Chum salmon: cooking recipe with photo

Among salmon fishes, keta is considered to be one of the most valuable fish. Her meat belongs to the category of dietary and especially useful. For every 100 grams of fillet we have about 335 mg of potassium and 200 phosphorus, 8.5 mg of vitamin P and 1.2 of the much needed vitamin C. And also vitamins of groups B, A and E, iron, zinc and fluorine, calcium and magnesium and other trace elements. All the nutrients are balanced in this wonderful Pacific salmon to be extremely harmonious. That is why, probably, keta is so tasty and is very popular in almost all cuisines of the world.

What can you cook

 keta recipeSo, in which dishes is it most advantageous to reveal its excellent gastronomic properties? The recipe for salad, side dish, fillings for dough products and other culinary delights from this fish, as a rule, is quite simple. And therefore not only an experienced hostess will cope with the preparation, but also a beginner. And we will help you by offering your useful tips and recommendations. For example, such a chum. The recipe for a cold snack is as follows: a pound of fillet, 3 large boiled carrots, 4 potatoes, also boiled in uniform, 2 large onions.Boil the fish until cooked in a small amount of water, putting spices and salt there. Then cool, remove the skin from the meat, pull out the bones and cut it into small pieces. To make it more expressive in taste in chum salad, the recipe recommends sprinkling it with lemon juice. And let 15 minutes stand apart from other components of the snack. Onions should be cut into cubes and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil. Peel carrots and potatoes and grate them separately. Season the carrots with onion, salt and pepper. Now connect all the ingredients like this: first, chopped chum are laid out on the dish. The recipe advises to leave a little for the second layer, and the one that was distributed on a plate, you need to tuck a little chopped dill. Lay out a thin mesh of mayonnaise for spreading. Then a layer of potatoes, and always a little pepper. Also, flavor with mayonnaise. Next, carrots, smeared with Provence, and the last layer - the remaining fish. Give the salad the shape of a slide, smear it with mayonnaise on all sides. Put the salad in the fridge for a couple of hours to soak in, then serve. You can decorate with lemon slices and chopped greens.

Baked fish

chick in the oven recipeTerrific tasty keta in the oven. The fish recipe in foil is available to almost all connoisseurs of gourmet dishes. And, as all ingenious, its preparation does not demand neither the big efforts, nor special expenses of time. Divide your chum carcasses into large pieces (they preserve more of the natural juices). For each piece of fillet, cut into half rings into 1 small onion and a bunch of fresh herbs (parsley and dill). Smooth the sheet of foil, grease with vegetable oil and lay out part of the onion with greens. Salt and pepper a piece of chum, pour lemon juice. And put it in foil, on greens. And on top of the remaining onions and herbs. Pour a small amount of mayonnaise and wrap in foil in 2 layers. Then do the same with the second piece of fish, the third, etc. Preheat the oven beforehand and bake the fillets in it for about 45-50 minutes. Serve with fresh vegetable salad with mayonnaise or sour cream. Especially appetizing such a chum in the oven, the recipe of which we offered you, with white wine, including champagne.

Fish with pineapple

keta cooking recipesAs already noted, salmon - one of the most popular in cooking fish. It is smoked, salted, pickled. Roast and stew.And if you want to pleasantly surprise your relatives, you will most likely come with chum, the recipes of which include some rather unexpected ingredients. In particular, canned pineapples. Fry fish fillets until cooked in vegetable oil. Separately, drain the carrots with onions, season with ketchup. Remove the pineapples from the jar, let the juice drain, cut the cups into 2 pieces. Put the fish on the dishes, cut it into portions. Overlaid the carrots from the top and sides, and last place the pineapple slices. Put the treat overnight in the fridge - soak. Therefore, prepare a snack in advance if you plan to serve it on a festive table. It is then that this salad is juicy and piquant to taste your chum salmon. Cooking recipes warn her about a common mistake. Fish can not be overdry, otherwise even gentle salmon will be tough.

