Best films of 2006: description

What are the 2006 worthy of attention? You will learn the answer to this question by reading our article. It will consider the best paintings of the year.


We begin to describe the best films of 2006 with a picture called “Prestige”. This film is considered the best for that year.

best movies of 2006

This film is a screen version of Prista's drama. This picture deals with two illusionists who opposed each other. At first, two talented magicians performed together. But when disaster struck and the wife of the first died through the fault of the second, the illusionists became enemies and rivals. Now the meaning of their life is to destroy each other.

"The Departed"

Continuing to describe the best films of 2006, tell about the film called "The Departed."

The plot of this picture is based on the confrontation of two graduates of the Police Academy. One of them works in law enforcement, but at the same time serves as a mafia. The second does otherwise. He serves the rule of law, and infiltrated the mafia as an informant.


What picture is included in the list of films in 2006? "Illusionist".The main character is Abramovits. He is the son of a cabinet maker who made furniture. There is a legend that says that the illusionist Abramowitz once met a wizard. He showed the guy some tricks, and then disappeared. But true or not, nobody knows.

Even in early childhood, Abramowitz met the Duchess Sophie. At first they become good friends, but after a while their relationship develops into love. They meet in secret, as Sophie's family forbids her to communicate with an illusionist. But the couple dreams of leaving to travel.

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This picture is a screen version of the famous novel. The main character - Grenouille. He is a perfumer. For him, smells were the best way to get an impression of the world. A man will stop at nothing, creating the perfect fragrance. In general, Grenouille was an orphan who never knew love in his life. Therefore, he became persistent and cruel. In the spirits that this guy creates, representatives of high society are going crazy. But they don’t even know at what price each fragrance is created.

The main character goes to one small town, where he becomes a real killer.The perfumer collects components for the perfume, mixing the smells of thirty beautiful girls. At the same time, he mercilessly throws out their bodies.

"The Pursuit of Happyness"

If you are interested in the best films of 2006, then pay attention to this one.

In a small apartment there lives a family of three (mom, dad and son). One day, the father of the family spent all the money on a franchise selling certain devices. These portable densitometers allow you to take clearer pictures than x-ray machines. Chris, that was the name of the father of the family, offered these devices to many doctors, but they refused. Since this product was considered too expensive.

2006 movie rating

Chris's wife worked in a hotel laundry room. Tensions in the relationship of the couple increased in proportion to how the delayed payment of bills and housing. When a woman loses hope of a raise, she leaves her spouse with a child and leaves for another city, where she will have a better job.

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