Color hair dye: cooking at home

Colored hair dye - a tool that uses a huge number of guys and girls around the world. But she can ruin her hair and harm the scalp. If you want to change the tone of the hair, you can use the most natural dyes and prepare the palette yourself at home.

Color hair dye. Special features

The use of different colors in coloring is becoming increasingly popular today. A large number of fashionable world brands promote the fact that you need to experiment with your image and style.

Modern methods of coloring allow you to change the range of shades and their saturation, thus creating a unique look hairstyle. However, a large number of people around the world began to abandon the use of chemical hair dye. The reason was the excessive addition of ammonia solutions andother aggressive components that can cause severe burns and others - even more serious damage. Colored hair dye from stores is not as popular.

colored hair dye

Even the notorious means without ammonia do not save the situation. They keep bad, paint unevenly and quickly washed off. Sometimes the tone of such dyes can appear on the hair in a completely different way than indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer of the product.

Color hair dye: at home we prepare easily and simply

Before you begin to describe the recipes for homemade hair dye, analyze the components that can give our locks a color tone:

  1. Beet. Beautiful natural dye that is able to give a hairstyle a shade of pink or rich chestnut color. The tone depends on how concentrated the infusion you cook. In more detail about broths and how to make a color hair-dye, read in the following paragraph of the article.
  2. Bow. The famous component of traditional medicine and cosmetology. Able to give your hair a light brown tint. It has antiseptic and softening to make color hair dye
  3. Henna.The natural ingredient that will color your hair in a rich dark color and strengthen its natural structure. This product is able to save you from the bitten tips.
  4. Basma It has a black color and gives the hair all the charm of a beautiful natural glow. Freely sold in any cosmetics store or pharmacy.
  5. Burdock leaves Blond hair is darkened by one or two tones. Strengthen and care. A good way to get rid of the magnifier.

Home Paint Tips

Colored hair dye, prepared using a decoction of burdock leaves, suitable for blondes who want to darken the color a little. Boil 5 large sheets of the plant and wash the hair with the resulting decoction.

In order to prepare an infusion for burgundy paint, boil one small beet and mash it. Apply it on your head and hold for 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the saturation of the tone you want to receive).

color hair dye at home

Color hair dye, prepared with onions, will give blond hair a brown tint. Boil the husks of ten onions and wash the strands with the resulting liquid. Repeat this procedure every day for a week to achieve the desired result.

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