City of UN Headquarters

The city where the UN headquarters are located has been preparing for a rather long time to adopt a new organization that was supposed to unite most countries of the world for the sake of universal well-being and security. Before building the existing complex of administrative buildings, many projects of star architects were considered.

where is the UN headquarters

UN Headquarters in New York

After much discussion and negotiation, it was decided to set up the organization’s main office in Manhattan, in the area known as Turtle Bay or Turtle Cove. In the place where the UN headquarters were built in 1952, there used to be slaughterhouses, and the site was one of the few vacant in the center of New York. Of course, such a significant construction required a non-trivial approach to the construction and selection of the project.

The choice ultimately fell on the modern star architects Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier, a native of Brazil and a committed communist, and even a member of the Communist Party of Brazil.The architect became famous for his mastery of materials already in time for the construction of the main UN building.

The preferred means of expression for him was concrete, to which he paid great attention for his texture and special technical characteristics, since he was a connoisseur of simplicity and functionality.

in which city is the headquarters of the un

Extraterritorial nature of the headquarters

In New York, where the UN headquarters are located, a huge number of diplomats are gathering so that the organization can function. In order for representatives of all countries to feel safe, extraterritorial status was given to headquarters, which means incomplete obedience to local laws, which, however, does not exempt from prosecution.

In addition, certain rules apply to diplomats who cannot be brought to justice by the decision of local authorities, but must be deprived of diplomatic immunity by order of the UN Secretary General.

The last time this happened was when, in 2005, Kofi Annan lifted immunity from the participants in the conspiracy, which resulted in significant damage to the oil-for-food program.Diplomatic immunity then lost Benon Senan, Alexander Yakovlev and Vladimir Kuznetsov. Subsequently, they appeared before the court of New York.

un headquarters in new york

Head Office Structure

The highest building of the administrative complex of the world organization is the building of the UN Secretariat. It was built in 1952 and has a height of 39 floors, which houses the offices of the Secretary-General, the deputy for legal issues and international cooperation.

The same building houses the financial department and the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, which collects selected documents produced by the UN and books on the work of the organization. By the way, the library received its current name only in 1961, more than ten years after construction. The reason was the death of Dr. Hammarfeld, who made a significant contribution to the construction of a new library building.

In which city the UN headquarters would not be located, its main mission, like in New York, would still be international cooperation and dialogue, facilitating the peaceful resolution of international disputes.

International Court of Justice

To resolve interstate contradictions, there is a special judicial and advisory body - the international UN Court, which deals with only those cases in which the states are parties. Quite often, cases of ownership of certain disputed territories are heard.

The court is one of the permanent bodies of the organization and operates in accordance with its charter and its own regulations, and its main task is to resolve international disputes by peaceful means, which is fully consistent with the UN mission.

where is un headquarters

UN Regional Headquarters

In addition to the main one in the USA, the UN has several additional regional headquarters. Thus, answering the question of where the UN headquarters are located, in addition to New York, we need to mention Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi, where the organization has regional offices.

In addition, most of the offices of the various commissions that make up the UN are outside of New York. For example, the office of the Food Organization is located in Rome. Special UN campuses are also located in Copenhagen and Bonn, each of which has its own specialization and area of ​​responsibility.

All countries where the UN headquarters are located have neutral status or are close to this status.

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