Curd casserole in the microwave: a recipe with photos

Modern kitchen of almost every housewife is equipped with various electronic devices, which greatly facilitate the cooking process and significantly save time. is one of such devices. Thanks to the newfangled additions in the kitchen appliances, even the simplest recipes become subject to the beginner housewives. Blenders, multicookers, bread machines, mixers, toasters, steamers - all this helps to cope with all the "steps" of cooking one or another dish faster and better.

in the microwave cottage cheese casserole recipe

However, most of the recipes are designed for multicookers, stoves and ovens. In them, you can bake, and simmer, and fry. Much less attention is paid to microwave ovens. But even if there is no multicooker in the kitchen, and the stove is not equipped with a good oven, then it is possible to cook such a healthy and tasty dish as cottage cheese casserole in the microwave.

Cottage cheese casserole

Take for cooking recipe curd casseroles in the microwave,which is tender, tasty and healthy.

List of products:

  • Semolina - two spoons.
  • Cottage cheese - five hundred grams.
  • Sugar - six spoons.
  • Eggs - four pieces.
  • Starch - two spoons.

Cooking Casserole

Prepare, using the recipe with a photo, cottage cheese casserole in the microwave. First you need to separate the whites and yolks, combine the sugar with the whites and beat well into a thick foam using a blender. Then add the yolks and beat again. Chop the curd with a sieve and lay out to the beaten eggs. Then add all the other ingredients. Mix thoroughly with a spatula until smooth.

curd casserole with semolina in the microwave

Further, in accordance with the recipe for a curd casserole in a microwave, the prepared mass should be laid out in a baking dish and covered with a lid on top. Remove the form into the oven. Close the door and bake for twelve to fifteen minutes at around 550-600 watts. Baked in a microwave cottage cheese casserole with semolina leave to cool, without removing from the form. Already in the cooled form, shift it to a flat plate. Powdered sugar can become an ornament made according to the recipe of cottage cheese casserole in the microwave.You should cut the tender and tasty casserole into portioned pieces and serve with a cup of fragrant tea.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Banana

Ingredients Required:

  • Bananas - two pieces.
  • Cottage cheese - four hundred grams.
  • Manka - three spoons.
  • Butter - two spoons.
  • Eggs - three pieces.
  • Soda - half a teaspoon.
  • Sugar - six spoons.

Cooking a delicious casserole

Cooking in a microwave curd casserole recipe with bananas does not take much time. It is necessary to pass the cottage cheese through a sieve into a bowl, pour semolina on top and grind with a fork. Chicken eggs combine in a bowl of a blender with sugar and beat. Put the beaten eggs in a bowl of cottage cheese. Add softened butter and soda. Stir all ingredients with a spatula. Next, using a recipe with a photo of cottage cheese casseroles in the microwave, you need to add peeled and cut into small pieces of bananas. Gently mix the curd mixture with banana slices again and place in a glass mold that can be used in microwave ovens. Smooth and be sure to cover the lid. The presence of soda contributes to the growth of the casserole during baking, so two-thirds need to be filled in completely, not completely.

cottage cheese casserole in the microwave recipe with photos

Now you need to put the future casserole in the microwave.With a power of 750-800 watts, baking will take from eight to twelve minutes, no more. Then cooked in a microwave curd casserole with a banana should be cooled. Put on a plate, top you can pour honey or jam. This fragrant and tender dessert is perfect for both breakfast and as an afternoon snack.

Dietary cottage cheese casserole

This casserole is perfect for those who watch their figure and count every calorie.

List of required products:

  • Fat-free cottage cheese - three hundred grams.
  • Honey - three tablespoons.
  • Cinnamon - half a teaspoon.
  • Apple green - one large.
  • A chicken egg is one.
  • Orange peel - one spoon.

Diet casserole making

We use for cooking a proven step-by-step recipe for cottage cheese casserole. In order for the cottage cheese was not lumps, it must be crushed through a sieve. It also contributes to the pomp of the casseroles. In a skimmed cottage cheese sieve, add the egg and stir. After that, pour cottage cheese cinnamon, a spoonful of orange zest and put the honey. Mix all ingredients well.

cottage cheese casserole step-by-step recipe

Wash the apple, peel and cut into small pieces. Spread evenly along the bottom of a special glass shape designed for microwave ovens. Put the resulting curd mass on top and level, if there is a need. Close the lid and place in the microwave. With a power of 850-900 watts, the casserole should be prepared no more than five minutes. After turning off the microwave, you need to leave the casserole in it for another five minutes.

Then cooked in a microwave dietary curd casserole should be shifted to a large flat plate. Cut into pieces and serve on the table a fragrant and juicy dessert with low-fat yogurt or sour cream. Also, fresh, well-washed fruit will work well for such a casserole.

Casserole in the microwave with raisins

The following products will be required:

  • Cottage cheese - three hundred grams.
  • Raisins - half a glass.
  • Manka - one spoon.
  • Oil - ten grams.
  • One egg.
  • Milk - one spoon.
  • Vanilla sugar - bag.
  • Lemon zest - two small spoons.
  • Sugar - one spoon.
  • Salt - one pinch.

dietary cottage cheese casserole

Step by Step Cooking Process

You need to start with the fact that mix the semolina with warm milk and set aside for fifteen minutes to semolina a little. Grate two teaspoons of lemon peel.Put cottage cheese, lemon zest, vanilla sugar, swollen semolina, salt, sugar and egg in a bowl. Using a mixer, beat all the ingredients for five minutes. Then add half a glass of washed raisins to the whipped mass and mix. Take the form and put in it prepared curd mass with raisins. Cover and bake at 600 watts for about fifteen minutes. Cooked in the microwave cottage cheese casserole with semolina gently get out of shape and put on a plate. The decoration depends on your taste preferences. It can be sour cream, yogurt, honey or syrup. Choose what you like and enjoy this delicate, healthy and flavorful dessert with a cup of your favorite drink.

Cottage cheese casserole with carrots

This recipe uses products that are very beneficial to human health - cottage cheese and carrots. Such a casserole is also quite nourishing.

 how to cook curd casserole in the microwave

List of ingredients required:

  • Cottage cheese - six hundred grams.
  • Carrots - seven hundred grams.
  • Sesame - one tablespoon.
  • Eggs - five pieces.
  • Oil - two hundred grams.
  • Sugar - six tablespoons.
  • Sour cream - two hundred grams.
  • Salt - one tablespoon.
  • Semolina - four tablespoons.


Many, especially novice hostesses do not know how to cook cottage cheese casserole in the microwave. Help in such cases, recipes, time-tested. The first ingredient to start cooking this casserole is carrots. It must be washed, cleaned with a special knife and grated. Put crushed carrots in a dish designed for a microwave, pour half of them with clean water and place in a microwave. At a power of 700 watts, cook carrots for twenty minutes. After the necessary time, carrots need to get and put in her butter and sugar. Stir well and microwave again for fifteen minutes.

During the cooking of vegetables, you can prepare a curd mass. First you need to separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the yolks with a blender, lay out the cottage cheese to them and beat again into a thick mass. Squirrels also beat up to the state of a thick foam. After the carrot is ready, you need to wait until it cools. Then shift the carrots in a bowl with whipped yolks and cottage cheese, here add the semolina, salt and stir.

a curd casserole with a banana in the microwave

Next, you need to place the whipped whites on top and very carefully, without sudden movements, mix the mass in the bowl. Then put the resulting curd-carrot mass into a special form, close the lid and put in a microwave. Bake at a power of 700 watts for about eight minutes. Then generously anoint the top of the casserole with sour cream and again put in the microwave, but for six minutes.

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