Cycle of novels "Twilight": books in order

Stephanie Meyer had no writing experience when she began work on her first novel, Twilight. The writer did not pursue commercial goals, she simply decided to put on paper the idea that came to her in a dream. However, when in 2005 the book saw the light, the literary world literally exploded. The touching and mystical love story of a vampire to a high school student created by the writer has delighted readers and critics. The audience was eager to develop the history of the romantic relationship of Bella and Edward. A sequel followed, consisting of several novels that received a common name: the Twilight saga. All the books in orderand the course of events described in them will be presented below.

Twilight: Books in Order

What book to start with?

Stephanie Meyer did not plan to create a continuation of the story described in the novel “Twilight”. But the main characters, unusual love and the world created by the author, really liked the public. The writer went to meet her reader and set to work.So there was the famous series of novels by Stephanie Meyer "Twilight". All books in order, however, should begin to read from the first novel, which gave the name to the whole cycle.

Meet the main characters

The story in the novel "Twilight" is conducted on behalf of the 17-year-old Bella Swan. She from Phoenix came to her father in the small town of Forks, where he serves as a sheriff. The girl is not happy with this foggy and rainy place, because the sun always shines in Phoenix. In addition, she has to go to school for a whole year, where she does not know anyone. Bella didn’t imagine her graduation, but circumstances intervened. Her mother remarried, and the girl decided to temporarily live with her father.

At school, Bella meets Edward Cullen. He, along with his brothers and sisters, is also studying in the graduating class. Feelings flare up between young people, but things are not so simple. It turns out that the whole Cullen family is a vampire. But their image and habits are different from the monsters, sung by the cinema. Cullens are incredibly beautiful, not afraid of daylight, garlic and Christian paraphernalia. They avoid the sun only because in the bright rays of their snow-white skin begins to sparkle.In addition, all members of the family do not use human blood, but are content with hunting animals. Soon, Bella learns that not all vampires are so reserved. From this point on, her life is in danger, and the tests are just beginning.

Stephanie Meyer "Twilight." All the books in order


Those who are just starting to read the Twilight saga, all books in order Stephenie Meyer advises to move a little. After the first novel, it’s worth finding time for the unfinished book The Midnight Sun. This will provide an opportunity to better understand the main characters, since the story of the story described in the first novel, this time comes from the person of Edward. The same advice the writer gave Robert Pattinson, who played the main male role in the film adaptation of the novel. Later, the actor admitted that this helped him a lot, since the image of Edward was not solid.

Loving a vampire is not easy

"New Moon" - the second novel from the series "Twilight". Books on the order of developments continue the story of the difficult relationship of Bella and Edward.

In this novel, Edward leaves town to protect Bella. He thinks it will be safer for her, and says good-bye that love has passed. Heartbroken Bell cannot return to normal life.Extreme entertainment helps a girl to feel alive. Jacob's childhood friend teaches her to ride a motorcycle. Together they spend a lot of time and it seems to Bella as if normal life has returned. But it soon became clear that Jacob was a werewolf from a tribe that had been at enmity with vampires from ancient times. Meanwhile, Edward languishes from longing for his only love - Bella, but believes that he must let her live a human life. Everything changes the misunderstanding that occurred because of Bella's jump from the cliff. Edward thinks that she died, and sees no reason to live on. He goes to the supreme vampires of the Volturi coven to provoke them to kill. Bella finds out about this and rushes to save her lover.

The Twilight Saga. All the books in order

Things got even harder

Next on the list is the novel Eclipse, which continues the books in order. Twilight and the heroes of the novel became so popular that the audience waited impatiently for each subsequent creation. On the first day after the publication of the book Eclipse, about 150 thousand copies were sold.

This novel keeps the reader in suspense due to the confrontation of Edward and Jacob. Bella is forced to choose between best friend and loved one.But any of her choices can spark a war between vampires and werewolves. In addition, Bella is in terrible danger. She is the target for the vindictive vampire Victoria, who has created a whole army to fulfill her plans. Clan Cullen and tribe werewolves unite in the face of terrible danger.

Another world

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book (Twilight). All parts are divided into three important events in order. The first part of the novel begins with the wedding of Bella and Eward, and ends with the news of pregnancy. In the second part, Bella has to defend the right to life for her child. After all, the Cullens and Jacob believe that the fruit kills her. In addition, the danger of war between vampires and werewolves reappears. The second part ends with the birth of her daughter and Bella's appeal to the vampire. The third part - the final, in her Bella knows all the charms and dangers of the twilight world. High vampires decided to destroy the Cullen coven. Werewolves and Cullen allies are going to confront the Volturi.

The book "Twilight". All parts in order

A Different Look at Eclipse

"Bree Tanner's Short Second Life" is a story included in the Twilight saga.Books in order of events will be more interesting to read, if after “Eclipse” to start reading this story. It contains a story on behalf of the new vampire convert Bree Tanner, which describes the events that took place in Eclipse, but with additional details. Thus, the reader has the opportunity to see the picture completely.

In total, the famous cycle includes four novels, one story and an unfinished draft text. But it is worth reading everything to feel the spirit of the Twilight saga.

Books in order: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Dawn. The complement is the "Midnight Sun" and "Bree Tanner's Short Second Life."

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