Card game "Spider". Card suit

Often, sitting at work, you do not know, during a short break or in anticipation of something. You don't have time to eat, you don't want to call your friend, but you can play an interesting game. All computers that have the Windows operating system installed have several standard solitaires. And as you know, the most popular of them is the Spider card game. For success, it is necessary to understand the card suits.

Suits of playing cards

This is one of the categories that divides cards into groups in the deck. Most often it is designated by a specific symbol and color.
Card suit

What suits have playing cards? The 2 suits in the deck are always red, 2 more black. Also, for the convenience of players, sometimes four colors are made. The most popular deck of cards in Russia is their French version. There are four suits and two colors. Diamonds and hearts are marked in red, and spades and clubs - in black. Hearts are a red heart. The symbol of the tambourine is a red diamond that is located at the top of the playing card.Trees are marked with a cross-like image, as well as having something in common with the silhouette of a tree. The suit of playing cards "spikes" has a distinctive sign in the form of an inverted heart, placed on a characteristic basis.

Card suits in the German deck

There are also four suits in this deck, but they are different from the French. Instead of worms, hearts are used in it, the place of diamonds is bells. Interesting are two more suits that are not at all like the others. One of them is called acorns, and the other - leaves. Such suits are present in the German deck.

playing card suits

Suits of cards of the Italian-Spanish or Latin deck

Cards of the Spanish deck are closely connected with history.

The first suit are considered cups, the second - coins of the old sample. The third suit is the clubs, and the fourth is the swords. One thing remains characteristic: all the symbols on the maps are still depicted in the corner.

Suits in cards for fortune telling

In their own way, fortunetelling cards. Each of them carries a certain value, has its own interpretation, which may vary depending on the combination in which this card falls. Suits in ordinary fortunetelling cards are no different from similar categories of playing cards.

Cards 2 suits

But the tarot cards in the deck are divided slightly differently.It has older and younger arcane, and the latter, in turn, are divided into suits. So, allocate rods, swords, cups and denarii.

But back to the popular solitaire, which was discussed above.

The game "Spider" in one suit

The easiest version of the game "Spider" is the one in which only one suit is provided. There you do not need to think about the suit of cards in the deck to match, because she is there and so alone. Usually used in this version of the peaks. The player needs only to observe the sequence of seniority of cards, and then he will be able to win.

Playing cards "Spider": two suits

This type of solitaire is medium in level. The game of cards "Spider", in which two suits create additional difficulty for the player, is quite interesting, since it provides more opportunities for reflection.

Here the main thing is that the player needs to open as many closed cards as possible. At first, it is allowed to stack decks without collecting a certain suit of cards, but only following a predetermined sequence in order of precedence. And when the maximum number of declassified positions will be on the table, you can begin to fold them by suit.The fact is that moving several different positions at once is prohibited. Therefore, the player must try to fold at least several cards of the same suit in a row so that they can be moved later.

spider cards two suits

The game "Spider" in all four suits

The most difficult type of solitaire is the one where there are cards of all kinds. It is not easy to open and move positions there, and not everyone will be able to assemble decks by suit.

It should be noted that such a game, in four suits, develops thinking very well. In this case, you need to think through the moves ahead, taking into account all possible options for opening the card. That is, at the time when the player makes a move, he should consider the following options 5-7 steps ahead. If he does not do this, he will lose very quickly, as he reaches a dead end. It is necessary, of course, also to lay out a certain suit of cards in order to win. But at the very beginning, it is very rarely possible to do this, since very few cards are still open. For a good start, a person does not need to think about keeping his suit, and most importantly, opening more unknown positions. When more cards will be on the gaming table and it will be possible to think through combinations of moves, then the most interesting moment in unfolding solitaire comes.It is then that the result will depend only on the ability of the intellectual to calculate the moves in advance and take into account the suit cards.

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