Essential oils for the face: recipes for use at home

Since ancient times, the first beauties used the recipes of their grandmothers to preserve eternal youth. They used not expensive substances. Essential oils have been used for almost all parts of the body. In ancient times there was no proper means of hygiene, so they rubbed the entire surface of the skin to eliminate the unpleasant smell or to avoid various acne lesions.

Such agents with their properties saved not one woman from rapid aging, as well as any skin defects. Our ancestors used their intuition, which helped them greatly in carrying out cosmetic procedures. One had only to make the right recipe and dilute the ingredients in the right consistency, like a face full of acne or a wrinkled face acquired smoothness.

general characteristics

Since the past centuries, scientists have proven that essential oils for the face are indispensable if you want to have beautiful, smooth and ever-blooming skin.Their healing components perfectly regulate hormones, help to improve skin regeneration, and also have antioxidant properties.

essential oils for faceIn particular, such elixirs create a biomassage effect - they act on various points that conduct impulses, thereby improving blood flow, normalize the water balance, which is so necessary for young skin, and undoubtedly affect the condition and complexion.

Tonic particles will be able to normalize the psychological state. They are very refreshing and soothing. Peace of mind comes instantly, so vigor in the morning is guaranteed.

We advise owners of normal skin to get acquainted in more detail with oils of lemon, rosemary, lavender, mint, tea tree, rose, bergamot and jasmine.

Those who suffer from dry skin will be able to deprive themselves of this problem with the help of mimosa, frankincense, fir, chamomile, lavender, tea tree, jasmine oils.

To eliminate the fat content of the face, you can use the following oils: rosemary, lemon, juniper, ginger, chamomile, tea tree.

And for combination skin, we recommend to consider oils of mint, geranium, orange, rose, lavender, tea tree.

All of the above essential oils for the skin of the face will become indispensable, since no expensive cream can cope with the best natural remedies for the problems.

Further in the article will be reviewed the current and most popular elixirs that will help solve almost all the problems of the skin.

Australian antiseptic

It will be about the essential oil of tea tree, which is an indispensable aid in cosmetology. Its composition gives a drying effect, therefore, with any rash, all the flaws are neutralized. This ingredient, which is obtained from the leaves of tea tree, has a pale yellow hue and has a spicy but sharp aroma. The plant is common in Malaysia and Australia.

Tea tree essential oil for the face will be the main tool in the home first aid kit if you are the owner of oily or combination skin. To achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to add such an ingredient in all kinds of lotions and creams that you use, one drop at a time.

Also, for the rapid action of such procedures, use this tool when making face masks from white or blue clay.Here you have to be careful, because if you calculate the proportions incorrectly, you can overdo it and leave red marks on the skin. They go, but after a few hours. And yet, before going to an event, we do not recommend doing such a plan of procedure, spend them at least a couple of hours before leaving the house.

Let us give an example of a mask that contains tea tree essential oil. For the face is the best option, if the skin is oily, the improvement will be noticeable from the first time.

tea tree essential oil for faceMix half a tablespoon of clay powder with two teaspoons of low-fat sour cream, add two drops of tea tree oil at the end. Pre-clean your face with a daily tonic and apply a thickened mass evenly for about fifteen minutes. Then rinse with cool water and apply any nourishing cream. The feeling of freshness and smoothness of the skin comes from the first application.

Citrus Aid

Orange essential oil for the face is useful if you are the owner of dry or coarse skin. In other situations, it is not recommended to use it, since it is less benign than other means.

This tool is used in order to soften and moisturize the skin. In addition, it has a lifting effect and compensates for the lack of collagen. Also, when systematically used, the complexion will acquire a healthy appearance, toxins are excreted from the body through the pores.

If there is a problem with age spots or freckles, orange oil should be added to different masks. It has an excellent whitening effect.

Recipes of such masks are very simple. First of all, you should try a mixture of white and blue clay with three drops of orange essential oil. Apply to cleansed face for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

The result will be noticeable with repeated procedures, namely if they are done once every two or three days. Adjust the proportions yourself, considering the condition of the skin.

Soothing inflorescence

Lavender essential oil for the face is an indispensable tool, as it can be used by women with any skin type. It is particularly well suited for those who suffer from allergic rashes or redness.

lavender essential oil for faceAlso, this oil is good for cuts, wounds and in all other cases when the skin is damaged. Next, consider the use of such a tool at home.

First it is worth noting that lavender essential oil for the face is an excellent tonic. Therefore, it is necessary to add it to lotions and tonics in one drop and wipe their face no more than once a day.

In pure form, such an ingredient is not recommended to be applied, it is added in small quantities to masks and creams. This tool gives a good cosmetic effect when used with other natural products.