Chum salmon with vegetables

recipes with chumContinuing to list recipes with chum, we will focus on one more. This is again baked meat, this time with vegetables. You need: potatoes, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise and durum cheese, a little fresh basil or cilantro. And, of course, pitted fish fillets.Cut it into small chopsticks or sticks. Vegetables - thin slices. Grease tray well grease with sunflower oil. Put the fish, sprinkle it with salt and ground pepper, chopped cilantro. On top of a small layer of grated cheese. Then alternately layers of onions and potatoes, tomatoes, also with cheese. Fill all with mayonnaise and bake in a preheated oven for about 40-45 minutes. The dish will be - you will lick your fingers!

Greek Salad

chum recipes with photosAnd a few words about salads, in which the chum is so good. Recipes with photos presented to the readers, will surely find among them loyal fans and will be useful to them in the future for everyday and holiday menus. And we will now prepare a salad, extremely popular among the indigenous Greeks. And the name he is appropriate - "Calypso". Ingredients of the dish: 300 g boiled chum salmon, but also canned in oil. Cut the fillet into small pieces. Cut 2 medium fresh tomatoes into slices, as many cucumbers - also fresh. And one more - salted or marinated. Boil in uniforms 3 large potatoes, peel, cut into plates. Chop the heads of lettuce or Chinese cabbage.Put all the ingredients in a bowl, add salt and season with vinegar, mustard and mayonnaise sauce (proportions according to your taste). Put the snack in a salad bowl slide. Garnish with cucumber circles and tomato slices, olives, and lined rosettes of salmon (keta) caviar.

Sicilian Fish

recipes with chick in the ovenRecipes with chick in the oven are no less popular and varied than fish salads. And tasty, by the way, too. An excellent opportunity to prove it is to cook the fish like they do on famous Sicily. Ingredients of the delicacy: about 1 kg of already prepared keta fillet, 1 lemon, olive oil, 400-450 g each of potatoes and young squash, zucchini varieties can be. 2 large onions and a little, about 250 g of fresh mushrooms. Salt and pepper to taste plus some water. Put the pieces of fish in slices of lemon and place in a baking dish, previously greased with olive oil. Peel the potatoes and onions, wash the courgettes thoroughly and cut all the vegetables into thin slices. Spread them around the chum. Cover everything up with mushrooms. Salt and pepper the preparation, add more vegetable oil, and pour a little water into the form itself.Warm up the oven in advance and bake the fish in it until ready, about an hour. Serving the dish to the table, add in it more lemon slices, fresh.

Recipe for multicooker

chum cooker in a multicooker recipesIf you are a happy owner of this wonderful kitchen equipment, then you can not but be interested in how to prepare a chum in a slow cooker. Recipes, again, there are different. We offer you one of the most interesting. Components of the dish: chum fillet, 3-4 tablespoons of tomato paste, diluted in a small amount of water. You can replace with ketchup or fresh tomatoes. A few pieces of bell pepper, a couple of carrots and onions, seasonings and spices, salt to taste. As well as about 200 g of salted cheese or other hard cheese. First, marinate the fish in the fridge for 2 hours, cut the fillets in portions, salt and pepper, add vegetable oil. Vegetables cut into thin slices, pepper in straws, rub cheese on a grater. When the keta is pickled, put it in the cooking container first, then layered onion, carrot, tomatoes and pepper. Salt a little. Run the program "baking", time - 40-45 minutes. After the specified time, sprinkle the dish with cheese and let it stand under the lid for another 15-20 minutes.Try it and make sure that the keta turns out just delicious!

All kebabs kebabs

keta fish recipesPerhaps you do not know that even kebab (fish) is suitable for shashlik. The recipes of this delicious treat came to us from the peoples of the Caucasus, and especially from Georgia. What is necessary for him: chum fillet, boned and cut into portions - 1 kg. To him, 2 large onions and 3 ripe strong tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste and always half a glass of wine - white and dry. And also vegetable oil. Put the fish in a saucepan, salt and pepper, and cover with a mixture of wine and oil. Better than olive. Add chopped onion rings and place in a cool place, under the lid, for 2 hours. Cut tomatoes into thick circles. Each piece of fish pre-lubricate and string on skewers mixed with tomatoes. Grill the skewers on hot coals for about 7 minutes. Serve with salad and fresh herbs.

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