Congratulations on Natalin Day September 8

Many of us consider the main holiday birthday, giving the day of the angel a secondary role. This is not entirely correct, because not only the appearance of the world is a special event. A person goes through life with a certain name, which has its own energy and strength. She has a great influence on his fate and character. That is why congratulating the person on the day of the angel is equally important. This will show you exclusively from the best side, because only an attentive and sensitive person will pay attention to such seemingly trifles. September 8 is Natalien Day, which means that all the owners of this name expect the best congratulations on this date.

Dear mother

From the Latin language the name Natalia is translated as native. For me, there is no person closer than you. Since childhood, I was surrounded by maternal care and attention, which helped to cope with any adversity. Everyone who met you on his way accepted you as a loved one, incapable of deception or deceit.I wish you to remain the same kind, gentle, surrounded by family and friends. Let every day bring only joy!Nataline day September 8


Dear mommy! Please accept our congratulations on the 8th of September in Natalin day! In our family, you are like the sun, illuminating us with its rays and giving infinitely many kindly warmth. We wish to shine brighter, and let the clouds be as small as possible. Do not worry if children are naughty. Your care, cheerful character and hospitality always fill the house with comfort. Smile more!


The holy martyr Natalia possessed boundless kindness and patience. In you, dear mother, these qualities are not less. Let one of the first autumn days be warmer from our congratulations on the day of the angel. We wish that the guardian angel always protects you from troubles and hardships. Let him walk beside him, help in everything, and family and friends will join him.

For wife

St. Martyr Natalia is an example of endless love and devotion to her husband. She followed him when he was waiting for the conclusion, and supported him in a difficult time. I wish you, dear, on Natalin Day, September 8, patience and love! May our family always be surrounded by care and warmth, and difficult tests are easily overcome!


Natasha, today is your angel day! The name really determines the life of a person.You, like your guardian angel, are loyal to your husband and family. You support us when it becomes difficult, you divide not only joys, but also troubles. May there be less and less gloomy days in our life, and happiness, health always go together!Natalin day September 8 congratulations


Today is September 8th - Natalina is the day, which means it's time to congratulate my dear wife on the day of the angel! I want to wish you a happy and prosperous fate, health and patience. Let the wisdom of your Guardian Angel protect you from all misfortunes, and near there will always be loving relatives and friends!


Today I want to say congratulations to my wife on Natalien day! September 8 are honoring your Holy One. She is known for the care and support that she provided to her husband at the hour of his sufferings in the name of faith. As a spouse, I am very glad that you always understand me, divide each day and accept it as it is. Let the guardian angel help to avoid hard trials, protects from diseases and gives joy!

Short greetings on Natalin Day 8 September for a friend

Today you are the birthday girl! But this holiday is unlike a birthday! Such a date is an occasion to remember a saint who protects you. Be as strong in spirit and steadfast as she is.I wish you happiness and health. Listen to your angel, and he will help you in difficult times.


My congratulation in prose on Natalien day, September 8, is associated with cooking. I know that you, a friend, love to surprise friends and loved ones with delicious dishes. Today there is a reason to please us with traditional oatmeal kissel or oat pancakes. And all because September 8th it is customary to remove this culture from the fields. I wish that every year you could gather the closest people around the table and treat them with a new culinary masterpiece!Natalia day 8 September prose congratulations


Today, the autumn blues goes by the wayside, because our friend, Natalia, has a birthday party! Everything is harmonious in you. Character, appearance, name - every detail is beautiful. No wonder the world knows many songs, poems and even novels, where the heroines were called Natalia! Let the men do not cease to send you compliments and submit to the beauty! Fill every day with smiles and joy!


Dear Natasha! For two we have a lot of memories. If you look at the characteristics of the name, you can believe that it largely determined your character. My sister is cheerful, mischievous, purposeful.Let sometimes you get angry over trifles, but if I need help or support, I know who can provide it. I wish to remain the same wonderful and special!Natalin day September 8 short greetings


Sister! You have not only a beautiful name, but also a soul. Your saint is known for the strength of her convictions and devotion to her spouse. I want to wish to find inspiration in her power that will help to cope with any difficulties. Let life give you only pleasant surprises, and smile on your face as often as possible!


The name Natalia is very melodious. It feels tenderness, affection and kindness. And persistence of character allowed you to achieve high professional results. I wish to continue to combine a sharp mind and charming appearance, to reach all new heights!Natalin day September 8 congratulations to his wife


I would like to wish you not only physical but also moral strength on Natalien’s day, September 8. Let all new opportunities appear, and colleagues will become true friends!

Beloved grandmother

Dear Grandma! From your name and blows warmth, care and love. Thanks to them, we had the most wonderful childhood. We wish you good health, joy and attention from your relatives.Let your relatives give positive emotions and support, so that it does not happen!


Granny! You have always surprised us with your wisdom, cheerful disposition and boundless love for your relatives! Let the guardian angel always go near, protect from adversity, heal any wounds. The family really appreciates you and wishes all the best!

Congratulations on Natalin Day 8 September in verse

Angel Day is a special holiday,

He is only for you together.

Let the joy and laughter be new,

Increasingly comes into the house!

Wish to bad weather

Bypassed you by the side.

And real happiness

Warmed by its warmth!Nataline day September 8, congratulations in verse


I wish you, Natalia

Make fun day by day!

Let admiring glances

Always accompany you.

Fatigue and anxiety

Get away from yourself.

Angel, family and friends

Ready to help in trouble!


On the day of Natalia Fescue

Let the good happen

All things will go right

And in work, and in personal,

Let the sun in the sky laugh

Let fate smile upon you

Give kindness to people

And good will come to you!

Just a few minutes is necessary to make a loved one a pleasant one. The owner of such a beautiful name deserves the most beautiful and sincere congratulations!

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