baku.

No less Baku is famous for other large cities of Azerbaijan and small cities, but associated with many historical events.

Thumbing through the pages of the story: Astara

The history of the ancient masters keeps the city of Astara. Since ancient times Azerbaijan has been famous for the production of silk and velvet, pottery and faience crafts.

In ancient times, the Silk Road passed through Astara, contributing to the strengthening of trade relations with India, Asia, and China. And today the port city still plays an important role in the development of trade relations, being a transit point of the Baku-Tehran automobile route.

Rice and tea plantations freely stretched around Astara. Above them, the Talysh Mountains stand majestically with relict trees. Astarchay and Tengerud rivers begin their run from the mountain slopes, carrying their waters into the Caspian Sea. The water in this part of the sea is clear and transparent thanks to the sandy coast.Beautiful beaches and more than 400 historical monuments preserved in the territory of Astara make Astara an attractive city for the tourist business.

The city of Astara. Azerbaijan

Homeland Nizami

Carefully keeps the history of Azerbaijan: cities associated with the names of great writers, poets, scientists, acquire a modern look, but at the same time preserve the atmosphere of antiquity. Thus, on the left and right banks of the Ganjachai River in the 6th century AD er the city of Ganja was founded - the oldest cultural center of Azerbaijan, the birthplace of the greatest eastern poet and philosopher Nizami.

Since time immemorial, Ganja has been famous for pottery and jewelry crafts, the production of glass and silk fabrics. Today it is a beautiful modern city framed by white stone and glass.

With all its appearance the city, tying together the present and the past, as if confirms the name given to him at birth, Ganja (“treasure”, “treasure”). Over 4 millennia, there are monuments of architecture and history that have a bright national color: Gay-Imam (religious complex), on the surrounding mountain slopes - horses carved in stone, bridges, fortress walls, towers, mausoleums and caravanserai built from XIV to XIII centuries.

Here mosques, Lutheran churches, and Christian churches peacefully coexist.

Azerbaijan. Cities: list

In cities and villages: on the shore of the Caspian Sea

From the ancient times, cities of Azerbaijan were built on the coast of the Caspian Sea, the list of which is represented by well-known centers of culture and recreation and small villages.

On the shores of the Caspian Sea is a port city and a balneological resort Lankaran.

The most beautiful relict forest is surrounded by the village of Nabran - a resort area with a temperate climate, a benevolent attitude to visitors and comfortable living conditions.

Far outside the Caucasus are known beach vacation spots Siyazan (Siazan) and Khachmaz.

The resort town of Masalli is comfortably situated between the waters of the Caspian Sea and the Talysh Mountains, on the northeastern slopes of which beat countless springs from under the earth. Unusual taste water is useful for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, nervous system.

Major cities of Azerbaijan

"Mountain peaks sleep in the darkness of the night ..."

In the foothills of the Greater Caucasus are located in the Republic of Azerbaijan cities, teeming with unique natural attractions. This feature imposes a special imprint on the rhythm of life: in most of the settlements a sightseeing and tourist activity is developed.

The city of Cuba is famous for the 30-meter Afurdzhinsky waterfall, the Tengi canyon, the mausoleums of the sheikhs and unique souvenirs.

Nakhichevan - the ancient cultural center of the republic. Palaces, mausoleums, ancient fortresses and rock paintings are only a small part of the sights.

In the lower reaches of the gorge between the mountains Tufan and Bazar-Yurt, the city of Gabala is nestled by the Damiraparanchay River. An ancient defensive tower, the mausoleum of Imam Baba, the Juma mosque have been preserved on its territory.

The city of Ismayilli, located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, has several recreation centers on its territory: “Gyz Galasy”, “Karakaya”, “Makhsul”.

The resort towns of Kusary, Shamakhi and Yardimly are associated with the literary and military pages of past centuries and modern times. Attractions in Kusar are: the House of Lermontov, the park of Nariman Narimanov and the square of General Mahmud Abilov. Famous philosophers, architects, scientists were born in Shamakhi, including Khagani, Nasimi, Sabir. The city of Yardimly is a war memorial and historical museum.

Sunny Azerbaijan has absorbed all the best: cities, the list of which has not changed for centuries, a friendly attitude towards travelers, an amazing combination of Eastern and Western traditions.

Azerbaijan is a living history that has been carefully preserved for thousands of years, subtly weaved into modern art and creates an indescribable charm. This is a country, warmly inviting to visit.

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