Cracks in the fingers and toes: causes

Unfortunately, our hands do not always look so that they can be shown to others with peace of mind. It is worth noting that the cracks on the fingers, as well as the constant peeling and dryness of the skin, indicate not only the age of a person, but also his state of health. Let's look at some of the reasons for this phenomenon.

finger cracksCracks in the fingers: why do they occur?

  1. Most often, such a problem faced by the fair sex. This is due to the fact that women more than men have to come into contact with detergents, which adversely affect their delicate hands. That is why, no matter what the manufacturers of household chemicals promise, when washing dishes or floors, you should definitely wear tight rubber gloves.
  2. Also, cracks in the fingers may occur due to temperature changes and a sharp change in humidity. In this regard, half an hour before going out into the cold, a person is recommended to abundantly lubricate the delicate skin of his hands with fat and vitamin cream. He will protect his fingers from the cold and preserve their beauty and health.
  3. Hormonal disorders and vitamin deficiency can also cause this problem. In this case, the cracks on the fingers should be treated with vitamins and amino acids. They will fill the stock of necessary elements in the body, thereby preventing the subsequent occurrence of this scourge.

Cracks between toes

Sometimes on the lower extremities can be found quite deep cracks. As a rule, they are much more painful and are more likely to be attacked by various bacteria and fungi. That is why, if such a problem arises, you should immediately address it. However, before this is still recommended to identify the true cause of this disease.

Cracks in and between the toes: causes

cracks between the toes

Currently, there are several versions of why a person has cracked skin on the fingers and between the toes. Consider the most likely of them in more detail:

  1. Systemic diseases. Such diseases most often include diabetes mellitus, as well as any circulatory disorders.
  2. Fungus nail plate, which extends to the skin of the fingers.
  3. Long walks throughout the day.
  4. Dry and hot climate, which further dries the skin.
  5. Too open shoes or, on the contrary, very tight, uncomfortable and rubbing shoes.
  6. Aggressive pedicure, carried out independently or in the salon, as well as rough and regular peeling feet.

toe cracksTreatment of cracks in the toes and between them

As a rule, such a problem disappears immediately after a person begins to regularly and correctly carry out foot hygiene. To do this, lower limbs should be washed in warm water along with baby soap. Also, after water procedures, the legs must be dried with a towel, and then apply a nourishing lotion or fat cream on them. If in this case the fingers continue to crack, then it is recommended to do wound-healing baths for them. To do this, purchase pharmaceutical herbs such as chamomile, oak bark, sage, St. John's wort, and calendula, and then pour boiling water over them, infuse for sixty minutes, strain, add a little hot water, and put the feet in the broth for thirty to forty minutes.

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