Does truth serum really exist?

truth serum

makes extensive use of psychotropic drugs, known as truth serum, in a variety of variations. They are present in books, films, TV shows and popular shows. But does such a drug really exist? If so, what are its real possibilities?

A bit of history

The idea of ​​using a special tool that could make a person speak only the truth has been around for a long time. For the first time the version of such a drug officially appeared at the beginning of the last century - in 1913. A similar effect from the drug has been described by American Dr. Robert House. He witnessed how women who had given birth under the influence of scopolamine used at that time told the people around them the most intimate secrets, while being in a slightly misty state.

First application

truth serum at home

In order to use for interrogation this substance was used in the 20-30s of the twentieth century at the height of crime in the United States.Such actions were even authorized by the court. The medium was also spread during the Second World War. However, it was used not for interrogation, but as a sedative, after which the seriously wounded soldiers could at least say that it was their pain. In parallel with scopolamine, its analogues, sodium amytal and sodium pentothal, were used. Truth serum was then also used in surgery as an anesthetic.

Modern usage

The largest experiment with the use of these drugs conducted by the CIA. In the mid-twentieth century, several projects were launched that investigated the effect of psychotropic substances on human behavior. The most famous of them, of course, was the project "MK-Ultra". An attempt to use this drug for interrogation was made in 2012, after the massacres in the US city of Aurora. Despite the seriousness of the charges, the interrogation never took place, since this procedure violated the right of the arrested person to remain silent.

Pentothal sodium serum truth

Despite numerous studies, this tool has not found its application. Doctors arguedthat a person under the influence of such drugs can easily fall under the influence of an investigator who interrogates him and respond, according to his prompts and leading questions. In addition, under the action of this substance, people inadequately perceived reality, which also affected the reliability of his words. That is why even in the USA, where the polygraph has official legal force, truth serum did not find the necessary support.

Examples of using

Unlike the USA, in India similar preparations were used several times. The most famous incident occurred in 2010, when a Pakistani terrorist suspected of attacking Mumbai was being interrogated. Under the influence of psychotropic substances, he admitted his guilt, which was later proved in court, as well as passed other accomplices. Similar drugs were also used by the Indian police during the search for the killer of a tiger in one of the states of the country.

How does the drug work?

Pentothal sodium serum truth

Today, the mechanism of action of this tool is fully investigated and understood. The drug blocks certain receptors of the autonomic nervous system and the brain.The remedy soothes a person, increases drowsiness, causes heart palpitations, dilates pupils. When using a specific dose of scopolamine and its analogues can cause memory loss in relation to those events that occurred under the influence of the drug. The side effects of this remedy also include headache, incorrect perception of reality and hallucinations. A person feels tired, lethargic, his volitional control disappears, an adequate assessment of his actions and the actions of the people around him. Depending on the state of health, the subject may exhibit other symptoms caused by a drug known as truth serum. At home, the use of this drug is quite possible. The necessary components can be purchased at the pharmacy, sometimes even without a prescription, and with the appropriate knowledge and skills to prepare it yourself. The finished product can also be purchased online, although not always legally. Here, however, one should be extremely cautious, since an incorrectly chosen dose and a different level of human health can be fatal.

The situation at the moment

Despite all the data, truth serum is practically not used in investigations and interrogations. This is due to several factors:

  • unethical against a person;
  • the unreliability of information that a person gives out, since it can be distorted by hallucinations and an inadequate assessment of reality (a person can himself invent events and believe that this is true);
  • Some researchers believe that if a person deliberately aims himself at the shelter of truthful information, he will continue to do so under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

truth serum

In addition, one of the decisive factors in the rejection of the use of this drug is its danger. If the dosage is exceeded, the substance may stop breathing and be fatal! Various drugs that could make a person speak the truth have been investigated for many years. Despite numerous experiments, this technique has not found wide application, due to various factors. Serum of Truth, however, is widely used in plots of films and literary works and in other mass media.

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