Bollywood star Emran Hashmi

Famous Indian film actor Emran Hashmi was born in 1979 in Bombay. He marks his birthday on March 24th.

Biography of Emran Hashmi

Emran grew up in a family where his father professed the Muslim faith, and his mother - the Catholic. It is also known that Emran Hashmi, films with the participation of which were repeatedly nominated in the categories “Best Performer of the Male Role”, is the nephew of Mahesh Bhatte - an Indian director, producer, scriptwriter and winner of many awards for writing scripts.

Emran Hashmi and his wife

The actor is married to a woman named Parvin Shahani (the wedding took place in 2005).

Emran Hashmi and his wife raise a son, Ayan, born February 3, 2010.

Actor career

Emran Hashmi

Emran Hashmi was repeatedly rewarded in the following nominations: “The Best Performer of the Male Role of the First Plan”, “The Best Performer of the Male Role of the Thriller / Action”, “The Best Performer of the Role of the Negative Hero”.

Emran's track record is more than thirty released films.Fame came to the actor Hashmi after the release of the movie "The Temptation of a Married Woman."

Emran Hashmi in the film The Temptation of a Married Woman

indian films emran hashmi

This picture was released in film distribution in 2004. The main character of the film, Simran, is happily married: she lives with her husband, a successful businessman Sudhir, and her son Kabir, in Bangkok. Either foreign life away from relatives and friends, or the busy work schedule of her husband, who is rarely at home, pushes Simran towards new impressions. Accidentally meeting an old friend, Sani, a lonely foreigner in a strange land, Simran enters into a non-binding relationship that later turns into something more ... When passions subside a bit, Simran finds himself feeling remorse ...

Indian films. Emran Hashmi - Bollywood Star

Emran Hashmi Movies

Motion picture “Gangster. Love Story ”was first presented to the audience in 2006. The script is based on events that occurred in real life.

“Gangster ...” is the love story of Bollywood film star Monica Lead to the member of the mafia group Abu Salem. The details of this connection were tirelessly discussed in the pages of glamorous editions.

The premiere of the film "The Wanderer" was held in 2007. In addition to Emran Hashmi, the film stars the actors: S. Achariya, J. Brandon Hill, R. Khan, P. Kokhli, A. Parchkhura, A. Rana, S. Randhava, Shriya, M. Sharma.

The hero of this film history, whose name is Shivam, would like to enjoy life, but only she “throws up” to him only the sufferings and torments of loneliness. Working under the authority of Malik - the criminal authority and the owner of a network of Hong Kong hotels, Shivam is instructed to follow the mistress of boss Rimma. Having made sure that Rimma is cheating on Malik, Shivam must kill the girl, but does not do it ...

The painting "Heaven. In search of paradise "Indian spectator first saw in 2008. This film tells about Arjuna - a young, desperate and hungry for big money guy. Until Zoe met him, Arjuna’s only passion was a card game. Acquaintance with her forces the hero to take risks, go crazy and even start his own game ... Arjun did not risk for nothing: he soon becomes known as a professional bookmaker.

The motion picture “Meeting with You” was first shown on a large screen in 2009.

The film tells about the flood in Mumbai on July 26, 2005. This day, which turned out to be the last or fatal for many, brought together two people who once loved each other.For six years they lived each in their own world and their roads would never have crossed if this day had not been. Today, life has made them stick together.

The feature film “Dirty Picture” was first shown on a big screen in 2001.

This motion picture is the story of an unknown girl Reshma, who unexpectedly gets the title of a sex symbol of Indian cinema and acquires a new name. Now her name is Silk. However, the inner world of the girl remains the same: she lives by her own rules and remains herself in any situation. Many people from her environment do not like it ...

Silk's life is divided into three periods, in each of which there is a man. One of them, eager to meet, she loves, the second, sincerely loving her, is motherly, and with the third she is united by mutual hatred.

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