"Barskaya manor" in Tver: overview, description, features and reviews

The complex "Barskaya manor" (Tver) was opened in 2009. For a comfortable country holiday, there is a well-equipped territory, scenic views of the Volga River, a four-star hotel with a choice of accommodation options and leisure facilities for adults and children.


Hotel country rest "Barskaya manor" (Tver) is located 55 kilometers from the city limits. The complex welcomes guests all year round, everything is arranged for comfortable communication with family and friends. Lovers of solitude will also enjoy the opportunity to spend time in the lap of nature, without giving up the benefits of civilization.

On the territory of the complex there are paved paths for unhurried walks, equipped recreation places. Guests of the Barskaya Manor Hotel are free to choose their accommodation - in a separate house or in a comfortable room in a cozy bedroom building. You can come on weekends as well as for a longer period.In any case, the wealth of nature and service will help to relax and relax.

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Children in the estate will be interesting and informative. A mini-zoo, a fairy tale museum, a game room, a playground and much more, no less fascinating, are arranged for them. Adults who come for business purposes have the opportunity to hold a corporate event, a summit meeting, and training for the entire team of employees. On the territory of the complex “Barskaya Manor” there are various infrastructure facilities that provide quality rest to each guest.

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Accommodation in a house

The complex "Barskaya manor" (Tver) friendly opens the doors for all who want to relax or spend time with benefit. Moscow and the rest house are only 200 kilometers apart. It will take only 4 hours to come and spend time with full immersion in the beauty of nature. The housing stock consists of comfortable rooms in a dormitory building and 10 guest houses.

What is in the guest house:

  • 2 rooms - bedroom and living room.
  • Furniture: in the bedroom - 2 beds, bedside tables, wardrobe and telephone. In the living room - folding sofa, satellite TV, furniture set.
  • A kitchen is a necessary set of household appliances, furniture set, cooking utensils, and sets for serving food.
  • Entrance hall - wardrobe, mirror, safe.
  • Sanitary knot combined, there is a shower, hairdryer, objects and hygiene products.

The houses are suites, designed for double occupancy, if necessary, you can install an extra bed (+1600 rubles). The cost of living varies depending on the selected package.

Sleeping housing

Hotel "Barskaya manor" (Tver) invites guests to settle in a comfortable three-story dormitory building. You can get from your room to the dining room through a warm transition, which is important in bad weather or winter cold. Here are the rooms of several categories:

  • Two-room.
  • Studio family studio.
  • Studio family one bedroom.
  • Studio.
  • Family.
  • Standard.

All rooms are comfortable and comfortable. New furniture sets, mirrors, cabinets, dressers and much more will make you feel at home. Each room offers a panoramic view of the Volga and the surroundings of the recreation center. Indulging in the joys of life in nature, you can not worry about valuable things - in all rooms safes are installed.The bathroom in the rooms is combined, shower cabins are installed, hygienic facilities are provided, as well as a hairdryer and towels. Cleaning is done daily.

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Meals are organized according to the “buffet” system. The menu is varied and consists of dishes of Slavic national cuisine, European and Oriental dishes. The dining room is located in the administrative building, a pleasant atmosphere reigns here, cartoons and movies of the golden collection are broadcast.

The range of dishes will satisfy any guest - a vegetarian, meat eater and a person on a diet will make up the menu. Meals are prepared for the children's table according to the recommendations of nutritionists. On weekends, cooks serve fresh pancakes with various fillings, preparing them right in front of the guests.

In addition to the dining room, the complex has a restaurant, bar, a juice bar, and barbecue facilities. The hotel’s cuisine is famous for its pastries - fresh bread, croissants, and patties with a variety of fillings can be purchased hot from the heat in a local bakery. "The Bolskie Compound" delivers organic quail and chicken eggs.

Cost of vouchers

Convenience and comfort of the client are the main directions of work of the recreation center "Barskaya Manor" (Tver). Prices for accommodation are formed depending on the purchased voucher:

  • The tariff plan of the “Accommodation + Breakfast” voucher - the cost for single occupancy will be from 3.4 thousand rubles to 5.9 thousand rubles. Double occupancy - from 5 thousand to 7.5 thousand rubles. Children will cost from 300 to 700 rubles per day.
  • Full board includes accommodation and 3 meals a day on the system "buffet". A voucher for one person costs from 5 thousand to 7.5 thousand rubles, for double occupancy it is necessary to pay from 6.99 to 9.79 thousand rubles per day. Accommodation for children - from 440 to 990 rubles for one day full board.

Prices are valid from June 1, 2018. The cost of the permit includes access to the zoo, playgrounds, aquacenter, parking. Children under 3 years old live and eat for free, from the age of 15 on a general basis.

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Children's leisure

For children, there are several play zones, one of the most attractive is the fairy tale museum. Here, children are offered to familiarize themselves with the heroes of Russian folk tales, and also conduct interactive animated tours.The duration of the adventure is 40 minutes, the cost for a group visit is 200 rubles, the individual program is 1700 rubles. A visit without a program is included in the price.

