Black Gooseberry: Recipes for Winter

Gooseberry berries are usually associated with warm summers. They are delicious, slightly tart - what you need on hot days. Plus they are rich in vitamins, and therefore very useful. Today gooseberry blanks are very popular. The hostesses make for future use jam, compotes, jams and even marinades. Consider the recipes in which the black gooseberry reveals itself best.

A little bit about the mysterious berry

The removal of this berry was engaged in Ivan Michurin. He made attempts to cross the usual gooseberries and currants, but, alas, did not have time to finish his work. His work continued by many scientists for decades. Faster than all lucky in the seventies of the twentieth century, German breeders. They made a hybrid of gooseberry, splayed and black currant. So the first fruiting and viable bushes were born. What is the name of black gooseberry? He was called yoshta. These are the first letters of the German names of the progenitor plants.

black gooseberry compote for the winter

Gooseberry berries turned out shiny and black, which looks beautiful on the bushes. They are resistant to heat, frost and bad weather, and therefore are popular among gardeners.Yoshta is different in shape and size, but it always has a wonderful aroma and bright taste. For example, there are varieties of black gooseberry: “black negus”, “protector”, “black drop” and others. The first one is the most common, and it is used more often for winter harvesting. The berries have a dark purple color, and the taste is reminiscent of grapes "Isabella".

What berries are suitable for harvesting?

Gooseberry is a universal product, so the berries can be picked at any maturity. But its degree will determine which recipe is better to prefer. For winter harvesting mostly unripe gooseberries are used. In particular, great compotes come out of it. Semi-ripe berries are ideal for making jams and jellies. But from a ripe gooseberry it is better to make juices, sauces and pickles.

Preparing gooseberry for seaming

Black gooseberries and any other before canning should be carefully selected, removing all the spoiled and unsuitable at maturity specimens to a specific recipe. Then the berries are washed and cleaned, removing stalks and sepals from them.

For some blanks, especially jelly and jam, you want to remove the bones from the gooseberry. To do this, make a full or partial cut on the berry and remove the seeds.The easiest way to do this is with a conventional pin or wire loop. After that, the gooseberries are washed again.

black gooseberry jam recipes

Unique solo or sweet platter?

Usually, few people make winter preparations from gooseberries alone. But with a black variety, this option is quite acceptable. In any case, monoconservation can always be supplemented with other berries and fruits. Usually in winter recipes to black gooseberries add black currants, cherries, raspberries, strawberries. From fruit it can be plums, apples and oranges. But tastes best are billets with black currants.

Black Negus Compote

In principle, for this recipe, you can take any black variety. Preparing compote is very simple.

Sterilized jars for a third filled with berries. Pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. After the water is poured into the pan and add sugar. Usually take almost a full glass on a three-liter jar. Bring the syrup to a boil and hold it on the fire for several minutes. Pour it directly on the berries and immediately roll up the lids. Banks turn upside down and wrapped in a blanket until it cools.

Before rolling up, you can add some spice to the compote of black gooseberry. An excellent combination would be a sprig of mint, tarragon, oregano umbrella or currant leaf.

Gooseberry Compote with Blackcurrant

If you add black currant to the compote from yoshta, you will get a fragrant and moderately sweet drink rich in vitamin C. Try this delicious variant of the preparation.

To prepare a three-liter can of gooseberry and black currant compote, you will need the berries themselves (one glass), three glasses of granulated sugar and three liters of filtered water.

black gooseberry compote

Prepare the jar and lid in the usual way. Pour water into a saucepan and put on the fire. Remove from the stove when it starts to boil. In a still hot jar pour berries of currants and gooseberries. After pouring boiling water and leave to stand for a few minutes. From the jar drain all the water back into the pot and put on fire. When the water boils, add sugar. Boil, stirring occasionally. When boiling again, remove from heat and pour the hot syrup back into the jar with the berries. Cover tightly with a lid, turn upside down and wrap in a blanket. Delicious black gooseberry compote for the winter is ready!

Orange-gooseberry compote

Yoshta and orange in compote create a wonderful unique duet. Citrus fruit gives a special aroma and sour-bitter taste, which sometimes lacks a delicious and sweet berry.

A three-liter jar of compote will require a glass of black ripe gooseberry, one orange, three hundred grams of sugar and three liters of water. Fruit does not need to be cleaned, it will be needed along with the peel. It is enough to cut it into circles. In the bank to put the berries and orange slices. Meanwhile, put the water to boil. After pouring sugar and cook the syrup, stirring occasionally. After boiling again, pour it into the jar and roll up the lid. Leave to cool upside down.

