Bald cats: what are these wonderful creatures?

Some believe that bald cats flew to us from another planet, but such a statement can hardly be considered true. Want to know where such purrs came from and what they are like? Then read this article.

A bit of breed history

Since ancient times, people have known bald cats. It is believed that these purrs served in the temples of the ancient Aztecs. The cats helped the Indians to receive the blessings of the gods. In 1903, Francis Simpson described Mexican bald cats in the "Book of Cats". Later, from different parts of the world began to receive messages about these wonderful animals. There were cases that bald kittens were born in the most ordinary cats. For the first time the breed was registered in 1966. Then an unusual kitten, hairless, was born, and the scientists were eager to breed a new breed. Subsequently, its representatives will be called the Canadian Sphynx. Unfortunately, at that time, felinologists made many mistakes in the breeding and maintenance of such animals.Over time, scientists have accumulated experience and knowledge. Now bald cats are quite popular as pets.

Canadian Sphynx

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This breed is the oldest of bald - she is almost 40 years old. The Sphynx is a cat with a muscular, slim body, rounded croup and chest. His neck is long, wedge-shaped head. The tail is straight, mobile, there is a tassel. There are folds on the body. It happens in different colors (one tone, bicolor, van, harlequin and others).

Don Sphynx

In 1986, the first representatives of this branch of sphinxes appeared in the city of Rostov-on-Don. They have a muscular body, straight legs, a flat nose, a wedge-shaped head. In winter, these cats may appear down. There are different colors (black, white and others).

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Such a branch of the breed appeared as a result of the crossing of an oriental cat and a Don Sphynx. It was created in 1994. The body structure of the purr is similar to the representatives of breeds that are covered with wool. To touch the Peterbald, like all other sphinxes, is hot. These cats are very attached to people. But when they are in a bad mood, they should be avoided, otherwise you will be bitten or scratched.Although in general these animals are very calm and docile.

Representatives have a wedge-shaped head, long nose, slim, strong figure. Their limbs are thin, high, legs are elastic. The ears of such cats are large.

Many people think that peterbald is a “bald” oriental cat.

Colors such purrs are different:

  • blue;
  • purple
  • color point;
  • chocolate;
  • cream.

Now consider the little-known, exotic breeds.


bald cats

Short-legged cats were obtained by crossing the Munchkin and the Canadian Sphynx. The body of such a purr is strong, it has small folds. Bambino has very beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Ukrainian Levkoy

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, this branch of the breed began to exist (in Kiev). Levka turned out as a result of crossing Scottish Fold and the Don Sphynx. In such a cat ears bent, like a Scot. The shape of the body resembles a sphinx.


We learned about this branch in 2006, but to this day the breed is not officially recognized. As a result of the crossing of the Don Sphynx and the American Curl, these bald cats turned out. Their name was acquired thanks to the ears - they give the animals a peculiar look.

Features care for bald cats

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These cats eat a lot, since their metabolism is quite strongly accelerated, which allows them to maintain a high body temperature. Bald cats can freeze, so they like to sleep under a blanket with their favorite owner. In autumn and winter, they will need clothes. It may be necessary to purchase sweaters and jackets.

Sometimes these cats climb on the battery in order to warm up. To prevent the animal from getting burns, it is necessary to cover the radiator (or fireplace) with something.

These creatures have very delicate and sensitive skin, they need protection. Therefore, in the summer, when it is sunny and hot, it is necessary to monitor the pet in the shade.

Wet baby wipes should regularly wipe the skin of the animal, paying particular attention to the folds. Ears also need to be cleaned, otherwise they will quickly accumulate dirt.


Connoisseurs of hairless breeds don’t love their souls and can forgive everyone for their wonderful character. Such cats become attached to all members of the family, but choose one person as their favorite owner. The purrs understand the words very well, react to the change of mood in the family.

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Thanks to their cheerful and devoted nature, sphinxes can be excellent companions for children.

Bald cats suffer from loneliness. Therefore it is recommended to keep them only for those who spend a lot of time at home.


How much are bald cats? For one representative of the breed (not exhibition), you need to give about 15 thousand rubles. Show bald kitten costs from 30 thousand and more. Although, of course, the cost may vary in different regions.

Bald cats: host reviews

Many owners believe that the sphinx is the ideal animal for keeping in an apartment. These purrs by nature are very affectionate, kind and playful. Some representatives of the stronger sex declare that bald cats (Sphynx Petersburg and Don in particular) get along well with men, they become real friends for them. Photographers say that shooting representatives of “bald” breeds is a pleasure. Graceful creatures are great in the photo.

Small conclusion

Now you know who are bald cats. Reviews of these wonderful creatures are only positive. Smart, gentle, affectionate (albeit temperamental), quite patient.Among the owners of such breeds there is a saying that the sphinx is no longer a cat, but also not a dog. And all because these purrs are very attached to the owner and literally walk behind him, at every opportunity, trying to get on their knees or even shoulders. Problems in the content with them, as a rule, does not happen. The biggest advantage of the owners is the lack of wool.

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