Crochet knitted snowman: photo, description, scheme

New Year can not be imagined without Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and gifts. But there is another fabulous character who is very fond of children and adults. This, of course, a snowman. To make it, it is not necessary to go out. Try to make it out of yarn!

Crocheted knitted snowman will be an excellent alternative to ready-made toys, decorate your Christmas tree and lift your spirits. The cute figure will allow you to feel all the magic of the winter holidays and will not melt with the arrival of spring, unlike the snow relative. Realize your creativity and create a unique decoration to make the New Year holidays bright and full.

crocheted snowman description

Tips for knitting a snowman

Even novice skilled workers will be able to make a cute and funny character, which you can put on a festive table or present to close people. To get one knitted snowman crochet, you need only 30-50 grams of yarn. Use better cotton or woolen threads of white, even leftovers from past works will do.Pick a tool for the thickness of the yarn, the only way you will have a beautiful and presentable toy.

If you want to tie a snowman as a gift, be sure to beautifully decorate it with details: buttons, beads or glass beads. They are useful for the manufacture of eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.

Knitted snowman crochet, the scheme and description of which is in the collections of many needlewomen, can be done in two ways. The first and easiest option is a flat application. The second method is more interesting and suitable for craftswomen who already know how to knit bulk balls.

Preparing materials for a snowman appliqué

This type of snowman is flat, so it can be used in several ways: hang it on a Christmas tree, stick it on a postcard or insert it in a frame like a picture.

crochet snowman photo

So, you will need the following materials:

  • white yarn;
  • some threads of red and black color;
  • crochet hook;
  • needle;
  • decorative details as desired.

Knit snowman base appliqués

First, tie two circles with diameters of seven and five centimeters. This torso and head, which then will be sewn together, and you get a crocheted snowman.A description of this process is presented below, if you do not know how to do it correctly:

  1. Dial a chain of three air loops. Make a circle from the center in a spiral. In each loop knit two columns without single crochet. Continue until a circle of the desired diameter is obtained. Fasten the last loop with crochet, cut the yarn, leaving a two-centimeter tip. Hide it in the craft, securing sewing thread. Link another circle in the same way.
  2. On the head with black threads, embroider the eyes and mouth, and the red threads - nose. On the trunk simulate buttons. To do this, sew small dots one above the other with black threads Observe an interval of half a centimeter. These items do not necessarily embroider threads. You can attach beautiful buttons or beads of suitable size.

knitted snowman crochet scheme and description

You can knit a snowman according to any scheme that you like. For example, use the circle pattern that is presented in the article.

How to make a scarf and top hat

A crocheted knitted snowman will look unfinished without a cap and scarf. Therefore, they must be done.

For the manufacture of the cylinder, take the black yarn and continue:

  • Make a chain of nine loops.
  • Sew a row with crochets.
  • In the same way make the second row, but in the opposite direction.
  • Secure the thread, cut and hide in the work.
  • With the same black threads, continue to make the third row from the third loop. It also consists of columns without nakida.
  • Do not knit the last two loops.
  • In the same way, make about five more rows.
  • Crochet the thread, cut, and hide the tip in knitting.

The cylinder is ready. Now do a scarf. Make it even easier:

  • From the red yarn type loops until you get a length equal to fifteen centimeters.
  • Crochet several rows with single crochets.
  • Fasten the thread, cut, and hide the tip.

Now crocheted knitted snowman has a scarf.

crocheted snowman

Putting the details in a snowman

Sewing threads connect the torso and head. Do it carefully. Sew the cylinder to the upper circle. Wrap a scarf around your neck, put one tip on the other. Secure with a needle with red thread.

If you wish, you can make pens for a snowman. For example, if you want to put something into them: a broom or a gift. Simply link the elementary chains of air loops to the desired length, then sew to the body. Your snowman is ready!

What materials are needed for a volumetric snowman?

For a snowman to be voluminous, collect certain materials:

  • A bit of white, red and black yarn.
  • Hook, suitable for the thickness of the thread.
  • Needle for stitching.
  • Yarn to match yarn.
  • Vata or synthetic winterizer for filling.

From these available materials you will get a wonderful crocheted snowman. The photo in the article shows how it might look.

crocheted crochet snowmen

Knit part of the torso

Knitting bulk snowman is based on one principle. You need to make two or three balls, which will be the head and torso. Their number is determined by your taste.

Let's start knitting balls:

  1. Perform a small chain of three air loops. Lock her in the ring.
  2. Now you need to knit in a circle columns without single crochet. Thus make fifteen identical rows.
  3. Fill the ball with padding polyester or cotton.
  4. Bundle with crochets without crochet three more rows. Do not forget to gradually reduce the loop. This is important, otherwise the ball will not work.
  5. In the last row, close all the loops, fasten and cut the thread. Hide tip in knitting.

So the torso of the snowman is ready. Now we will create the upper body - the head:

  1. Run a chain of two air loops, close it into a ring.
  2. Continue with crocheted crochet.
  3. Follow it in the same way as in the case of the lower torso.
  4. Sew a head and body between the threads.

This simple way can be performed knitted snowmen crochet. You can experiment with the schemes, and you will get different characters. For example, try to take as a basis the tracery pattern shown in the picture.

crocheted crochet toys

Add details

For a volumetric snowman, a flat cap will not work. Therefore, consider another way to knit it:

  • From the three air loops, follow the chain.
  • In circular rows, knit to the desired length with single crochets.
  • Make a cap a side. To do this, in the last row through the loop you need to knit two columns without nakida.
  • Secure and cut the thread. Hide the tip in the product.

To knit a scarf, dial sixteen air loops. Perform one row of single crochets. Trim the tip of the yarn, secure and hide in the work. Use the colored threads to make the snowman's eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons on the body.Here is a voluminous snowman! If desired, you can decorate it with other details.

Crocheted knitted snowman toys look more interesting when they are voluminous. If this is difficult for you, make a flat appliqué. It is easier and no worse.

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