CSKA - what can such an abbreviation mean?

CSKA - what can such an abbreviation mean? The history of this sports organization has more than 90 years. It came out of its doors more than one generation of famous athletes who glorified the country on the world stage. In addition to sports training reserve, CSKA organizes competitive work in the ranks of the armed forces of the country.

Club formation

Swimming pool CSKA

Army sport begins its history in 1919, when the task arose of completing the ranks of the young Red Army with a prepared, physically strong reserve. To perform the task on the basis of pre-revolutionary facilities, army clubs and platforms were created. The first is the Moscow point of universal education in Sokolniki Park. Since 1919, the military units of skiers were trained and formed here.

On April 29, 1923, the first army club OPPV opened on the basis of the Sokolnichesky point. The abbreviation was interpreted as the universal educational platform.The objectives of the item included physical training among military personnel, the promotion of sports and competitions, which had a military-applied direction.

CSKA football team

In 1928, in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Red Army, the UPPV transferred premises and a park on Kommuny Square (today Suvorov Square). This was the beginning of the organization of the Central House of the Red Army. Mv Frunze. And the army athletes began to compete in the competition under the CDKA icon. The honor of the organization was defended by famous army men: Alekseev EV, Andreev VA, brothers Arkadyev and other famous athletes, who are also known in the international arena. Later they became the leading coaches of the club.

CSKA athletes bravely defended the country during World War II. Four CSKA awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union."

The formation of the army club

And in 1960, after several reorganizations, the club was given the name, the real one today - CSKA. Deciphering the name has become synonymous with victory. After all, the best Soviet athletes trained here! Since 1952, when the Soviet Union became a member of the International Olympic Committee, the glorious history of the Olympic victories of CSKA began. What is to perform under the flag of the army club in the international arena? It is constantly being the first.

Saberballers CSKA at the World Cup

Four Olympic victories won each:

  • fencers on sabers - S. Pozdnyakov, V. Sidyak, V. Krovopuskov;
  • swimmer-stayer - V. Salnikov;
  • speed skating representative - E. Grishin.

Three times Olympic champions became:

  • figure skater (pair skating) - I. Rodnina;
  • saber fencing - V. Nazlymov;
  • famous hockey players - V. Kuzkin, A. Ragulin, A. Firsov;
  • hockey goalkeeper - V. Tretyak;
  • invincible skier - L. Egorova;
  • sports gymnast - D. Belozerchev.

Legendary coaches CSKA

On all continents of the planet, fans know what CSKA is. Decoding abbreviations leads to the thrill of rivals. CSKA are the strongest athletes on the planet. Famous champions have prepared famous champions, known to all sports fans.

Coach of CSKA hockey team


  • legendary ice hockey coach - A. V. Tarasov;
  • talented fencing coaches — brothers B.A. and V.A. Arkadyev, M.S. Rakit;
  • the coach, who led the national basketball team, - A. Ya. Gomelsky;
  • eminent volleyball coach - Yu. B. Chesnokov;
  • renowned figure skating coach - S. A. Zhuk;
  • speed skating coach - V. A. Muratov and many others.

To train at CSKA ... Everyone knew that this desire was honorable and responsible, because this step led to the national team of the country.

International contacts

Changes in the country's international policy reflected in the Russian army. In 1992, the armed forces delegated representatives to the International Council of Military Sports (CISM), which made it possible to participate in the World War Games.

Competitions are held on the Olympic cycle - once every 4 years. 134 countries are participating. Competitions are held in 32 sports. War games occupy the third step in importance, following the Olympics and the Universiade. The CISM motto explains the value of the organization - “Friendship through Sport”, it provides full cooperation and comprehensive review. With its international activities, CSKA contributes to the strengthening of friendly ties with other armies. The Russian national team is traditionally formed from CSKA athletes.

New successes CSKA

Modern army reforms have not bypassed the transformation in sports work among military personnel. In addition to the development and training of physical culture reserve, a new direction in the work of the club is actively developing - military-applied sports activities.

Sports complex "Game"

The purpose of the new direction is to prepare a person for competent behavior in various life situations, to help preserve personal health and to help others. Today, CSKA has six branches. They are equipped with modern equipment and have extensive experience. A good level of sports training is celebrated in the branches of the cities: St. Petersburg, Gelendzhik, Samara.

47 sports are cultivated in CSKA. On the basis of the army club operates 33 sports schools and trains 36 sports teams. 545 trainers train with more than 15,000 people. An effective system of training promising athletes from a sports school to the national team of the country has been established. Athletes with honor defend the prestige of the Russian flag in international competitions. CSKA differ from the rest of the constant desire to win, as our army.

There was a reorganization of CSKA. What is the direction of work was chosen correctly, time has shown. This allowed us to use the existing material base purposefully and in full, to train qualified specialists in sports and physical training, which is relevant for the army today.

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