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- the highest paid Hollywood actor in the world. Over the past few years, finally secured the status of a large star. Moreover, if earlier it was associated with many exclusively with the militants, more recently, he was also able to express himself in a comedy genre. About how this man managed to climb to the top of glory, and will be discussed in our article.

Dwayne Johnson Workout


Duane "The Rock" Johnson was born May 2, 1972 in a city called Hayward. Most of his numerous relatives have dedicated their lives to professional wrestling. Father, grandfather and uncle played in the ring, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Duane himself ultimately linked his life with this popular form of sports entertainment.
The young man and his parents constantly moved from place to place. This seriously affected the secondary education of Duane, which he had to receive at once in three different schools.In parallel, Johnson regularly attended the gym under the guidance of a distinguished father. He was not only an example to follow, but also an excellent coach. At age 12, Dwayne began to lift a decent weight for his age. Also in the achievement of an excellent result, a strong physique played and not for years: the young man was larger than his peers and at least a few years older than them.
Further, Duane Johnson, whose biography is presented to your attention in the article, began to regularly engage in American football and devote all his free time to it. In higher education, he played for the local team and was one of its leaders. As a result, I was able to lead my team to victory in the prestigious student championship. Duane also received a higher education as a psychologist and criminologist. But graduate was clearly not going to work in this direction. Sport was his priority.

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Carier start

After that, he signed a contract with a professional football team. It seemed that the desire to become a wrestler was long gone. Here are just a football career lasted for Duane not so long.After just a year, Duane Johnson had to leave the workout because of a serious injury. Anyone else in Johnson’s place would have given up. But he was not one of those who give up when confronted with setbacks. The completion of his career allowed him to discover other talents in himself.

Duane Johnson: wrestling career

All this led to joining the company WWF, which at that time was one of the leaders in the world of wrestling professionally. At that time, the new star was Rocky Maiwia. And only a few months later he managed to achieve his first title in his career. Rocky Mayvia became the intercontinental champion. That's just the fans were obviously not happy with the chosen gummika wrestler. He was eerily kind and honest fighter that the audience did not like. With each new match, it was increasingly possible to hear offensive chants in the spirit of "Die, Rocky, Die." It is clear that urgently needed to change the established image. Otherwise, his wrestling career could end.
Taking a short break, Dwayne Johnson, whose biography is full of interesting events, returned to the ring of the company (at that time already WWE) under the pseudonym Scala, thanks to whom he was famous for. In the ring, he had to play the role of a bad guy, which was to the liking of the public.In just a few months, he earned the title of national champion. This was followed by numerous titles that made Johnson one of the greatest stars in wrestling history.

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Actor career

After a mind-blowing sports career, Dwayne Johnson decided to release a book that became a bestseller. Not only his fans, but also Hollywood producers paid attention to her. Studios have long been in search of a new star that could attract the public and make a profit. That is how the actor Duane Johnson got into Hollywood. Almost immediately he was able to climb to the top of an acting career, receiving large fees and offers in multi-budget blockbusters. Gradually, this led to the end of a career in wrestling. Next we look at what the most striking films Duane Johnson got the role.

"The Mummy Returns"

First role in Johnson's professional acting career. Here he played the King of Scorpions, which glorified him and opened the way to Hollywood. The film is a continuation of the cult sci-fi thriller "The Mummy", which told about the ancient Egyptian ruler who returned to life after thousands of years.This time the story becomes even more intense.

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"The king of scorpions"

Solo project about the king of scorpions, as well as the first major role in the career of Dwayne Johnson. The film was a box office success, but the public accepted it was much worse than the main franchise.


The film is based on the popular computer game of the same name. The film tells about the events that occurred on the space station of the future. As a result of strange circumstances, a huge number of terrifying monsters got on board, ready to deal with everyone who gets in their way. Can the main character fight back?

"Tales of the South"

Kinokartinu shot the author of the notorious art-house hit "Donnie Darko". This film, despite the presence of much more eminent actors and a solid budget, also did not fit into the framework of a typical mass movie. That is why he had no box office success and failed at the box office.

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"Get Smart"

The famous comedy film, which tells the story of an unlucky spy who took on the disclosure of a case involving a major criminal gang. During his assignment, he now and then finds himself in all sorts of comic situations that will surely cheer up the audience.

