Explication of rooms: why it is necessary

The literal interpretation of the term “explication of premises”: an explanation on the design of the layout designations of the number, purpose and technical characteristics of the premises. If you pay attention to the walls of any office, you can see the evacuation plan in case of fire, which consists of rooms and arrows. Such designations clearly demonstrate in which direction to move. This is about the same as the explication of the premises. Only a plan is made at the request of the fire inspectorate to evacuate personnel in the event of a fire. It does not have all the data that is required for explication. Therefore, this document should be independent and have legal force. For example, if the owner decided to change the layout, privatize or sell real estate.explication of premises

What is a room explication and what is it for?

In accordance with Article No. 20 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, control is provided over the use and safety of the housing stock, regardless of the form of ownership.The residential premises are given an explication of the apartment, which contains:

  • address;
  • date of issue;
  • the date of the last survey;
  • information on all rooms in a section: area, appointment, height of ceilings;
  • total area (including residential, auxiliary).

Explication of the premises of the apartment is done with:

  • privatization;
  • redevelopment;
  • selling.

Who provides such services?

 apartment explicationTo order it, you need to call the TBTI technique. For this, the owner addresses the bureau with the following documents in his hands:

  • certificate of ownership (or contract of sale);
  • citizen passport;
  • disposition of housing inspection;
  • the act of the reorganization;
  • photocopies of all the documents listed.

Regulatory Authorities

After payment is received, the day of inspection of the apartment is appointed. The cost of services depends on the area of ​​the room. On the appointed day, a TBTI technician leaves for the address to inspect and measure the apartment after redevelopment. 10 days after this, the customer may receive explication at the BTI. Its validity is unlimited. But according to the current legislation, the BTI should conduct an inventory of housing stock every five years.How realistic is this? The question is rhetorical. All that concerns the redevelopment of premises and control over its production, in Moscow, is in charge of MosZhilInspektsiya. On the ground, these are similar territorial bodies. One of the cases, besides the above, when an explication of premises is required, is the conclusion of a lease agreement. Without it, the court may not recognize the document as valid. Therefore, a certified copy thereof is a mandatory annex to the contract.

explication of floors

From apartments to floors

In its structure, explication of floors is about the same as a document produced for indoor use. Only other data is entered there: the composition and area of ​​each layer of this “cake”. For example, there is a technical room with such parameters: concrete - 40; vapor barrier PAROC GR20 - 20; reinforced concrete slab - 100; area - 224.2 m². Explication is a table listing all types of flooring of a building and the size of its area. This document is necessary for the preparation of the cost estimate and estimate documentation for the object for subsequent work indoors.

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Explication of rooms: why it is necessary 27

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