Basic Wedding Signs and Customs

Wedding is a very important event in the life of every young couple. How to make it so that the celebration went smoothly, without excesses and surprises? Wedding features and customs will help in this.

wedding signs and customs

Redemption of the bride

Redemption of the bride - one of the most famous ontoday the wedding rites, which is still still observed. In the modern world, it has acquired a purely symbolic value, but earlier, in the old days, brides are actually bought from parents and even the whole family. For this everything was good: money, food, clothes, household items. Depending on the season of the year, the bride was getting more expensive, then cheaper. What is still relevant in this ritual for today? The groom still loses in the competitions little money or presents to the bride's family. Nobody has also canceled the bride's drunk, which must be attended by all the young people invited to the wedding; also there was left beating fathers on hands - so the transaction of delivery of the bride in new hands - the father-in-law and the mother-in-law is fastened; and, of course, the union of the groom and the bride by combining their hands.

Sprinkling a track

Modern wedding signs and customssuggest also the sprinkling of a path through which young people come out of the bride's house, with cereals, sweets, and small money. This is done so that the newly-made family has no shortage of anything: neither in food, nor in sweet life, nor in material goods. Good luck will bring a coin or candy, picked up after they walked through the young.

wedding signs about rings

Signs: time for marriage

Many people are still trying to comply with allwedding signs and customs. Why is this happening? Probably so, just in case, because who knows whether it works or not. So, according to our signs, young people are not advised to marry in May, otherwise they will suffer all their lives. This same sign also exists among Greeks and Italians. It is best to marry in autumn or late August, immediately after the main posts. Russian wedding ceremonies and customs also say that if the day of the wedding it rains or snow, the young family just shines with luck.

Russian wedding ceremonies and customs

Signs: dresses

Wedding signs and customs also apply to outfitsyoung. So, in all countries it is known that it is a bad sign to see the lover of her lover in a wedding dress until the moment of marriage. In some cases, the bride herself even tries not to look at herself completely in the mirror, you can do it without any one accessory, for example, without one glove. These signs should protect young people from evil forces.


A very important attribute of every wedding is consideredwedding ring. There are also various wedding signs about the rings. So, when buying this symbol of love, it is worth paying attention to the ring itself: it should be smooth, without any figures, pebbles and crooks, then the road of the young family will be even. It was considered a bad omen to drop the ring during the wedding, which meant that the couple would not live together for a long time. And for a strong marriage, some people propose to do the following manipulations with the ring, which was presented by the groom to the betrothal: you need to put the bride's hair into it and set it on fire. It is believed that the marriage contract will be very successful.

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Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs Basic Wedding Signs and Customs