Barley maned: description, planting, care, use

Very often, steppe and field plants are used to green any areas, decorate a garden, flower bed, or lawn. The presence of such cultures gives the exterior a flavor. One of the most popular plants used for this purpose is maned barley. Read about it in the article.


This representative of the flora belongs to the group of cereals. By nature, maned barley is a wild steppe plant. Nevertheless, at present it is widely used in landscape design. This was facilitated by its unusual and attractive appearance.

The plant covers the flower beds with a dense grass carpet, which consists of silky spikelets and narrow leaves. Their width is no more than 3 millimeters. Actually, ears of corn are the most attractive part of barley. They are a set of long inflorescences. On them are located bristles, the length of which reaches eight centimeters. They are assembled in a way that resembles a fan.

Barley barley

Barley is a perennial plant, but in garden design it is used as an annual. In summer, it blooms magnificently. Attracts the eye swaying in the wind stalks. They resemble small ripples of the water surface. It looks very impressive. At first they are painted in a green shade with a slight silver bloom, however, in the course of time they become much lighter and turn the color of straw. At the base of the spikelets are covered with small scales of a reddish hue.

Places of growth

Long-fronted barley is widely distributed in the steppes of Eastern Siberia, as well as the Far East. In addition, it grows in North America. As a decorative element in bouquets used almost everywhere.

Landscape Design

Barley barley, the photo of which is presented in the article, is very often grown as one of the elements in a flower bed or in a flower garden. Most advantageous and appropriate, it looks in rocky gardens, rock gardens and lawns, but in this case it must be combined with other plants. It is possible to use this variety of barley to fill the voids between cultures that quickly fade in the spring.This plant can be included in the composition of dried flowers or decorative bouquets.

Barley maned photo

Barley is an unpretentious crop that is resistant to temperature extremes and adverse environmental conditions. Since barley has high cold resistance, it is possible to plant this plant in those areas where thermophilic representatives of the flora do not take root. However, you should choose a sunny area and pre-moisten the soil. It is important not to overdo it. Excessive moisture will not benefit the plant.

What to combine?

Barley barley - a crop that looks favorably next to other plants. What can be planted in combination with barley?

  • Decorative cereals. Particularly harmonious will look rod-shaped millet.
  • Light-loving annuals, such as delicate field leaves, pennisetum, and tailtail ovaries perfectly combine with barley.
  • Perennials with light silver leaves are best suited for composing discreet compositions. These plants include lavender, two-colored groundflower and sage.

Barley Maned Care

  • Bright cultures, such as marigolds and short calendula, are very well combined with barley in picturesque summer flower beds.

Location selection

Barley is planted in April, and in July it is already spike.If you plant in late August, the flowering of the culture will be in June next year.

Barley Maned Planting

There are several rules to follow when choosing a place for growing barley:

  1. The plant prefers well-lit areas, although it can bloom in the shade.
  2. Excess moisture will lead to the death of barley. But the plant suffers drought painlessly.
  3. Soil can be any. The only caveat is not to plant barley in heavy soil, which accumulates water and almost does not allow oxygen to pass through.
  4. As for acidity, the soil should be alkaline or slightly acid.
  5. It is advisable to fertilize the soil with minerals and organic matter, so that the barley is lush.
  6. As a top dressing you should use humus.


How to grow barley maned? Planting culture includes several stages. The first is seed preparation. First you need to stratify the grain. To do this, sprinkle the bottom of a small container with peat, distribute the seeds and cover them with another layer. Thus it is necessary to fill the entire container. Then you need to wrap all this with polyethylene, make several holes for oxygen intake at the top and place the container on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Barley maned planting and care

Culture grains should be placed in wide shallow drawers.Put them in a cool place, which is illuminated by indirect sunlight. In no case should one prevent waterlogging of the soil in which the maned barley grows. Planting and care are two interrelated procedures, the proper implementation of which will allow the culture to grow healthy and strong.


This culture is unpretentious, it grows very quickly. So that it does not overwhelm all the free space, it is necessary to thin the barley barley. Caring for a plant should be comprehensive. This means that it is necessary to moderately water it, in time to feed and trim the inflorescences before the seeds ripen on them. This is necessary so that the plant does not grow too much. You can achieve a beautiful wide range of barley by planting two or three plants in one hole.

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