Yoshta's Imperial Jam

what is the name black gooseberry

To make black gooseberry jam, you need a kilogram of this berry, a kilogram of granulated sugar (it is better to replace it with honey), half a liter of water. Optionally, you can add a few leaves of black currant, cherry, sprig of mint or lemon balm.

Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar and cook until it is completely dissolved. At the stage when the syrup thickens, you can put in it for flavoring leaves of berries or sprigs of fragrant plants. With them the taste will be much more interesting. Pour the gooseberries into the hot syrup, cover the pan with a lid and turn off the stove. Leave the berries so brew for two to three hours.After that, you need to remove all unnecessary (leaves and twigs). Put the pot on the fire again and bring to the boil. After six minutes, jam can be removed from the stove - it is ready. It remains only to shift it to the banks and roll up the lids.

Raw Gooseberry Jam

This black gooseberry jam recipe is good because you don't need to cook anything. In the original, the black Negus is used, but other varieties of berries are also suitable, it will still be very tasty.

So, for the preparation of this wonderful delicacy you will need a kilogram of gooseberry and the same amount of granulated sugar. They need to grind to a homogeneous mass in a food processor. If it is not, then it is possible to do with a meat grinder. Through it skip the berries, and then mix them with sand. The jam is ready, it can be laid out on sterile jars. It is recommended to close them with parchment and store them in a cool place (in the refrigerator and cellar).

black gooseberry recipes

Jam from black berries of gooseberry, currant and orange

For the preparation of this winter billet, you will need a kilo of black gooseberry, a pound of black currant, a couple of medium oranges and a half kilogram of sugar.

Wash the citrus fruits thoroughly and cut them into small pieces together with the peel. Remove all seeds and then chop the fruit in a blender. Put berries, sugar and orange sauce in the pan. Cook at low temperature for about fifteen minutes. The foam formed in the process must be removed. Still hot jam gooseberry, black currant and oranges spread on banks and close the lids.

Gooseberry jelly for the winter

Another recipe for a tasty treat that can be served with tea. Jelly is made from a kilo of black semi-ripe gooseberry, a kilo of sugar and half a liter of water.

Prepare the jars, lids and berries in advance. Gooseberries pour into a saucepan and add water. Set the average temperature and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer another fifteen minutes. After that, add sugar. It is not necessary to add fire, so that the jelly does not boil. Some hostesses sometimes raise a saucepan over the stove to let it cool. So boil the berries for twenty minutes before a thick film on the walls. It will be a sign that the delicacy is ready. After that, immediately spread the jelly on the banks and close the lids.

varieties of black gooseberry

In exactly the same way, you can prepare a jelly mixture of gooseberry and black currant. It will be even tastier, try it!

Gooseberry sauce with garlic

This is a very savory sauce that goes well with many dishes. Try it and not regret it!

It is prepared from a pound of black berries of gooseberry, three cloves of garlic, a bunch of basil and a spoon of olive oil. Salt and pepper can be added to taste.

With garlic and herbs, remove all unnecessary and chop finely. They together with gooseberry mince (preferably twice). Add oil, salt, spices and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is decomposed into sterile jars and refrigerated. In winter, you can savor a delicious sauce.

Black Gooseberry Marinade

This is a very original preparation, with which you can cook tasty and unusual meat. For the preparation you will need a kilogram of gooseberry (preferably black), several leaves of black currant, four pieces of sweet peas and cloves, four tablespoons of vinegar, two hundred grams of sugar and cinnamon on the tip of a knife.

In the prepared jars fill the berries and pour boiling water. Leave for twenty minutes.After pouring water into the pan, add sugar and all the spices. Cooking the marinade a little, add vinegar. Stir, pour gooseberries and immediately roll up.

Acute gooseberry adjika

According to this recipe, you get a very piquant snack that suits almost any dish. For its preparation you will need a kilo of black gooseberry, five chili peppers, three hundred grams of garlic, a tablespoon of salt and coriander.

black gooseberry

Adjika is made easy, even a beginning hostess can handle it. Pre-sterilize jars, lids and prepare gooseberries. Peel the garlic, peppers from the seeds. They together with the berries several times through a meat grinder. It should be a homogeneous mass. Add spices to it and mix thoroughly. Adjika to pack up on banks and to close with covers.

You were presented with several recipes for the winter with black gooseberries. Try it all and choose your favorite snack!

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