Daedric Armor in Skyrim

Skyrim is a popular RPG released in 2011. Continuation of the legendary series The Elder Scrolls. The project with one of the largest and most interesting to explore open worlds. A huge number of quests, characters, weapons and armor. It is on the latter, we dwell in this article. Let us see what Daedric armor is, how to make it, where to get the ingredients and how it looks.

Daedric Armor


This type of armor is one of the best in the whole game, so you shouldn’t even hope that you can get it at the start. Crafting requires a lot of resources that are not so easy to get. You will need to be patient. This instruction will help you to simplify the task and save time. Better to spend a precious resource on exploring the world!

Daedric armor is the most advanced armor in the whole game. Belongs to the class of heavy, you can wear both male and female character of any race. It is worth noting that the appearance of the equipment has not changed from the previous part (except for increased detail and elaboration due to the use of a new graphics engine). Armor has the highest level of basic protection.Additional armor depends on the level of skill "Heavy armor" in your character. Also features in crafting differ depending on the chosen class of the hero. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Daedric Armor in Skyrim

Kit components

After the closure of the Oblivion gates in the last part, the mining of daedric components became a real problem for the inhabitants of the virtual world. Therefore, you will be able to meet the princes Daedra only on certain quests. Be careful and do not accidentally sell the necessary components to neutral merchants!

The full set of weapons and armor includes: boots, armor, gloves, helmet, shield. Items are created separately. The composition of each of them includes ebonite catalyst and the heart of the Daedra. From the second ingredient, you can also cook potions, so do not confuse!

In addition to crafting, the details of the kit can be found during the passage of quests.

Daedric armor mod

Where to find armor?

First, at the initial levels you will not be able to find armor in the usual way. In random order, equipment can fall out of enemies and dragons, starting at character level 48. To get a chance to drop already enchanted armor, you need to pump level 49.

Daedric armor in Skyrim can get caught in the course of the quest "Black Book". After completing the task, you will be able to summon the merchant merchant and immediately buy from him all the components you need to create. However, prepare a sufficient amount!

The second option - forge atronahs. An alternative way to get armor, if you pass the quests of the College of Mages. After you get the Eye of Magnus, get a book near the blacksmith shop. It will indicate the location of the recipes for creating armor.

Daedric Armor in Skyrim

Crafting preparations

In addition to the character’s high level, you will need 90 Blacksmithing points. You can pump it from the beginning. We leave for Whiterun and buy from the blacksmith all the iron ingots and leather. Then we go to the workbench and begin to craft iron daggers. Gradually, skill points will be given more difficult, but in this way you can pump up blacksmithing skills to less than 90. Then you need to go in search of Daedra hearts.

The first place with a heart - this quest "Shards of former glory." It can be completed at level 25-30. During the passage, you need to collect 3 fragments of a razor, for which you will receive a heart.

The second place is the Shrine of the Merunes of Dagon. During the passage of the quest you need to kill the Dremore kinvir. It is from them you can beat the desired heart.

The next method is to complete the Azura Star assignment. At the end of the assignment you will have to wait three whole hearts Now you need to go in search of ebony ore for Daedric armor in Skyrim.

Daedric armor mod in Skyrim

Where to get the ore?

First, ore can be purchased from merchants for 250 gold coins per piece. Since 20 ores are needed to craft one item of armor, items will cost you dearly. However, you can arm yourself with a pick and go and extract resources yourself. The first place to mine is the Twilight Mine. You can get about 40 ebonite ores in it. Then go to the top of the Throat of the World and get there. The last way is the above-described quest "Splinters of military glory".

So, we finished the training. Now you can start crafting when a character has a good blacksmithing job, has 9 Daedra hearts and a bunch of ebony ore. From the latter, ebonite ingots are created, which are needed in the amount of 5 pieces per one armor element. Also, each item will require 3 strips of skin.

Alternative way for magicians

You can put the mod on Daedric armor and not waste time on manually collecting resources and pumping blacksmithing. However, there is a second scenario. For this you need to ask for help from the College of Mages. In this case, you do not need 90 blacksmith points. You need to go through a ritual quest in the Winterhold College, with the result that you will have a sigilian stone on your hands. He will be required to activate the magic forge. Next, collect ebonite armor, Daedra hearts, black soul stones and centurion generator cores.


If you do not like the appearance of the armor, then you can always put the mod on the Daedric armor in Skyrim. With it, you can achieve high details of armor and a more pleasant appearance. If you do not want to engage in crafting, then hack the game and add yourself an infinite amount of resources, as well as skill points. After that, you can safely craft any items!

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