Famous transport companies of Barnaul

Business structures, as well as ordinary city dwellers, may require the services of transport companies that can deliver cargo from one place to another within a city, a subject, a country and even the entire planet.

Such an industry is currently actively developing in the market. Many companies are ready to assist with a wide variety of packages and shipments. The transport companies of Barnaul are no exception: more than 100 organizations are actively promoting “logistics proposals”. Which ones are the most popular in the city?

TC "Business line"

transport companies of barnaul

The organization began to operate since 2001 in the city of St. Petersburg. In a few years, business consolidation and stabilization took place - expansion was required. In 2009, a branch of a transportation company was opened in Barnaul.

The office of Business Lines is located at 84 Baltiyskaya Street.

Among the company's capabilities: sending goods directly from the sender's address or from the terminal, receiving cargo at the terminal or at the arrival address, paying in various ways, tracking the cargo all the way, requesting accounting documents and much more.

"Business lines" will deliver the goods to anywhere in the country, as well as to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan.

For transportation is available such transport as:

  • Aircraft.
  • Eurofur.
  • Car.
  • Container transport by rail or road.

TC "Energy"

whale barnaul transport company

Energia is a transport company of Barnaul, located on Kalinin Avenue, 63a. The organization has an extended infrastructure consisting of an office building and those. warehouses.

With Energia, it is possible to send cargo by rail (in containers, platforms or wagons), as well as by road transport by various-sized transport or by plane.

The special services of the transport company Barnaul include:

  • Rural delivery (delivery is made through the "Post of Russia").
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Possibility of packing cargo in various protective materials.
  • The NRG-Cash service, which allows you to use delivery with cash on delivery, and in case of damage to the cargo during transportation, Energia guarantees the return of funds.

Partner countries of the company: China, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, EU countries, Belarus, the LC and the DPR.

TC "Kit"

energy transport company barnaul

The transport company of Barnaul "Whale" is one of the most well-known freight transportation companies in the city.

The main addresses where you can place an order and pick up the goods:

  • st. Agricultural, 5a;
  • st. Baburkina 11c;
  • st. Popova, 242.

From the city, you can send the goods in several ways: a fully loaded car, a wagon, an airplane.

Additional services include:

  • Delivery of goods by road to hypermarkets.
  • Packing and loading.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Confirmation of receipt of goods through the act of acceptance and the mobile application.

Partner countries of the company: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia.

Ultimately, the transport companies of Barnaul provide a wide range of services for customers. In addition to the organizations listed above, there are still large Russian companies, as well as local small organizations, which often have more favorable conditions for transportation within the Altai Territory.

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