Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews

Who does not dream instead of a shower to be under the warm shower of hot equatorial latitudes? New plumbing - tropical shower, imitating the flow of rain in your or in the bathroom, is able to give such sensations. Manufacturers of such shower systems vigorously propagandize the favorable therapeutic effect of such a procedure, but how much will such pleasure cost? And maybe home craftsmen are able to independently build a water supply system no worse than the factory one?tropical shower


The new "tropical" shower is just a wide watering can in a variety of versions, located fixed above the person. Unlike inexpensive options, quality products allow you to distribute the water flow evenly over the entire area of ​​the shower head. Formally, a tropical shower is called a whole plumbing system consisting of not only a watering can, but also a faucet.This rain shower is equipped with a system of mixing water with air inside the shower head, this effect is achieved with the help of special gratings or other structural elements inside the sanitary element.rain shower species

Therapeutic effect

The positive effect of a continuous flow of water in the "tropical shower" systems has been used in sanatorium-medical institutions for quite some time. Usually, the use of tropical systems involves the use of different temperatures, as well as light and color therapy, the beneficial effects of music and even aromatherapy. The shower itself has a relaxing and light massage effect, drops of water falling from a great height under the influence of natural gravity, gently envelop the skin, allowing the body to relieve the stress of an exhausting day. A cool shower with jets of medium strength, on the contrary, is able to tune the body to vigorous activity, and a more powerful water pressure causes muscles to tone.tropical shower types and features of manufacturing

Rain shower: types and features of manufacturing

The simplest water supply device in the style of equatorial rain is a wide nozzle for a shower hose with dimensions of 15 cm or more.Manufacturers provide many options for every taste and wallet, the most complex and expensive models are equipped with a mechanism for regulating the mode of water supply, but such watering can be called a rain shower only conditionally. More expensive systems with the effect of rain, except for the watering can, include a solid wall stand, the quality of the details of such products is slightly higher, and some companies produce real works of sanitary engineering.bathroom rain shower and viewsMany manufacturers offer a combined system with a mixer, the latter, however, is not very different from the standard models for baths. For those who want to fully experience the effect of the "rain shower" system in the bathroom, and the types of simple transformations of the shower head do not suit him, they produce wall-mounted shower panels or special installations with ceiling mounting. Such options look very impressive if they are built in flush with the ceiling and equipped with an additional LED light, which in some models is mounted directly into the shower head.

Water pressure

Before installing equipment such as a tropical shower in your bathroom, you need to calculate the efficiency of the water flow. As is clear from the size of the shower head, the flow rate can be significant.The plumbing system is obliged to provide enough water to complete the work of the "tropical shower" system. As practice shows, the pressure requirements of wide shower heads are not too different from the usual ones. There are water consumption standards for manufacturers of sanitary equipment, both Russian and foreign, which are not too different. The maximum water flow is regulated by filters built in the equipment or limiters, but what about the minimum values? To fully operate a high-quality tropical shower system, you need a pressure of at least 2 atmospheres, but you do not need sophisticated measurement equipment. It is enough just to take a stopwatch and a container with a volume known to you. For a soft shower, depending on the size of the nozzle, a flow of 5-7 liters per minute is sufficient, whereas for powerful jets you will need 9-15, if your system can provide such volumes, you can safely proceed to installing shower equipment. Otherwise, it is necessary to increase the water pressure in the system by cleaning and replacing pipes, removing stops, or installing special injection pumps.In urban apartments, such issues are obliged to decide the structure of the house management or water suppliers, the state-established water supply norms are fully capable of coping with the rain shower system.

