Evgeny Lazarev: biography, filmography

Yevgeny Lazarev is a famous Soviet actor of theater and cinema. In the 90s he moved to America, continued his career overseas. He has the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. Director of many performances, a famous teacher.

Artist Biography

Evgeny Lazarev

Yevgeny Lazarev was born in Minsk in 1937. At a young age with his family was in the German occupation during the Second World War. His father died at the front.

After school, went to study at the artist. At the age of 22, he graduated from the studio school of the Moscow Art Academic Theater. He studied acting at the USSR People’s Artist Viktor Stanitsyn, famous for the films “Guilty Without Guilt” (Nil Stratonych Dudukin), “The Battle of Stalingrad” (Winston Churchill), “War and Peace” (Ilya Andreyevich Rostov).

That release was truly stellar. Albert Filozov, Vyacheslav Nevinny, Alexander Lazarev, Tatyana Lavrova, Anatoly Romashin, who later became famous actors, studied together with Lazarev.

Work in the theater

Theatrical career Yevgeny Lazarev began in Riga, in the Theater of Russian Drama, when he was 22 years old. He embodied on stage bright images of Viktor in the play by Alexei Arbuzov “Irkutsk Story”, Chasovnikov in “The Ocean” by Alexander Stein, Zhmakin in the play “One Year” by Yuri German.

In 1961, Lazarev was invited to Moscow - to the Mayakovsky Academic Theater. Here he has been playing for over 20 years. The audience of that time remembers the actor by the role of Jason in the tragedy of Euripides "Medea", Kowalski in "The Tram" Desire "by Tennessee Williams, Podhalyuzin in" His people are counted "by Ostrovsky, General Charnothy in Bulgakov Run.

Actor and director

Yevgeny Lazarev actor

In 1984 he heads the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya Evgeny Lazarev. The actor does not die in it. Our hero continues to play on stage.

And soon he goes with Malaya Bronnaya to the Mossovet Theater, where he plays Charles Bovary in a play based on Flaubert’s novel “Mistress of Bovary”, Hardcastle in the play “The Errors of One Night” by Oliver Goldsmith.

Movie roles

biography of actor Yevgeny Lazarev

On the Soviet screen was a prominent actor Yevgeny Lazarev.

Plays doctor Zosimov in Lev Kulidzhanov’s drama “Crime and Punishment”, Yemelyanov’s scout in Tatiana Lioznova’s serial “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, Prince Lobanov-Rostovsky’s drama “Going Along the Path”, father of Masha, Nikolai,in the lyrical comedy of Yuri Egorov "Fathers and Grandfathers", Maximilian Voloshin in the biopic of Villen Novak "It is not always summer in Crimea".

Emigration to the USA

During perestroika (the biography of the actor Yevgeny Lazarev is a direct confirmation of this), his life is associated with America. In the 90s he emigrated to Los Angeles. Here is actively acting in movies and TV shows. Puts theater plays, begins to teach acting in theater schools and universities.

As a director often puts Chekhov and Bulgakov. In particular, "Uncle Vanya", "The Seagull", "Days of the Turbins". Periodically he worked in Mexico, where he was remembered for his directorial productions of the plays "Letters of Mozart" and "Old Fashioned Comedy."

Biography of Yevgeny Lazarev states that the life of this person throughout his career was associated with the set. His talent was in demand in Los Angeles. He played both in serials and in full-length films.

Many people can recall him by participating in the popular American sitcom "Ambulance". In Hollywood films often played Russian commanders and state leaders.

In the spy thriller Phillip Noyce, “The Holy One” played the role of the President of Russia Karpov, in the Barry Simon thriller “The Ice Runner” - Camp Chief Nikolai Antonov, in the action movie of Phil Aldan Robinson “The Price of Fear” - General Dubinin, in the crime thriller Andrew Niccol, “The Cost of Fear” by General Dubinin, in the crime thriller Andrew Niccol. "- General Dmitry Orlov.

Lazarev also remembered the domestic audience by the bright and memorable roles in American comedies and superhero action films. He played plumbing in Duplex, the Pope of Rome in the Pink Panther 2, and Anton Vanco in the Iron Man 2.biography of Evgeny Lazarev

In the 2000s, Lazarev periodically lived and worked in Russia. At home, he also continued to play in films and TV shows. In the detective multiseries film by Alexander Rogozhkin “Deadly Force”, I remember the role of Alekhin; in the military detective story of Jannik Fayziev, “The Turkish Gambit” got used to the image of Emperor Alexander II.

Fans of computer games can hear his voice in the American shooter Call of Duty. He voiced the character of Imran Zakhayev.

Something about personal

Personal life of the actor has developed successfully. His wife Anna Obrucheva in 1970 gave birth to his son Nicholas. The boy followed in his father's footsteps.He became a national artist of Russia, playing in the theater of the Russian army. On the big screen, he made his debut at the age of 10 in the comedy teleplay by Alexander Belinsky "Simple Girl". His last prominent role was the priest Simon in the historical series "Catherine".

In the last years of his life, Yevgeny Lazarev increasingly began to visit Russia for a long time. In November 2016, he died in a military hospital in the Moscow region. He was 79 years old. Before that he was sick for a long time. The cause of death of doctors called heart failure. The actor was buried in Balashikha, in a family crypt.

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