Bus LiAZ-6212: photos, specifications

Every year the volume of passenger traffic is growing. Accordingly, the number of vehicles should also increase. The main manufacturer of buses in Russia is the Likinsky plant. In 2002, he released a brand new model, the LiAZ-6212. This is a large class city bus whose distinguishing feature is an articulated trailer and low floor layout. What is a LiAZ-6212? See photo and review in our article.


This bus has a carriage car body. The same was used on the MAZ 107 model. Early versions of LiAZ were equipped with square headlights with separate turn signals. A bit later, the LiAZ-6212 bus was restyled.liaz 6212Among the significant changes worth noting a new, more rounded optics and a modified form of the grille. Also at the top of the bus appeared information board. Basically, LiAZs were painted in white and green. But there were also models with blue accents.The bus provides round fog lights. Glasses - single, fixed in a rubber profile.


The total length of the LiAZ-6212 bus is as much as 17.64 meters. The width is exactly 2.5 meters and the height is 3. The length of the wheelbase between the steered and driving wheels is 6.24 meters. The distance between the rear axle and the trailer wheels is 5.84 meters. The bus impresses with its dimensions. High maneuverability is out of the question here. This machine is operated strictly on a given route, and only in large cities.


Despite such huge sizes, there are only 33 seats. But the total number of possible passengers (including standing ones) is as many as 178. For their boarding and disembarking, there are four folding doors on a pneumatic drive, as well as metal handrails. The same is present in the cabin itself (they are colored yellow).bus liaz 6212On the LiAZ 6212 model, plastic anti-vandal seats with fabric inserts are used. They are missing seat belts and any adjustment. Also around the perimeter of the cabin are the ceiling lighting. Provided inside and ventilation.It is of a natural type here - a hatch and vents opening horizontally. Air conditioning is not provided. But for the winter, this bus is more than prepared: even in the cheapest versions, there is a 24-volt autonomous heater “Webasto”. We now turn to the driver's workplace.Characteristics LiAZ 6212As you can see, there is no gear lever. The seat has no side supports, but is equipped with air suspension. Steering - two-spoke, without adjustments. On the instrument panel - a lot of buttons and keys. The right side of the panel is slightly turned towards the driver’s side. There is a door opening unit. Rear-view mirrors are placed vertically and are electrically heated. The driver’s seat is very high, which provides an excellent overview. For the driver, there is also an individual fluid heater and a sunblind. The cabin is separated from the cabin partition. However, it has a window for selling tickets. Also in the cabin there is an audio package with speakers and a speakerphone function.

LiAZ-6212: technical specifications

The power unit is located behind, longitudinally.The engine is used diesel "Caterpillar" American production. This motor has long established itself on the positive side. It has a good resource and is very high-torque. The engine uses a turbocharger with an intercooler. The maximum power of the Caterpillar is 224 kW (or 300 horsepower) with a working volume of 7.2 liters. The unit complies with the Euro-3 environmental standard. The cylinders are arranged V-shaped (total number - 6 pieces).

On the "Caterpillar" is used direct fuel injection using Boschev pump nozzles. This made it possible to provide the LiAZ-6212 bus with high fuel efficiency. So, for 100 kilometers in the city, he spends 25 liters of diesel.liaz 6212 specificationsIn tandem with the "Caterpillar" works automatic transmission with torque converter. The transmission has 6 speeds. And for the box is not allocated a classic lever. Everything is controlled by buttons.

Version with "MANOVSKOM" motor

Also on this bus could be installed diesel engine from MAN. It was a four-cylinder inline power unit with a working volume of 6870 cubic centimeters.The maximum power of the power plant - 280 horsepower. Unlike the Caterpillar, this engine complies with the Euro 4 environmental standard. The unit was located in the rear, longitudinally and equipped with an automatic ZF box on six steps.


The supporting structure is the body itself. In front of the bus dependent suspension is used, with two upper diagonal and lower wishbones. Vibration damping is performed by four telescopic shock absorbers, as well as four pneumatic pads. The latter are equipped with a regulator to adjust the height of the position of the floor relative to the road surface.operation manual liaz 6212A dependent design is also used at the rear, with an A-shaped drawbar and transverse thrust. Suspension - pneumatic, with two pillows and telescopic shock absorbers.

The steering mechanism was borrowed from the Belarusian MAZ model 64229. It is of a gear type and equipped with a hydraulic booster. According to the operating manual, the LiAZ-6212 should be subject to periodic maintenance of the steering system. In particular, this applies to the fluid in the hydraulic booster.It changes every 5 years or 150 thousand kilometers.


The bus uses dual circuit brakes on a pneumatic drive. The first circuit controls the front and rear axle, the second - the middle (leading) and rear. On all wheels are drum brakes with wedge expansion. Also in the bus system is used ABS. The parking brake is equipped with spring energy accumulators that block the middle and rear axle. The auxiliary system is equipped with a hydrodynamic retarder.

Cost, options

At the moment, such a bus can be purchased only in the secondary market.liaz 6212 photosAverage cost - 6 million 500 thousand rubles. We also note that not all buses had such a poor set. For a fee, the manufacturer could retrofit the bus:

  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Other passenger seats (with adjustable backrest).
  • Safety belts for passengers.
  • Tinted windows.
  • Electronic flight direction from three sides.
  • Tachograph
  • Autoinformer.
  • Luggage racks.
  • Fluorescent interior lighting lamps.


So, we found out what the technical characteristics of the LiAZ-6212 has, described its appearance and interior. This is one of the most popular low-floor buses in Russia. Now he can be seen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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