Choose a fudge recipe for yourself!

Sweet is a type of glaze that covers pastries, such as cupcakes. Each housewife has a different recipe for fudge, so she can have any consistency, taste, appearance and color. You can also make candy from fudge.

fudge recipePistachio Fudge Recipe

You will need one hundred grams of pistachios, two glasses of cream, half a cup of powdered sugar and two eggs. Crush pistachios, cover them with cream, then squeeze through a napkin. Add to them the icing sugar with proteins. The resulting contents carefully rub with a spoon until a homogeneous mass.

Pea Flour Fudge Recipe

Ingredients: four hundred grams of butter, two glasses of pea flour, one glass of water and milk, a little more than a glass of sugar, one tablespoon of chopped cashew nuts and two - coconut chips.


Melt the butter in a saucepan. Pour into the previously sifted flour. Fry the mixture over low heat, stirring for fifteen minutes.During this time, the flour should acquire a light brown tint. Now take another pan, mix water with milk in it and add sugar. Boil the syrup until it thickens and begins to stretch, then add coconut chips and nuts. Stir the mixture and combine with roasted flour. Boil over low heat until it gets a thick consistency. Then remove the fudge from the heat, let it cool, lay it on a plate and give it the shape of a square about two or three centimeters thick. The resulting delicacy is best served with tea, decorating it before this cashew nuts.

candy fudgeOatmeal Fudge

How to make oatmeal fudge? Very simple! Take a hundred grams of butter, a little less than half a pound of sugar, a little cocoa powder, one hundred milliliters of milk, one hundred and thirty grams of peanut butter and two hundred grams of oatmeal.


Mix in a pan milk, cocoa, sugar and butter, bring the mixture to a boil and boil on medium heat for about a minute. Now add peanut butter to the container and mix the contents with a spatula. Wait a little, add the oatmeal and for some time continuously stir the contents of the pan. This recipe of fudge requires mixing the contents at all stages of cooking.Pour the syrup into the molds, pre-oiled, and let it cool for a few hours. The dish is ready!

how to make sweetFondant candies

For this delicacy, you will need one kilogram of powdered sugar, three hundred grams of water and several ingredients to add a smell or taste: coffee, strong tea, lemon, vanillin, juice.


Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar to it and cook over moderate heat. Syrup can be considered ready when it forms a dense, viscous mass. There is one interesting way to test its readiness: make a small ring out of a wire, dip it in a saucepan, take it out and blow it into it. If a bubble forms, syrup is ready. Pour it into a bowl moistened with water and place in a cold place. After the syrup has cooled completely, stir it with a wooden spoon and then divide it into several pieces. Preheat them and mix each of them with the additives you choose. Take the glass panel, put on it a form without a bottom, into which pour the syrup. When it becomes hard, cut it into small rectangles and wrap in colored paper or foil.


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