For example, for dry and combination skin, mix a couple of drops of lavender essential oil with one tablespoon of olive oil. This composition can be used as a mask - applied for half an hour.

It also fights mimic wrinkles well. Therefore, for those who have such a problem, we recommend adding a few drops to a night cream.

Woody Fragrance Helper

Essential oils for home use at home will be able to give such an effect that you will not find in any beautician.Rosemary elixir is no exception. Its properties help owners of oily skin prone to rashes to eliminate defects from the first week of use.

Only the composition of this oil is quite complicated compared to other means. Camphor, tsineolny and verbenonny rosemary allocate. In most cases, the first option is used for problem skin, and the third is for dry and wrinkled skin.

In addition to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, rosemary essential oil has a tonic effect and restores the water balance of the skin.

If there is a problem with mimic wrinkles, then such a remedy will have to be by the way: it promotes their leveling and lightens age spots.

Rosemary essential oil should be mixed with various vegetable oils in a one-to-one ratio. It should be noted that a remedy of this type is not suitable for those people who suffer from hypertension and epilepsy, nor can it be used by pregnant women.

orange essential oil for face

Elixir that preserves youth

Lemon essential oils for face wrinkles are used for a long time.It's no secret that they have an excellent rejuvenating effect, inhibit the action of the enzyme elastase, which breaks down collagen fibers.

Lemon essential oil is perfect for people who generate excessive sebum and clog the skin. Before applying this tool, it should be noted that it is very photosensitive and can scorch the skin when exposed to the sun. Therefore, we do not recommend making any manipulations with him before going out.

Procedures with such a tool are very simple, and at home they can be performed without much difficulty, one has only to acquire an arsenal of other ethers that can specifically solve your problem.

So, for example, a mixture of lemon and grape seed oils is suitable for oily skin, and for skin that fades, we recommend adding peach, olive, castor or coconut oil.

Grassy echoes

The use of essential oils for the face at home will help to enrich your skin with all useful, and most importantly natural ingredients. And one of the best tools that will make cosmetic procedures not only useful, but also pleasant, is grapefruit elixir.

It has a bitter-citrus aroma mixed with forest herbs.In cosmetology, it is used as a tonic for oily or combination skin. Grapefruit oil also has the ability to retain moisture, thereby preventing premature aging and wilting of the skin.

essential oils for the face at homeIn case of rashes on the face, treat the affected surface with a clean product without admixture of other ingredients. Only it is necessary to be very careful and try not to affect the healthy parts of the epidermis. If you want to lighten the dark spots on the face, then mix a couple of drops of grapefruit oil with sea buckthorn and apply as a cream (do not wash off the remnants).

Tonic bergamot

Essential oils for the face recently supplemented by another means that at first glance does not produce such a visible effect as the others. But this is not the case.

The healing liquid obtained from bergamot wood is great for people with excess sebum secretion and excessive sweating. It also perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, while improving the complexion.

Another effect that bergamot elixir brings is the acceleration of tanning while sunbathing.We recommend adding this ingredient to the tanning oil, but not to the cream. Apply the product on the skin for an hour before you go out in the sun.

what essential oils for faceAs for other cosmetic procedures, the use of bergamot oil is no different from the use of the other ingredients listed above. So choose a mask at your discretion and depending on the condition of the skin.

Anti-aging flower

Citrus essential oils, applied to the face, perfectly relieve skin blemishes. One of these is the neurol flower elixir. It is produced by steam distillation of wild orange petals. At the exit a liquid with a light yellow tinge, having a pleasant spicy aroma, is formed.

This oil is used for a person suffering from wilting, regardless of its type. It significantly increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, and also prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Masks with essential oils, used for the face, work well in combination with other herbal ingredients. Elixir neurol do not use in its pure form, unless in the case of a point of application to acne.As a rule, it is mixed with olive oil (one tablespoon of one drop of neurol oil).

essential oils for face reviews

Elixirs in action

Every day, the fair sex use essential oils for the face. Feedback on the results of their use, of course, is very diverse. Someone stops at the same tool, someone tries to constantly experiment and combine ingredients in different proportions and consistencies.

Most owners of problematic and oily skin choose essential oils for the face from the category of antiseptics - these are elixirs of lavender and tea tree.

Those who suffer from dry face, stop on the means of citrus components: oil of mandarin, lemon, orange, grapefruit.

Also, many girls prefer products that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and saturate with many vitamins. These include oils of sesame, jojoba, cobs of wheat, walnut, cocoa.

application of essential oils for the faceWhat essential oils for the face to use, to choose, of course, you, but before you try this or that tool, you should seek advice from a beautician. This will help avoid negative consequences. Be beautiful and healthy!

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