Bacon - what is it? Types, composition, benefit and harm

Increasingly, bacon begins to appear on our tables. What it is, we learned not so long ago. And there are still many rumors, prejudices and misconceptions around this product. It's time to deal with the situation and decide whether we need bacon in the menu or we are quite able to do without it.bacon what is it

The truth about bacon

Most people think that bacon is lard, just cunningly cooked somehow. Or having an alternative name. By no means! Differences begin with the cultivation of "suppliers" of this product. Pigs are specially selected (and some manufacturers even care for a special breed) and live in truly royal conditions. Otherwise quality bacon will not work. That this is so confirms the high percentage of culling animals that have reached the right age. Piglets intended for its production grow up very quickly, have a long back and feed better than many people. Their diet certainly includes whole grain cereals, milk and legumes.No waste and waste, only quality products. The conditions of detention are as close as possible to the natural and harmonious, guinea pigs are carefully protected from stresses and excessive loads, and only slaughtered at a young age. Otherwise, you get a primitive meat, not bacon. What does this give? Sala in the product is not so much. It only perelaivaet meat veins, and in smaller quantities.

What is suitable for bacon

Fat can be cut from any part of the pork carcass (even if it is of different quality). Only side boneless sections are suitable for bacon. Limbs, sternum, vertebral parts, ass pass under another article, much cheaper.

Farmers engaged in bacon pig breeding themselves say that bacon is a juicy, not very fatty meat permeated with thin veins of lard, which has a many-sided, very mild flavor and is suitable for the most diverse uses. In any case, the recipes of dishes with him really abound.bacon what is it its species

Bacon: what is it, its types

In principle, all popular varieties of a product have similar techniques of its creation, starting with growing its “carriers” and ending with its cutting. But the differences are still there.Gourmets distinguish several main varieties:

  • Side Bacon is considered a real bacon, especially popular in the States, where this fat-meat is consumed in unbelievable quantities.
  • Slab Bacon differs from the previous version by the presence of skin on a slice. It is not sold as sliced, but as a single piece, already cut by the hostess. It is very popular when cooking soups, but the main dishes from it are excellent.
  • Canadian Bacon, if you follow a clear gradation, bacon is not. Rather, it is ham, in which the veining of fat is extremely small. If classic bacon salted, then this is smoked.
  • Pancetta is an Italian version of bacon. The taste and aroma of smoking is given to the product with the help of herbs. There are a lot of them, each manufacturer has its own composition, but in almost all sets of spices there are pepper with dill, garlic and nutmeg. Often on the counter pancetta falls in the form of a thick sausage: the Italians masterfully curl up a large cut of pork.

Recently, under the trademark "bacon" featured products from poultry meat. However, experts believe that the bacon or you need to eat natural, pork, or even abandon its use.bacon composition benefit and harm

Bacon: composition, benefits and harms

In a natural product, only pork with salt should be present. Permissible spicy supplements - only natural. That is, it is not a flavor identical to pepper, but ground pepper itself. Otherwise you are not dealing with bacon, but with its miserable likeness.

As for the benefits. Bacon is as good as low-fat pork: it includes iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, and an almost complete set of B vitamins. Bacon has a calming effect and even has antidepressant properties. It is useful for lactating women, because it contributes to increased milk production. The heart, bones and muscles are strengthened, and the whole body is healthy.

But only if the bacon is consumed in reasonable quantities. Its excess provokes weight gain, yet 100 grams of the product contain almost 500 kcal. And for the kidneys, bacon can and is dangerous because of its high salt content.

Selection rules

Having understood that this is bacon, it is worth learning how to choose it. For a start, about the price: it should not be too low (this leads to reasonable suspicions), but it also has nothing to be beyond the clouds.We study the middle segment and focus on it. The second item is the composition. Ideally, only pork with brine should be listed, and the latter should be no more than ten percent. The third object of attention is a color that varies in all shades of brown, interspersed with red. And do not forget to check the expiration date!bacon recipes

Classic sandwich

Recipes with bacon are very diverse, but familiarity with it is better to start with traditional dishes. For example, from a complex sandwich. Slices of uncooked bacon are fried, two slices of bread are browned in a toaster or in a skillet. One is placed on a plate, covered with lettuce or other greens, a plate of cheese, then a tomato circle (you can take a cucumber or avocado) and a fried egg, in which the yolk did not spread and remained liquid. A second skip of bread is placed on top. Traditional American breakfast is ready!bacon recipes


Among the recipes with bacon, eggs with this ingredient are also very popular. There is nothing complicated in its preparation, so the dish can be an excellent breakfast even for the busiest person.Thin slices of bacon are browned in the pan without adding oil, always on both sides, then eggs are driven into it, seasoned with pepper and salt and brought to readiness. Despite the simplicity of the recipe, it turns out much better than with a primitive sausage, and less bold than with lard.carbonara with bacon

How to cook Carbonara

Basically, carbonara with bacon is pasta with it and with a special sauce. So boil the pasta according to all the rules in parallel with the rest of the culinary troubles, fry bacon (when using raw smoked during roasting, you may need to add butter) and pay the closest attention to the sauce. For him, in a slightly heated cream (half a cup with a small one), pour in a slightly beaten egg and add a couple of tablespoons of grated cheese. After dissolving it, add the sauce with crushed garlic and pepper and mix it carefully. Now combine all three components - bacon, pasta, sauce - and lay out the ready-to-eat carbonara. The recipe for bacon, by the way, is very suitable for experiments. So you can “indulge” at least with spices, the result can be spoiled only by their excess.Very interesting option when the bacon is supplemented with ham. Only when they are roasted, the oil will already have to be sure that the fat that the bacon will secrete will clearly not be enough. And garlic can be pre-sprinkled on a skillet in a spoonful of olive oil. Then its smell will lose its sharpness. Some culinary masks of garlic are even thrown away using only flavored oil.carbonara recipe with bacon

And many still recommend a portion of Carbonara, while it is still hot, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. So what, that in the sauce the cheese is already available - it does not happen much! In any case, the Italians say so (or, at least, lovers of Italian cuisine).

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