Daniel Belykh: biography, filmography and interesting facts from the life of the actor

Talented and charismatic actor Daniel Belykh is known to many fans of Russian cinema. Basically, he starred in the series, which means that the audience had the opportunity to properly become attached to his characters. In the TV series, Daniel Belykh rarely played the role of hero-lovers; rather, these were images of the instigators of a company or an eccentric guy. Those who want to learn more about who is behind screen images, what lives in Belykh's daily life, as well as what interesting facts from his biography are known only to the most devoted fans, you need to read this article.

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Very little is known about the biography of Daniel White. He was born on December 4, 1979 in Irkutsk. On a horoscope - Sagittarius. All his childhood, Daniel moved from place to place: he lived in his native Irkutsk, then in Moscow, then went to his grandmother in Orenburg.Because of this lifestyle, the boy had to change 5 different schools. Daniel White's mom is an actress, and his dad is a doctor. In childhood, the actor was very athletic. He was fond of tennis and football, although with his height - 180 cm - could well be realized in basketball.

The actor Daniel Belykh, being a very enterprising child, constantly surprised adults: then, while studying in the eighth grade, he adjusted the resale of things bought from foreigners, then he went to distribute newspapers, then he started washing cars for money. However, such enterprise was replaced by the hobby of cinema.


In the 10th grade, Daniel decided to pass a test at VGIK for the sake of fun. After he had successfully overcome the qualifying rounds, his deception was revealed by the selection committee: the boy did not have a certificate and he could not study at the university. Then the commission members, who saw enormous potential in Daniel, offered him to become a volunteer at theater courses. The young actor really liked this proposal, but after a while he threw trips to the theater.

Daniel White on the red carpet

After school, Daniel entered the Shchukin Theater School, where A. Grave became his teacher. Relations with the faculty and students did not go wellalmost immediately: others did not like the fact that a sophomore was lost on the set instead of studying with everyone. Daniel himself was not in such a situation: he believed that the practice of working in the cinema would be useful to him much more than theoretical studies. Moreover, at this time he also began to earn extra money at the higher directorial courses of the famous cinema master, Alexei German. The latter played a major role in obtaining Belyh diploma from the university: in the last year, they did not want to allow exams because of attendance problems. Then Hermann had to call the rector of the school, Vladimir Etush, and personally ask him for the careless student to complete the final part of his studies. Daniel Belykh received a diploma after all, but only a year later.

In order not to go into the army, Daniel entered the theater of the Russian army, but because of a conflict with his director, he lasted there only a couple of months.

First work in the cinema

Daniel Belykh

The first filmmaker Daniel was the episode in the film "New Odeon" in 1992, but unfortunately, this experience did not bring popularity to the actor. Three years later, there was a more interesting project - "Red Cherry" - the joint work of three countries: Belarus, China and Russia. Here Belykh starred in the role of a pupil of an inter-home, and they began to recognize him on the streets.Then there was a number of small roles, and in 1999, Daniel starred in the role of Mark in the movie "We will be familiar." Many White remembered in the image of a paramedic from the comedy "DMB". But the actor gained the greatest love of the audience after the role of Ludwig in the movie "Silver Lily of the Valley".

Filmography of Daniel Belykh

During his acting career, Daniel managed to star in 72 film works. Among them are many episodic roles, some of which do not even appear in the credits. But I must say that Daniel has more successful images in the movies. Among them:

  • The role of Borikhin's assistant in the cinema "Birthday of Bourgeois-2" of 2001.
  • The role of paramedic in the continuation of the comedy "DMB" - "DMB-003".
  • The main role in the limited-edition film “Physicians” of 2001, where Belykh plays a young doctor who got into a non-standard team of an ordinary hospital.
  • Funny guy from the TV series "FM and guys."
  • Kukhar in the 2002 series "My Border".
  • The role of Maxim in the TV series "Cavalier Starfish".
  • Arkady from the third season of the series "Dasha Vasilyeva - a lover of private investigation."
  • The role in the continuation of the "Lily of the Valley silver", where the audience was again able to see Daniel in the form of Irma's son Ludwig.
  • The main role in the series "Thank you for all -2".
  • The role of Bones in the series "Club 69".
  • Maxim from the series "Matchmakers". Daniel appeared in almost all seasons.
  • Radio host Roman Sokolov from the movie "Double Trouble" and many more successful film works.

Film critics especially noted the role of Fedosy Shchus in the television series "Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno." This series with Daniel Belykh was also warmly welcomed by the audience in one of the key roles. Before filming, the actor took riding lessons and also filled in gaps in knowledge of history with the help of his school teacher.

Work in the theater

A successful film career, Daniel Belykh combined with theatrical activity. He was an employee of the theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, but, unfortunately, he managed to play there only in two performances. The actor himself calls this experience a real school of life.

Daniel Belykh: photo from an interview about the theater

Personal life

On the set of the series "FM and the guys" in 2004, Daniel Belykh met actress Anna Slusareva, better known as Anna Slyu. A passionate romance ensued between colleagues on the set, which ended in marriage. Unfortunately, a beautiful and long love story did not work out - after 4 years the couple broke up, calling irreconcilable differences the reason for the divorce. Their quick-tempered characters prevented them from being together.

Daniel with Anna Slju

In 2013, five years after parting with Anna, details about Daniel’s personal life began to appear in the media again. He attributed the relationship with the girl Anna, who works in the presidential administration. These rumors turned out to be true, and the young people tied the knot. On the chosen one of Daniel White almost nothing is known.

Daniel's hobbies

The most important passion in the life of White, in addition to cinema, of course, can be called travel. Especially the actor likes to go to places that are not so familiar to tourists. Instead of a guide, once, going to Cuba, he asked for help from a simple local woman. The actor himself admitted that he likes to observe the ordinary human life of people of a different nationality, look at their life, and a visit to the monuments of art is unlikely to help him feel the local flavor.

Also one of the favorite activities of Daniel is the tea ceremony. He acquires only high-quality and expensive varieties of green tea, sometimes he collects herbs for decoctions.

Interesting Facts

shot from the movie "Double Trouble"
  1. Daniil Belykh has a personal website - Daniilbelykh.rf.
  2. The promotion of Daniel is engaged in the production agency GM Consulting Production.
  3. While preparing for the work in the series “Medics”, Daniel and his colleagues watched the work of these doctors, but the father of the actor - a doctor by profession - was still dissatisfied with the result and said that the doctors were shown unreliable and too serious on the screen.
  4. The shooting of the TV series "FM and the guys" took place in Khanty-Mansiysk, and the main interior of this movie was the personal office of the director of the shopping center "Yurga". It was necessary to shoot at night, after the end of the working day of the head of the television station.
  5. White is always the initiator of various amendments to the script on the set. So, on the filming of the series "Inheritance", he insisted that his hero Kostya Prokhorov was changed beyond recognition with the help of makeup, although this was not originally intended.
Daniel Belykh on the set

Daniel Belykh's films are liked by many viewers, they note his good acting and unique charm. It seems that he is a guy from a nearby street - so simple, close and clear. This feature bribes most movie lovers. It remains to wish Daniel more good and memorable roles.

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