Replacement of watering can

The easiest and budget option of converting your bath or shower into a source of equatorial shower is to replace the shower head with a special wide model. The full effect, of course, will be difficult to achieve, but you can refuse the services of specialists. Of the additional materials, plumbing sealing tape may be needed to seal the threaded connections, but usually rubber gaskets in the kit of the purchased attachment can cope with any leaks without additional efforts.rain shower watering do it yourself

Options homemade

Home masters are ready to apply their skills wherever possible, and can build a tropical shower from scrap materials. The watering can do-it-yourself for the effect of the rain flow is easily made of an optical disc container for 10 pieces. A plastic adapter to the shower hose is installed in the center of the base, the central axis of the discs is removed, and holes are punched and punctured on the top surface of the cover: from 20 to 40 pieces.All joints and fasteners must be sealed, and you can use a piece of a hard tube or a bracket with a thick wire as a holder.rain shower do it yourself

Depending on the resourcefulness and availability of materials, other variants of the “tropical shower” system can be implemented with your own hands. What can you do if not from standard plastic pipes completely and even with lighting? This design involves the complete replacement of the watering can with several adjacent pipes with holes for water. Making such a construction will require at least the skills to connect the pipes, as well as other building skills and knowledge in the field of electricity. It is difficult to judge how profitable it is to use several pipes instead of the common for all nozzles of the collector, and the configuration of self-made systems is limited by the capabilities of the mixer.

Rack, panel and mixer

Installation of such plumbing elements as a “rain shower” with a faucet or a special wall panel should not be a problem for experienced home craftsmen, except for possible cases of laying new or additional pipes into the wall.Rack or panel securely fastened with hidden screws to the wall, the mixer can be installed in place of the old one, the good thing is that standard sizes are used in almost all models. Work on the laying of pipes is best carried out at the stage of repairing the room.rain shower rack

Construction of shower

Thorough construction of a rain shower type requires hidden wiring of aquifers, especially since the installation of a nozzle at the ceiling level will also bring additional labor and material costs. Such bathroom equipment is very dependent on construction experience and the availability of plumbing skills, experts recommend to trust the design and execution of professionals. If you feel able to cope with all stages of the installation of a tropical shower, then follow the step by step instructions.

Stages of construction

One of the main steps to the implementation of the idea is the purchase of necessary equipment and planning. It is not worth saving on plumbing assemblies; after completing the work, it will be problematic to make adjustments, you must be sure of the equipment.The ideal purchase option will be models from well-known brands, manufacturers value their reputation and monitor the quality of their products. Reasonable design can also eliminate potential problems in the future; you should consider access to the main nodes for the purpose of replacing them in case of breakage without dismantling the wall and ceiling covering. Another condition for achieving the maximum effect of a tropical shower will be a ceiling height of at least 2.3 m.rain shower with mixer

The next step is to clean the old wall coverings and, if necessary, the ceiling with the floor.

After transferring the drawings from paper directly to the walls and ceiling, you can proceed to the laying of pipes. The ideal option is to cut through the strobe under the pipe, this method of installation will save the most space in the room. It is possible to equip a separate shower area from moisture-resistant drywall, then the pipes can be “hidden” directly into the partition. It is necessary to think about the entrance doors, for example, when installing models on rollers you need to strengthen the floor covering under the lower runners.

Installing a special backlight may require an additional electrical line and installation of related electrical equipment.It should be envisaged that direct streams of water do not fall on the joints and in general any non-insulated current-carrying parts of the electrical system. Ideal would be hidden installation in the ceiling, which is specifically for this purpose can be made in suspended or tension design. Apartment owners should consider possible leaks from their neighbors above and protect those below. To do this, it is necessary to produce fencing waterproofing of electrical equipment in the ceiling and full waterproofing of the floor.

The next step will be the installation and testing of all sanitary elements of the system.

Making sure of good condition and proper connection, you can proceed to the arrangement of the ceiling and the facing of the walls and floor.

Consumer opinion

On the Internet, speak well about the new shower system. In most cases, reviews refer to the wall speakers, sometimes assembled with a mixer, this is understandable, happy owners of full-fledged shower systems of exclusive performance enjoy the pleasure on the sly. Obviously, the investment pays off in the form of positive emotions and other beneficial effects of a rain shower.

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Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 60

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 45

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 10

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 57

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 5

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 99

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 30

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 15

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 63

Do-it-yourself tropical shower: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and reviews 66