Beggars from Railways

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I am generally a gentle person, it is difficult for me to resist all requests, and even more so very active. Therefore, when I got out of the train today, I thought to myself: “How are these beggars beside me of Russian Railways?”
"Well, buy something from me, please." And most importantly, it became and stands opposite me with a pleading look. A little on his knees does not fall ...
... "Well, how can I persuade you to buy something from me? Well, please."
As you may have guessed, it was none other than a TRAIN CARRIER with a tray in her hands! And standing and whining does not go away. I resisted, and a young boy sat next to me, could not resist: "Well, how many do you have this pen?" - "750rubles. "" Oh, no. But this keychain? "-"350"." Well, let's do it. "It was evident that he did not need him.
In general, there may be something interesting, but for space money. Coaster with the logo of Russian Railways -1400rubles, magnetic -450! And before you are almost on their knees and begging to buy! It is clear that the conductors themselves are not particularly guilty - they are forced to order. But damn, the leadership of Russian Railways - what are you doing at all? Shame is specific.Sockets for the only firm train Stary Oskol-Moscow for the price of the aircraft was put only a year ago, but do you want to do some kind of cash at the souvenirs?
Get out of the train disgusted-mad!
P.S.By the way, I suddenly discovered that all these souvenirs at affordable prices have almost everything on Avito.

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