Breeding rabbits at home - some useful tips

A selection of rabbits

Breeding rabbits at home has a number of features. These animals are famous for their increased fertility, which often plays a decisive role in deciding on their breeding. There are several breeds of animals: meat, pelt, meat and fur skewers. Novice breeders, as a rule, start with the last breed. Buying the first individuals is the most important stage. Animals must be healthy, have a strong body, clean eyes, dense pile, be well-fed and have all the signs of the breed.

breeding rabbits at home

Conditions of detention

Breeding rabbits at home requires the arrangement of special cells. Houses should consist of two sections - for feeding and for walking. Feeding compartment must be equipped with a feeding trough and a water bottle. It is better if the floor in the cage is wooden, from tightly fitted plates, so that the animals are not injured. Breeding rabbits at home involves placing the cages both indoors and outdoors.However, it is outdoors that animals feel more comfortable, less prone to various diseases. For mating rabbits, it is necessary to provide a separate cage, which should be thoroughly disinfected.

Disease prevention

breeding rabbits at home

Rabbit breeding at home requires the prevention of animal diseases. Animals in captivity are subject to various ailments, and low mobility, dirty cells and waste products only weaken the immune system. To prevent diseases, care should be taken to animals — clean cells in a timely manner, make preventive vaccinations, regularly examine and isolate diseased individuals to prevent the spread of the disease.


The mating procedure is one of the most important components that make up the breeding of rabbits at home. Random age occurs in animals after 4 months. Until this time, young animals should not be mated, as this may affect the animals themselves, as well as the offspring. For 5 rabbits, usually one large and active male is enough. For mating, the male with the female is placed in a separate cage.It is better to spend it in the morning or evening hours, so that the male is not distracted by the development of a new territory. If after mating the male falls from the rabbit, this means that the process has been completed successfully.

rabbit breeding at home


Humility (pregnancy rabbit) lasts about 30 days. The litter is usually up to 8 rabbits, although there may be cases of up to 18 babies. However, with such a large number, the rabbits themselves are lightweight and weaker, therefore, litters with a small amount of litter are preferable. Rabbits are with a rabbit up to 40 days, after which they are resettled. Sale of young stock is possible after 4 months from the date of birth.

Breeding and planning

Breeding rabbits at home involves the preparation of annual schedules for mating and requires careful fixation of completed okrols. Thus, with a reasonable planning of breeding from January to September, it is possible not only to make the most efficient use of the available cells, but also to raise the young stock on the fresh feed available during this period.

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