"Tooth Fairy"

Atypical role for the actor.Everyone is accustomed to seeing Dwayne as the hero of mind-blowing action films, who can single-handedly deal with several enemies at once. Initially, he played a brutal hockey player, but due to the fact that he regularly knocked out teeth in the arena of his rivals, the tooth fairies decide to teach a man a lesson. From this moment on, his usual life changes forever.

"Fast and the Furious 5"

The fifth part of the outstanding franchise “Fast and Furious” was a turning point. It focuses not on street racing, but a criminal plot. Also, the cast was completed by Dwayne Johnson, who played an FBI agent named Hobbs. He perfectly fit into the already impressive caste, becoming a regular franchisee. The film tells about a group of illegal riders who have committed a lot of crimes. This time they are hunted by an experienced law enforcement officer. And he will not stop exactly until Toretto and his gang of criminals are detained.

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"Journey 2: Mysterious Island"

Continuation of the popular fantasy movie intended for family viewing. At this time, the main role goes not to Brendan Fraser, but to Duane Johnson. The abrupt change of the main character did not prevent the film from becoming a box-office hit andto consolidate the status of a comedian actor who is able not only to sparkle with his muscles, but also fairly amuse.

"Blood and sweat: Anabolics"

Black comedy, filmed by eminent director Michael Bay. After a huge number of parts of “Transformers”, many have already forgotten what this blockbuster director started with. Thanks to the motion picture “Blood and sweat”, he proved that he still has not only talent, but also a sense of humor. Mark Wahlberg and Scala appeared before the viewers in images of atypical huddle-losers who decided to abduct. But, as was to be expected, things did not go according to plan.

"San Andreas Rift"

One of the best disaster films of recent years. All filmed with due scope and expertise. In the center of the plot experienced rescuer who goes to the very epicenter of the earthquake in order to save their loved ones.

"One and a half spy"

Another comedy in Dwayne's solid track record. This time he plays an eccentric secret agent, who has long been wanted for disobedience. Soon he enlists the support of his old friend in school.Newly-found partners now and then fall into various funny situations.


Despite his amazing physical shape, becoming more perfect every year, Duane Johnson, whose weight is not small (but this is all muscle mass), never tormented the body with all sorts of diets and proper nutrition. So he managed to achieve such a physique solely thanks to his studies in the hall. Workouts Duane Johnson prefers to spend in headphones. Music allows him to distract from extraneous noise that does not allow to concentrate on the process. Favorite bands for Dwayne, the music of which he listens to during the training, are Metallica and Disturbed.
Dwayne Johnson starts his workouts with cardio. On the day they spend a little more than half an hour. This is enough to get rid of the excess percentage of fat. This is followed by training program Dwayne Johnson to the mass. In the gym, he spends about five days a week. Even with a tight shooting schedule, the actor does not allow himself to miss classes.

One of the main rules of Dwayne Johnson: the training to continue even in the case when you feel pain in the muscles.This, of course, is not about unbearable pain that can lead to injury. Now the weight of Dwayne Johnson is 120 kg with an increase of 196 cm.

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Personal life

Is Duane Johnson married? Does he have children? These questions are often asked by fans of the actor. He met his wife at the age of twenty. His chosen one was Dani Garcia. In 1999 they had a wedding, and two years later their daughter Simon Alexandra was born. Only in 2007, the couple broke up, and her daughter stayed with her mother. The reasons for divorce were not disclosed. Despite this, the former spouses were still able to maintain friendly relations. Dwayne Johnson, films with the participation of which are very popular, pays for his daughter's education, and also gives money to his ex-wife.
Some time after the divorce, Scala has a new lover - singer Lauren Hashiyan. Since then, they live in a place. In December 2015, the couple had a daughter, Jasmine.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

Duane Johnson is famous not only for his acting talent, but also for his numerous tattoos, which he continues to do even at the age of 45. The most famous tattoo by Dwayne Johnson is the image of a bull on the right biceps. It is connected with his sign, under which the actor was born.But recently, Duane Johnson tattoo decided to improve, with the result that it has changed beyond recognition and is more like a dragon.

Fans of the actor's creativity were annoyed by this event, because with the change of this famous tattoo, in their opinion, an entire era has passed. On his right shoulder, Dwayne Johnson also has a drawing that depicts an intricate Polynesian plot. Over the life of Johnson, he increases. The fact is that the plots of tattoos are associated with significant events in the life of Dwayne.

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