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The female condom is a barrier contraceptive, which almost all women have heard about, but few of them used it in practice. Despite the fact that ladies' condoms in Russia are not widely spread, they are rather popular all over the world. Having appeared on sale in far 1992 in England and the USA, they were appreciated by women, aspiring to control the safety of sexual intercourse on their own. Themis (as the female condom is otherwise called) is absolutely not inferior in terms of reliability to its male counterpart. It is an excellent means of protection against unwanted pregnancy and diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse.

female condoms

Description of Themis

Condom female looks like a male condom.It is a transparent bag made from elastic, thin and pleasant to the touch hypoallergenic material (usually made from polyurethane). The length of the female condom is 15-20 cm, in diameter they reach 8 cm. For ease of use they are coated with lubricant.

Difference between female and male condoms

The main difference between a femid and a male condom is the presence of two flexible rings of different sizes. With their help, the contraceptive is securely fixed inside the female sex organ. The small ring is located at the closed end of the product and is intended for insertion inside the vagina, and the large one located on the opposite side of it is used to fix the product outside. Such a condom may seem too large and inconvenient, however, difficulties with its use arise in women only at first. Having learned how to properly install the femid in the vagina, the ladies note that there is nothing difficult in using it.

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Installation Features

Female condoms (photos can be seen in this article) do not have to be installed before sexual intercourse.They can be inserted into the vagina in advance (even 6-8 hours), while the male condom is worn only on the erect member immediately before sexual intercourse. Themis does not necessarily extract immediately after the end of sexual contact. The product can be left in the female genitals for some time, without fear of harm to health.

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Instructions for use of Themis

How to wear a female condom? This question arises in many girls who first heard about the existence of such a method of barrier contraception. In the installation of Themis there is nothing difficult. Fixing it in her vagina several times, the woman will do it automatically, without experiencing any difficulties. So how is the ladies' condom installed?

  1. Before you put on a female condom, the girl needs to take the correct posture, which opens up access to the vagina as much as possible. To do this, she needs to spread her legs, lying on the bed or squatting. It is convenient for some ladies to insert them with a femid standing, placing one foot on the dais.
  2. The packaging is carefully torn and removed from its contents.It is very important that the hands of the ladies at the same time be clean.
  3. To install a female condom, it is taken as a small ring with the index and thumb and the closed side is inserted into the vagina.
  4. The index finger is inserted in Themis and slowly push it inside. You must enter the barrier contraceptive as deep as possible. After the condom is fixed, the little ring will open itself and block access to the cervix.
  5. A large ring should remain outside, it prevents the Themoid from falling out. If the condom is properly inserted, the ring will be a couple of centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, covering the clitoris and labia.

how to wear a female condom

Before sexual intercourse begins, partners need to ensure that the man’s penis penetrates the condom cavity and is not between the wall of the vagina. After the end of sexual contact, the femide is taken by the outer ring, rotated several times around the axis in order to avoid semen leakage, then carefully removed from the vagina and discarded. It is not possible to reuse a used contraceptive.

Caution when using

Ladies condoms are made from hypoallergenic raw materials, so that after their use women usually do not have any discomfort in the vagina. If complaints of discomfort still arose, the girl should stop using the Themis and seek medical attention.

Ladies condom reviews

Despite the ease of use, many women are wary of looking at female condoms. The photo of this contraceptive device indicates its large size, which is not everything that pleases. In addition, the girls are confused by the rings that are supplied by Themis. However, reviews of women who have experienced the effect of this product indicate that they are much easier to use than it may seem to an uninformed person.

how to wear a female condom

Pluses of female condoms

Why do gynecologists advise their patients to use female condoms as contraceptives? On this they have several reasons.

  1. Male condoms are made of latex - a material that people are often allergic to. Femidoms are made from hypoallergenic raw materials, so they can be used by those who, due to the reaction of the body, are forced to abandon the classic condoms.
  2. Often people avoid the use of barrier contraceptives due to the fact that they reduce the sensitivity of both partners during sexual intercourse. Female, unlike male condoms, are made from thinner material and are almost not felt in the process of contact, allowing you to get maximum pleasure from sex.
  3. Femidoms are a great way to protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, hepatitis C, human papillomavirus and other dangerous ailments). According to research conducted by scientists, their effectiveness reaches 98%, while the classic male condom, this figure does not exceed 95%.
  4. Female condoms will be salvation for partners if a man loses arousal after putting on a condom.
  5. Using Themis, she independently controls the process of protection, not relying on her partner in this matter.

Cons of Themis

It is necessary to take into account the shortcomings that the female condom is also not deprived of. Using it for the first time can cause a decrease in the sensitivity of the genitals in a girl.However, do not be afraid, because usually after several applications of condom all the sensations are restored, and the young lady again begins to get the same pleasure from sex.

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Condoms for women in Russia and the CIS countries have not yet gained special fame, so it is quite difficult to find them on sale. The main disadvantage of such products is the price, which significantly exceeds the cost of male condoms. If we take into account the fact that Themis is a disposable product, not all women can afford to use it regularly. But, despite the rather big price, ladies' condoms are gradually gaining popularity in different countries, because they are one of the most reliable ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy and diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

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