In the zoo "Barsky manor" (city of Tver) children and adults expect about 100 pets. The case was delivered with knowledge of all the peculiarities of the inhabitants of the zoological zone, veterinarians take care of them, monitor their health and accompany the public, who decided to get acquainted with animals. Here you can see the raccoon Goshu, monkey Stepan, mink Fil, caiman, nose, and many other representatives of the fauna. Access to the zoo is free all year round.

A nice bonus for children and adults is the Kids Club “Cartoons”, where the child can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of educational games, creativity, numerous toys, and board games. The room has a large TV where animated films are shown. Children spend time under the supervision of teachers and animators who are ready at any time to take a child with games, offer entertainment or read a book. If the child gets tired, there is always the opportunity to lie down and sleep a little, for which children's beds are installed.For outdoor games, a multifunctional playground is set up.

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Aquatic center

There is another great place in the recreation center "Barskaya Manor" (Tver) - a swimming pool in the aquatic center. The length of the tracks is 25 meters, it is divided into two zones - shallow for children and deep for large adult swims. In the "paddling pool" collected a lot of inflatable toys, with which you can easily learn how to swim. Water temperature is maintained the same throughout the year and is 27-29 degrees Celsius.

Next to the swimming lanes there is a Finnish sauna, and around the pool, in winter, they organize a beach area with sun beds, palm trees, and cocktails. The Charcot's douche is an excellent and useful aquacenter service. After the course of procedures, excess weight and cellulite disappear, skin tone and lymph flow improves, the work of the cardiovascular system is normalized, the body is tightened and takes on an ideal form.

In the warm season, everyone is invited to sunbathe on the outdoor terrace. The whole year offers drinks, ice cream, oxygen cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, and a variety of teas from the Eden phytobar.Access to it is open from the pool.

Sport, fitness, beauty

The complex “Barskaya Manor” provides its guests with many opportunities for leisure and recreation. A 24-hour sports hall with treadmills and playgrounds (volleyball, basketball, etc.) is open to customers. The gym is equipped with modern equipment, you can get into it from the aquatic center.

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Also on the territory of the recreation center there is a spa center, where clients are offered a wide range of procedures - massages, wraps, facial and body skin care programs, healthy rest and much more.

Guests of the Barskaya Manor complex are not bored, entertainment is provided for everyone, for example:

  • Horse Club.
  • Rope park.
  • Bath complex (Turkish hammam, herbal steam room, traditional Russian bath).
  • Bowling club "Aristocrat", tennis courts.
  • Sports equipment rental.
  • Karaoke room.
  • Barskie Compound (mini-farm).
  • Excursion service.

Many guests believe that two days off is not enough to feel all the delights of the recreation center. Some of the proposals remain unexplored, which becomes an occasion to return more than once to the “Barsky manor” (Tver). Phones of service and help services work around the clock.


Recreation center "Barskaya manor" (Tver) reviews in the overwhelming number received positive or enthusiastic. Guests from Tver, Moscow and nearby cities come to relax. Vacationers talk about a large landscaped area, where the hand of a landscape designer is visible - many beautifully designed flower beds, luxurious flower beds, a couple of fountains, children's playgrounds harmoniously complement each other, creating an atmosphere of comfort. The building is also pleasing to the eye - there are architectural features that make up a single ensemble.

It is noted that living in houses is the most comfortable option, there is enough space for four people. The rooms in the dormitory turned out to be a bit cramped, and besides, there is a strong audibility in them, which was noted by several people, finding the service insufficient.

Rest was very interesting for children and adults. Everyone liked the zoo, many visited it several times. Also impressed with the farm where they live chickens, ducks, rabbits, fox and other animals. Within the farm there is a stable, and there is an opportunity to ride a horse, which most guests did not fail to take advantage of.

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Most of the holidaymakers believe that “Barskaya manor” is one of the best places for family spending time. Conditions are created almost perfect, there are plenty of opportunities. For obligatory visits, they advise an aquatic center, a fairy tale museum, a farm, a zoo, a bathhouse, a viewing platform overlooking the Volga River and much more. Some visitors come to the recreation complex for only one day and believe that it is here that you can completely relax and get the most out of communication with nature, without interrupting your comfort.

Almost all visitors noted one major drawback - a very bad road. Unfortunately, its repair is not carried out, many guests believe that if the situation does not change, they will often have to refuse to travel to this wonderful place. Prices also cause some complaints, but guests who leave feedback are ready to come here more than once.


In Tver, on the embankment of Afanasy Nikitin in the house number 33, there is a representative office of the holiday house “Barskaya manor” (Tver).

Address of the complex: Staritsky district, Volga village.

You can get to the recreation center only by car. According to reviews, the road is not too good, but the time spent in the estate pays back all the inconvenience. In the summer, a festival named after M. Krug is held at the recreation center.

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