CPU Fan Error at boot: causes, how to fix the error?

Let's talk about the error of the system, which is not so often found in practice, but still worries users. For no reason on the screen when you turn on the PC or laptop, the following message appears: CPU Fan Error! What is she talking about? How to deal with the problem? We will present effective recommendations from experts to the reader below.

What does the error say?

So, on the screen of your computer appeared the inscription: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to Run Setup. What is she talking about? This system message warns you of problems with the cooler (special fan, system cooler). Sometimes the inscription may also be accompanied by a characteristic sound signal. Another warning option: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to resume.

All of the above indicates two options: the cooler has failed or some workable external problems interfere with its operation. We will discuss these reasons in more detail below.

cpu fan error press f1

The device cannot rotate

So, the message CPU Fan Error. In some cases, it indicates a banal problem: something interferes with the normal functioning of the device.Interference may be dust, debris, hair, foreign object caught in the blades. However, such a case arises when there is an indecent amount of dust accumulating inside the case.

The second most common obstacle: hanging wires inside the system unit. They can touch the blades, interfere with their proper rotation.

Therefore, when warning CPU Fan Error, first of all you need to carefully open the system unit and see what state its internal coolers-fans are. Naturally, the device itself must be turned off!

If there is a lot of dust, you can get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner, putting a special narrow nozzle on the device. If it is a matter of wires, then with the help of special plastic bartacks, lay them in such a way that they do not touch the blades.

Do I need to remove the cooler fan itself to clean it? An inexperienced user should not do this. The fact is that when re-installing you will need to apply thermal grease, which simply can not be at hand. In addition, not every user knows about the need to use it.

Visual inspection

How to independently check if the cooler cooler is functioning properly:

  1. Open the lid of the system unit.
  2. Press the power key.
  3. Now it is visually noticeable whether the fan blades rotate.

As we have said, if the cooler is not functioning, then there may be two reasons for a malfunction:

  • For some reason, the device is stuck. Most often it can not rotate due to accumulations of dust, interfering wires and so on.
  • Either one of the fan components failed, or the entire device failed.
cpu fan error press f1 how to fix

The fan is not connected / connected to the wrong connector

Another common problem is when CPU Fan Error appears when the computer boots. It is easy to make a mistake: there are many almost identical connectors on the motherboard. Hence the conclusion: do not install the cooler without instructions to the device.

CPU Fan Error F1 appears on the screen even if you have not connected a cooler to the motherboard at all. The problem is simple: turn off the computer, open the system unit, connect the cooler to the correct connector. This kind of problem appears when purchasing a new computer: employees of the store's service unit may forget about this fan.

Cooler is faulty

On the screen of your computer the inscription: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to resume.Can this text say that the cooler is faulty? This kind of problem should be considered at the very least. The fact is that the cooler is a rather simple component of the system, which is why the probability of failure of its mechanism is relatively small (when compared with other reasons).

CPU Fan Error: how to fix? If you are desperate to "bring to life" the cooler by all the above methods, then perhaps the problem is in the malfunction of the device itself. The way out: replacement of the cooler with a working fan.

cpu fan error press f1

Cause not established

On the screen of your computer message: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to resume. What's the matter? It also happens that the reasons for such a warning does not really exist. In fact, the cooler is working properly, the motherboard is fully functioning, the processor is cooled.

How to recognize that the alarm is false? We recommend downloading and installing programs on your PC, applications that, when connected to the sensors of the motherboard, can show the temperature of the internal components of the PC: processor, video card, motherboard, hard disk. If these figures are normal, then CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to resume! - System error.

How to fix: option 1

Are you sure that the cooler is functioning properly, the system components are cooled properly. However, an obsessive message still appears on the computer screen: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 ... How to fix the problem?

Below we provide instructions that will save you from the appearance of a warning. However, it can be used only when you are sure that this message is an error. Otherwise, ignoring such text, you can easily lose the processor. Not cooled by the cooler, the component simply burns out. Not all systems today can restart / shut down a computer when the processor reaches a critical temperature.

So, the instruction:

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. As soon as the system starts to boot again, call the BIOS menu. Different computer models use their own keys for this. Specify this information on the website of the device manufacturer.
  3. Find the CPU Fan Speed ​​item in the menu that appears.
  4. Select Ignored.
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Reboot the system. After that, the problem should not bother you.
cpu fan error when booting

How to fix: option 2

Another way to resolve the issue: save yourself from pressing the F1 button every time you turn on, restart the computer. This is also done through the BIOS menu:

  1. Restart the system.
  2. When loading it, call a specific BIOS menu key.
  3. Find the Wait For ‘F1’ If Error item.
  4. Set this section to Disabled.
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Reboot the system.

How to fix: option 3

If during visual inspection of the device you have determined that debris or other foreign matter prevents the cooler from functioning properly, then you should follow the instructions below:

  1. Disconnect the device from the board, connectors by gently clicking the fastener-fastener on the cooler itself.
  2. Carefully remove the cooler from the system unit.
  3. Unscrew the fan.
  4. Clean the device's radiator. This is best done using a blower vacuum cleaner.
  5. Clean the cooler itself from dirt.
  6. Carefully place the fan in place.
  7. Return the device back to the system unit system. It is especially important to connect it to the required power connector. It is marked with CPU_FAN.
  8. Test the system after cleaning.
cpu fan error how to fix

How to fix: option 4

The reason that the processor is not sufficiently cooled may be in the wrong settings in the BIOS. What to do in this situation? Experts offer the following instructions:

  1. Restart the system.
  2. Using the desired key, go to BIOS settings.
  3. Go to the Hardware Monitor.
  4. See what values ​​are set to start the fan, as well as information about its speed. How is this important? If improper values ​​are set (in particular, a high enable threshold), then the processor overheats before the cooler starts operating.

Experienced users define another root of the problem: this is a special program of the installed operating system, which is designed to control the number of revolutions of the cooler. If it was configured incorrectly, then your computer system will be at risk of overheating. The device may also crash in order to prevent processor failure.

cpu fan error

If nothing helped

If after mechanical cleaning of the device, connecting it to the correct connectors, eliminating interference, the cooler still does not want to function, then we can safely judge its malfunction. The solution to the problem of acquiring a new cooler: an identical model or similar in characteristics.

When installing a new device, we advise you to also pay attention to the quality of the thermal paste used.The substance reliably transfers and distributes heat from the processor chips to the radiator. Thermal grease is also designed to smooth and better contact surfaces (the goal of this is better heat transfer). Accordingly, the higher the quality of this substance, the better the heat is released, the more actively the processor cools.

cpu fan error f1

Prevention problems

So that the error does not bother you in the future, we recommend installing the AIDA64 application (or similar functionality to it) on your computer. In the program menu, you can control the temperature of all system components. To do this, go to the "Computer" section, and then to the sub-item "Sensors".

You will see information about the temperature of the processor, the speed of rotation of the fan-cooler. Average values ​​for the cooler: 1500-2500 revolutions per minute.

Experts advise also to adjust the values ​​of critical values ​​for automatic shutdown of the system in case of overheating. This is done in BIOS.

Now the reader knows what the warning CPU Fan Error says on the computer screen. We also presented a number of instructions that will help to cope with this problem, to prevent its return.It is important to think about the prevention of faults cooler.

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