Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair Catis characterized primarily by what is very similar to the Persian. All parameters, colors, indices in these rocks coincide. The exception is the length, quality of the coat and the fact that all the possible errors that are hidden in long-haired cats, these are on display. It can be concluded that the exot should be almost the same as the long-haired cat, only better. The exotic shorthair is balanced, compact, has a massive, heavy skeleton. However, it has no angles. All of it - like a streamlined round ball. Rounded ears, round head, slightly convex, expressive, wide-open eyes. Short neck, plump cheeks. It looks like a representative of this breed as a nice girl with short, thick paws with a small tail.

Exotic cats have a playful and easycharacter, which allows them to easily fit into the life of the house, giving great pleasure to children and adults. Very gentle and affectionate exotics calmly await your permission to jump on your hands and hug your paws. Charming, simple in care, well-bred, they are almost ideal pets. Another truly outstanding feature of this breed is the magnificent wool. It is dense, soft, medium long, silky, should have an undercoat to make it difficult to get to the skin. If we talk about length, then this is an unprincipled issue, the main thing is that the wool is "standing", which is most often achieved thanks to a dense thick undercoat.

It should be noted that the exoticShorthair is selective enough in its sympathies. For all her love and affection, she at first long looks closely before giving any attention to the person who interested her. But how touching then is her love, care and appreciation.

Exotic cats - incorruptible and idealfriends. Although the content of animals of this breed is not particularly difficult, this does not mean that they do not need to pay attention. Exotics are simply vital to the love of the master. Any travel, travel for it will not be a problem if the owner is nearby. In addition to other advantages, the exotic shorthair is a caring and attentive mother. However, it may appear that she gives birth to children only to have someone to play with.

To bathing and combing these catsto teach from childhood. Up to 3 months they can be bathed weekly, without waiting for the kitten to get dirty. For adaptation, this is the most important age. For care, you need a metal comb with rounded, frequent and short teeth, a combined brush that has an antistatic coating, and a rubber glove. It is also desirable to buy balms, antistatics, conditioners, shampoos, which indicate the color and moisturize the skin. All this is now present in pet stores.

Everyday care is desirable, but not vitalis necessary. The main purpose of combing is a massage of the skin, which stimulates blood circulation, so that the wool is more dense and thick. With the help of a rubber glove, dead wool is removed to prevent them from entering the stomach. The same result can be achieved with a massage brush, which is usually used during the moult period.

If the hair growth is too strong,trimming, but animals with painted and smoky colors are not trimming. Once a week, an adult should be combed out with a metal comb with round teeth. Exotic bathing is recommended at least once a month. With regard to feeding, the best option is to feed the highest class.

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