Computer related professions: list, features and recommendations

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without information technology. They are used in almost all areas in the form of specialized equipment, software, game projects, etc. Almost all professions are computer related to a greater or lesser extent.

In private and public organizations, computers have already become an integral part of the labor process, due to which they have been able to accelerate the interaction of employees and reduce bureaucracy. For this reason, information technology is so popular among employers.

computer related professions

Computer related professions may also be of interest because they are promising and profitable. All areas of activity in which information technologies are involved in one way or another are not worth enumerating, since there are a lot of them.In this review will be considered some professions related to computer.

Network programming

Every year educational institutions leave a huge number of web-programmers. However, the demand for skilled workers is not only not decreasing, but also increasing. But these are characterized by many professions related to the computer.

To work in this area, you need to be able to create Internet projects, implement, optimize codes, develop scripts, write various interfaces and understand what databases are.

It should be immediately noted that in order to master this profession it is not at all necessary to receive an appropriate education. You can develop the skill through self-study. Fortunately, educational materials are in the public domain. The main thing is to have a desire to develop in this field of activity. In this profession, knowledge and skills are valued, but a diploma does not play a special role.

It should also be noted that this profession requires the continuous development of skills, the study of educational materials. This is due to the fact that with the emergence of new programming languages ​​or improving already existing ones. And without permanent training, the specialist will simply lose qualifications.

list of computer related professions

World wide web artists

Computer and Internet related professions can be included in separate lists. But it is worth talking about WEB-designers. To become a highly qualified specialist in this field, you need to have an artistic taste, be creative. Do not do without programming skills. Although the minimum amount, but they are still needed. Specialist working in this field, is engaged in the formation of pages for online projects, their design.

The main responsibilities include:

  • work on the design of sites;
  • drawing layouts;
  • selection of formats, colors, sizes of various components of sites;
  • development of interfaces, logos, corporate identity.

You can not even think about the brilliant career growth, as it is not observed in this field of activity as such. However, you can always go into related professions related to computers. It should be noted that this specialty is well paid and is quite promising.

ERP Consultant

Modern business will not do without continuous development, without the introduction of new management systems, without increasing productivity.It is unlikely that it will achieve great heights due to standard optimization of accounting.

In order for a business to develop and make a profit, it is not necessary to forget about such components as personnel management, the financial department, deliveries and sales. Keeping in mind requires a huge number of very different factors and aspects. This will help systems that allow you to link together the accounting of absolutely all processes in the company. They are called ERP. And to work with them you need a qualified specialist.

what professions are related to computer

The responsibilities of ERP consultants include:

  • analysis of the features of business processes;
  • search and elimination of deficiencies;
  • search for opportunities to improve business activities;
  • creating models that will help raise the business to a new level;
  • development of TZ;
  • the introduction of new modules in existing systems;
  • system support in working condition, employee training.

System Administrator

Professions related to computer science and computer are quite diverse. It is necessary to single out such a position in many companies as a system administrator.

This employee must provide the operation of computer equipment, network and servers. Also in his duties include the provision and restriction of access to a variety of resources.

It is very difficult to become a good specialist if there is no stress tolerance, because you will have to face different mistakes every day, to look for ways to eliminate them. The motto of this work also contributes. Due to loss of concentration, apathy may appear over time.

Also among the main features of the system administrator should be noted attentiveness and patience. Without all this, to achieve great success in this profession is extremely difficult.

Computer and computer related professions


Software testing is quite an important task that not everyone can handle. Testers are specialists who are able to find a bug in the software and fix it. Highly qualified personnel are required by many companies, the main specialization of which is the development of programs, Internet projects, games.

Career growth in this profession is possible. However, this will have to learn foreign languages.This is due to the fact that many development companies are focused primarily on the Western segment.

Tester must:

  • well versed in operating systems;
  • be able to simulate user behavior to identify software errors;
  • make all the necessary documentation.

These types of computer-related professions are controversial. Some experts believe that testing is too boring and tedious. But there are those who are able to find creative moments even in such a field of activity.


A photographer is a profession with which practically everything is somehow connected, albeit at the amateur level. Of course, to take a photo, you only need a camera. However, processing and printing of images is impossible without computers.

computer related professions

To become a good photographer, it is not necessary to receive an appropriate diploma. Naturally, its presence will be a huge plus, however, even without it, the reputation will not suffer. Due to the huge amount of various equipment the number of photographers has increased many times. It is possible to work in this area, both at the amateur and professional level.

Masters of the printed word

In modern conditions, such professions related to computer work, which involve typing texts, began to gain great popularity. This may be a rewrite or copyright. In the first case, we are talking about a simple rewriting of existing articles, in the second - about creating original texts, personal ones, which is a more difficult task, since good knowledge is required in a particular area.

Naturally, these professions are in no way connected with writing. The earnings of a copywriter and rewriter will largely depend on professionalism. Play a role can and the presence of the portfolio. To achieve great heights, you have to make a lot of effort.

types of computer related professions

Some more areas of activity

The list of professions related to the computer is quite large. Some have been described in detail above. It is worth citing as an example some more interesting fields of activity where information technologies play an important role.

  1. IT evangelist is a field of activity that is closely related to the promotion of software products.
  2. Game designer - a specialist working on the creation of game projects.He is responsible primarily for design, creative.
  3. A cyber sportsman is a person who participates in computer games on a professional level.
  4. Forum moderator - a specialist who monitors the work of the forums, communicates with users. He must monitor compliance with the rules and recommendations on a particular Internet resource.
  5. A programmer is a specialist who writes computer programs.

Computer and Internet related professions


Every day there are new professions related to computers. Above were listed only the main, demanded today. However, there is no doubt that every day there will be more and more new areas of activity in which information technologies will be used. We hope that this review answered the question about which professions are related to the computer.

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